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2010 fantasy football: About Kurt Warner’s retirement

Kurt Warner’s retirement is not good for fantasy football or the Arizona Cardinals in general.

Warner and his greatest show on turf with the Rams in the earliest part of the decade was fantastic. Over the last few years he brought that kind of real and fantasy football excitement to a Cardinals organization that really needed a kick in the pants.

The Cardinals rode to the Super Bowl on Warner’s arm in 2008-09.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Warner is a sure-fire Hall of Fame quarterback. Considering he cut his teeth in the Arena Football League after playing at the University of Northern Iowa, then stormed into the NFL as an All-Pro like he did, his story is one of the greatest since I started watching football.

Let’s review some stats/accomplishments:

  • Three seasons of more than 4,000 yards passing
  • Three seasons of 30 or more touchdowns, including one with 41
  • Career quarterback rating of 93.7
  • Two-time MVP
  • Five time Pro-Bowler
  • Career stats: 32,344 yards, 208 TDs, 128 interceptions in 12 years
  • Only quarterback to throw for more than 14,000 yards with two different teams.
  • Second quarterback to throw for at least 100 TDs with two different teams
  • Most yards passing in a Super Bowl, both the single game record and the career record
  • Tied with Joe Montana for the most TD passes in a single postseason

He’s got several other accomplishments linking him with greats like Johnny Unitas, Steve Young, Peyton Manning and Dan Marino.

Warner’s departure hurts the fantasy values of Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston and Early Doucet. It would appear to increase Beanie Wells‘ and Tim Hightower‘s fantasy values, but I’m not buying that yet.

I can’t see beyond the statistics because I didn’t watched Matt Leinart play, but his statistics were less than impressive in some spot appearances in 2009.

If Leinart’s ineffectiveness continues into 2010, defenses will stack the line and take away the value Wells and Hightower appeared to gain with Warner’s retirement.

For reference: Wells is signed through 2014; Fitzgerald and Leinart are signed through 2012; Doucet and Hightower are signed through 2011; Boldin is a free agent in 2011; Steve Breaston is a restricted free agent this offseason.

What are your thoughts on Warner’s career and Leinart’s prospects as Cardinals quarterback in 2010?

6 Responses to “2010 fantasy football: About Kurt Warner’s retirement”

  1. Jay-Mo

    I’m with you in not buying into the notion Wells and Hightower will have their fantasy values jump automatically just because of Warner’s retirement.

    I’m thinking if Ken Whisenhunt didn’t favor Leinart three years ago, why would he this spring? I’m watching closely in the moves (efforts) Arizona makes to get a veteran QB (hmm … McNabb?) Arizona has been very successful with its open passing attack, so it makes sense the coaching staff wants to stick with it. I know there was talk Whisenhunt was working to get the offense to be more physical this season and be more of a running attack, but how did the Cardinals win games this past year.

    I tend to believe NFL teams play to their pieces, and Arizona has plenty of WRs to dangle out there for trade bait. It’s just a matter how much are they willing to bargain?

  2. ep

    @Jay-Mo: Thanks for the comment. First off, congratulations are in order for Jay-Mo and Mrs. Jay-Mo. They are expecting their first mini-Jay-Mo.
    Please, Ninjas, share your congratulations.

  3. ep

    @Jay-Mo: Also, I agree about the excess receivers. I’m no genius when it comes to this stuff, but let’s say they do commit to the run and don’t get a new QB, they could get a lot more out of Fitzgerald and Boldin via trade than they will on the field with a lesser quarterback.
    Breaston and Doucet are both younger and cheaper than Boldin and Fitz and have shown enough promise to get a shot at starting gigs.
    However, I feel like this is just typing for the sake of typing because Fitzgerald is an iconic Cardinals player and they wouldn’t/couldn’t let him go.

  4. Guest

    Cards need to do somethin. Putting the ball in leinarts hands would Be suicide. Look at what he did week 17 against green bay! Not good. Look what Warner did a week later. If they can’t get mcnabb, they need to spend there 1st round pick on a qb. O, and there’s no way there gonna get rid of fitzy! And boldin won’t be back anyways. Even though I’m a huge fan of doucet, breaston and him have absloutely no trade value to go get a top qb. I would stay away from every cardinals player in the draft besides Fitzgerald and wells. I’m spent

  5. ep

    @Guest: Thanks, guest. Good points every one.
    If the Cardinals get McNabb, do they keep on doin’ like they been doin’ or do they still take a hit minus Warner?

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