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2010 fantasy football midseason awards: Best rookie nominations, voting and debate

Anyone who has played fantasy football in the past know that rookies are typically a big crapshoot when it comes to consistent fantasy production. But there are always a few players that rise to the top.

In most cases, this has much more to do with player opportunity than raw talent. Who is your midseason fantasy rookie favorite? We polled our writers, regulars and fans and got the following results. Feel free to jump into the debate by championing your favorite rookie below in the comments.

jzak: Jahvid Best, RB. One case of turf toe is all that stands between Best being mentioned on this list twice and total domination of the fantasy rookie discussion. Take out performances against tough run defenses in the Giants and Bears, and Best is averaging close to four yards per carry and racking up plenty of stats in receiving categories, especially PPR.

ep: Sam Bradford, QB. Take away the three interception game in the opener and Bradford has thrown twice as many TDs as INTs (10/5). He’s the rookie to own out of the 2010 class.

Sockonfl: Sam Bradford, STL. To me, the best rookie is one that helps improve his team’s overall won-lost record the most. The Rams are only 4-4, but that is miles of improvement over the past several seasons. Bradford has guided the offensive troops well and looks poised in the pocket. He is going to be a good one for a long time in the NFL.

Consigliere: Mike Williams, TB.

Krause: Mike Williams, TB. This pick is based on PPR format. Williams has been the most consistent rookie and is Josh Freeman’s favorite target. He’s also his favorite red zone target. Don’t believe me? Take a look at how many TDs Kellen Winslow has (0)!

Chinstrapninjas regular Chris Burgess: Dez Bryant, WR.  When healthy, this guy is a beast. On a pass-heavy team, with special team TD possibilities.

KGSO sports radio host Jason Mals: Jahvid Best or Dez Bryant

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Who is your favorite fantasy rookie so far? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

4 Responses to “2010 fantasy football midseason awards: Best rookie nominations, voting and debate”

  1. Mike

    I disagree on Javid Best. Take out one monster game and he’s been a below average start, especially in non-ppr. I think you have to pick Mike Williams here. He’s probably in more starting lineups than Bradford week to week, and has been the “go to guy” in Tampa from game one. Super impressed by Bradford and would give him the nod in NFL ROY voting, but Williams is the guy in fantasy.

  2. Christian Schwarz

    I have to go with mike williams of Tampa Bay. Halfway through the season with nearly 500 yds receiving and 4 tds, a great start for the top wideout and top rookie. Other notables-Jahvid best-OK having 300yds and 4tds thats solid noting that he played alot of those games nursing a turf toe injury, not a bad start for the rook, look for him to have a couple more big games once he is over the turf toe which he wont be over 100% til next year but he should not up another 100yd game soon. Number 2-Sam Bradford-The number 1 pick overall in the 2010 draft playing up to standards. Throwing over 1600yds half way through the season, 11tds 8ints, and a passer rating of 75.8 hes not doing TOO bad given the E-team receiving corps hes left with, Bradford has turned this St Lois team around for the better in a big way this year having a 4-4 season, which is way better than a nearly winless season they had last year.

  3. Christian Schwarz


  4. Sam

    I give rookie of the year to Suh, but most people here arent drafting defensive players. Redskins return TD from a fumble plus his 1000 sacks and tackles.

    I think its going to be Blount at the end of the season but for now I would go Mike Williams.

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