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2010 fantasy football midseason awards: Biggest bust nominations, voting and debate

So many times on fantasy draft day, I envision myself borrowing Marty McFly’s DeLorean and zipping ahead in time to posts such as these. To help me identify the players who just aren’t worth drafting … at least at their projected draft slot.

Who has been the biggest 2010 midseason fantasy football bust? We polled our writers, regulars and fans and got the following. Feel free to jump into the debate by adding nominating your favorite bust in the comments below.

Jzak: Pierre Thomas, NO. Some would consider it taboo that I suggest a player who’s injured is a bust. But I was touting Pierre as a top 10 fantasy running back this offseason, and he had both the situation and talent to back up my bold claim. However, a combination of a Week 3 ankle injury and finding himself in the coaching doghouse for allegedly milking the injury has left him as a fantasy goat so far.

ep: Randy Moss, WR. It was a toss-up between Moss and DeAngelo Williams, but we’re getting vintage Raiders Moss out there. … And by that I mean he’s awful. … By that I mean I’d rather own Lee Evans at this point, and I wouldn’t recommend Lee Evans to anyone.

Sockonfl: Larry Fitzgerald, WR. One had to know that losing Kurt Warner at QB would hurt his stats. The Cardinals have gotten extremely inconsistent QB play out of Derek Anderson and Max Hall. I don’t see his situation improving.  Definitely not worth the first or second round pick spent on him.

Consigliere: Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams.

Krause: Maurice Jones-Drew, RB. MJD has one TD all year! ONE! And that was against the poor run defense of the Colts.

Chinstrapninjas regular Chris Burgess: Ryan Mathews, RB. Most people drafted him to be a top RB2, borderline RB1. He’s not even close at this point. Offense is too pass-oriented.

KGSO sports radio host Jason Mals: TJ Houshmanzadeh or Maurice Jones-Drew

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Who is your top fantasy bust through the first half of the 2010 season? We’d love to hear your nominations, debate in the comments below.

21 Responses to “2010 fantasy football midseason awards: Biggest bust nominations, voting and debate”

  1. Mike

    I’d throw out the following names as well:

    QB: Matt Schaub – A HUGE disappointment.
    Tom Brady – Not horrible, but certainly not anywhere near the “close to 2007” numbers expected

    RB: Shonn Greene – Pretty much a handcuff to a guy who was supposed to be washed up.
    Ray Rice – HELLO???? How can you name ANYONE not named Ray Rice at the top of your lists right now? the number 2-3 overall pick in most drafts that has KILLED his owners.

  2. jzak

    @Mike: Some good ones, indeed, Mike. There have been a slew of guys that haven’t been worth a buffalo nickel this year so far in terms of fantasy value. Solid nominations. Who is your top overall bust so far?

  3. Mike

    Ray Rice has to be. In my non-PPR leagues I could have been playing Thomas Jones and getting the same production as Rice. We are talking about a guy I saw go number 2 overall in a lot of drafts this year, and aside from one big game, he has destroyed teams chances. Willis McGahee getting the amount of time he has been makes me feel very uneasy about rice’s chances of turning things around.

  4. Christian Schwarz

    I would have to say chad ochocinco. With the addition of terrell owens who Ocho rallied so hard to bring to Cinci Ocho has seen less and less production each week. He had a nice game the first game however hasent really matched that performance much the rest of the season. At the mid point of 2010 ocho having 458yards and 2 tds half of them stats came in weeks 1 and 7, 160yds td-wk1 108yds td-wk7 he has slowly accumulated the rest of the miniscule 458yds in other games having less than 50yds in all of them. Ochocinco is having one of his worst seasons ever both statistically and in the win column where his team is only won two games. He is a definet big bust of 2010.

  5. Steve. Team Studs

    Well lets see. My first three draft picks. where MJD, Shonn Green, And Ryan Grant. I was lucky to trade grant for Desaun Jackson who I later traded for Andrea Johnson along with shaun Green. I trade MJD to Get Arion Foster and My biggest Disppoinment on my Team Peire Thomas. I was able to Salvage my season at this point. But with not having a Strong Number 2 makes my team weak. I have Steve smith NYG and Mike WIlliams TB along with Johnson. Where a PPR league. Running backs are sad out side of Foster. Fred Jackson, Marion Barber and Thomas. Keller and The new kid from Ind. TE. QB i am Good thowe. Ryan. Staford and Fitzpatrick. Being a 12 team league. I am hurting to find a RB. any suggestions?

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  7. jzak

    @Christian Schwarz: Good call on Ochocinco, too. Ironic that he lobbies for TO and then sees TO take over most of his receptions.

  8. jzak

    @Steve. Team Studs: You may want to dangle Dustin keller in a deal. You don’t need a backup TE and tamme should be efficient considering his play on MNF. Keller had some big games and could draw some interest, especially if there are any Jets fans in your league. See if you can package Keller and maybe a Fred Jackson for a better RB. Your WRs are bad overall .. I’d be most leary of RB2.

  9. Christian Schwarz

    Bernard Berrian-I did 5 drafts this year, and in all of them Berrian was chose under pick40. He was a huge let down for the vikes he was supposed to supplement to there heavy pass attack with harvin, but had alot of trouble in the beginning of the season,he was for sure a huge let down

  10. Monty

    Ryan Mathews, no doubt for me. In all of the years I have played fantasy football I have always shied away from taking a rookie rb with my number one. (12th)

    Lesson learned.

    Tolbert could not buy a carry or a catch these last few years. Luckily, and somewhat not so luckily, I am a Charger fan, and have been for close to thirty years. Thus, the finger was on the pulse, and Tolbert was picked up.

    Still, out of frustration, last sunday, I actually finally just benched my number one overall, and thats when he scores. lol.

    Never again with the rookie rb as a number one. I can’t complain. I am 7 and 1, but it has come more as a result of some savvy waiver claims. (Torain, TB’s Mike Williams, Steve Johnson, and Lagarrette Blount) (Keep the hidden gems comin btw, chinstarp ninjas..gonna try Ajirotutu this week)

  11. Mike

    Not trying to be a jerk here, but seriously, how can you call guys drafted in the 4th round or 10th round the biggest BUST of the season. I’m pretty sure Bernard Berrian’s play hasn’t been the determining factor in your team’s success, and Ochocinco shouldn’t have been seen as any more than low end WR2 or high end WR3 as well. I think a BUST is a guy you spent a high price for (read 1st rounder or at least high 2nd rounder) that hasn’t lived up to expectations. If you have Ray Rice or MJD on your team (or even shonn Greene or Ryan Mathews), you’re more likely than not struggling unless you hit on a few sleepers or waiver wire gems. Chad and especially Berrian’s play shouldn’t be impacting your team that much. Ochocinco’s ADP was about the 16th WR off the board and he’s currently 22nd in my non-ppr leagues. Berrian was drafted as a bench player (44th off the board), so can you really have expected much from him?

  12. Sam

    I was completely amazed when we were drafting in our league and one of the first 3 WRs to be picked was Fitzgerald. I guess his failures have surprised his owner but I really saw that coming. A WR is only as good as his QB (see T.O. last year).

    MJD was my first pick in my lesser fantasy league and he has been the definition of a bust (I wouldnt consider an injury like Brady’s two years past a bust because its kind of Act Of God stuff).

    I also feel like you cant call a rookie like Green a bust because there is nothing to bust. He had no former NFL reputation. Rookie RBs are always hit or miss because any new pro player is a risk.

  13. Matt

    I agree with Mike, can’t call Berrian a bust. I think It’s got to be DeAngelo Williams, Ryan Matthews and Shonne Green. Aaron Rodgers has been a bit of a bust too, I saw him get grabbed in the first round in a few leagues (2nd overall in one league!), that’s looking like a terrible move right now.

  14. Christian Schwarz

    Yea i would agree with you both. Top FANTASY busts Ryan Mathews,Ray Rice Deangelo Williams, Shonn Green, A-Rodg. However i was talking on a team standpoint. Ochocinco has been a huge letdown for the bengals this year. He hasent performed nearly to what he should be racking up only 450+yds and 2 tds. Berrian who hasent even crossed the 100yd mark in receiving also was a huge letdown both for The Vikings and Fantasy. I saw ppl in 3 of the 6 drafts i did take berrian late in the first round, he was projected to do good against New Orleans then as his receptions declined so did his fantasy status, but yea hes definetly not a top 5 bust, I know what im talking about in all i just wanted to add a couple more candidates to the bust list other than the big names.

  15. jzak

    So … biggest fantasy bust is DeAngelo, Ryan Mathews, Shonne Greene, Randy Moss, MJD, Larry Fitzgerald or Pierre Thomas? What is your final vote?

  16. Christian Schwarz

    Final Vote-Ryan Mathews, hes picked by most people in the early-late 1st rd. He has definetly let a lot of fantasy owners down with only about 46pts this year, 340yds and a TD. He was projected to be the feature back in San Diego but suffered an ankle injury and now takes split carries with Mike Tolbert and misses on alot of goaline carries that Tolbert gets TDS on. So he is definetly the Biggest Bust in my opinion. Mabey he will get better as the year goes on but as it is now he wasted the first rd pick of alot of fantasy owners as he frustrated them with his horrible stats at the half way mark in the 2010 season.

  17. Mike

    Yeah, I guess out of that group I’d pick Mathews as the biggest bust. He was a late first early second guy, and he hasn’t even had that ONE great game.

    BTW, disagree with the earlier comment that a rookie can’t be a bust (Greene is a 2nd year player anyway), there are certain expectations that lead to a guy being picked in a certain spot. Mathews has been WAY below expected production.

  18. monk

    Just to chime in my 2 cents… I guess defining bust is a must.
    IMHO a bust is simply point production as it relates to draft position. Multiple game injuries, exempt the player from being a bust.

    QB: it’s gotta be Schaub, he went as a tier 2 and was easily projected as a top 5 in most formats. I believe his actual stats place him out of the top 15 in most formats.

    RB: I would have to say it’s a tie btwn Shonn Green & Ryan Matthews, both of whom were projected in most formats as top 12 RB’s. effectively making them potential #1’s. MJD shouldn’t be on any bust lists, he is still putting up solid RB2 #’s 17th overall in non ppr formats, right next to Ray Rice, to call him a bust you have to call Andre Johnson a bust.

    WR: I don’t know of any format that Fitgerald was projected to have more points then Brandon Marshall, I know that Fitzgerald slipped in every league I was in, and that he never went higher then the third round, Marshall never made it out of the second. As of right now Fitzgerald is 21st and Marshall is 28th. I gotta go Marshall.

    As far as the biggest bust, I suppose stastically it would have to be Green or Mathews but in most leagues I was in, neither of them were drafted anywhere near their ADP’s, Mathews was coming off the board late second round early third, and I drafted greene in the fourth round on the one team I had him on. Kinda hard for your fourth round flyer to be a bust.

    I gotta go with Schaub as my biggest first half bust. From top 5 to being outscored by 10 players on the waiver wire each week is pretty much enough for me.

  19. Joe

    Biggest bust of the year…hands down…Garrett Hartley! Like come on who thinks Rice or Schaub are busts when Hartley was benched and barely makes short FGs!

  20. Mike

    Well, if you want to have some fun with numbers, let’s take a look at the Ray Rice/Matt Schaub argument as well as some of the other suspects to gain a little perspective…

    Matt Schaub’s ADP made him the 6th QB off the board. In my standard scoring non PPR league, the current 6th ranked QB (Eli Manning), is averaging 3.55 points more per game than Matt Schaub.

    Ray Rice’s ADP made him the 4th RB off the board. The 4th ranked RB (Peyton Hillis), is averaging 5.09 points per game more than Rice

    MJD’s ADP made him the 3rd RB off the board. The 3rd ranked RB (Frank gore), is averaging 5.01 points per game more than jones-Drew

    Ryan Mathews’ ADP was the 10th RB off the board. The current 10th ranked RB (Michael Turner) is averaging 8.8 points per game more than Mathews

    Shonn Greene’s ADP was the 12th RB off the board. The current 12th ranked RB (LT, Ironically enough) is averaging 7.54 points per game more than Greene

    Andre Johnson’s ADP made him the 1st WR off the board. The 1st ranked WR (Hakeem Nicks), is averaging 3.66 more points per game than Johnson (factoring out the game he sat out due to injury)

    Randy Moss’ ADP made him the 2nd WR off the board. The 2nd ranked WR (TO), is averaging 9.94 points per game more than Moss

    If you go by the numbers, Moss has to be your clear top bust pick. If you want to give a pass for the circumstances surrounding Moss’ numbers, Mathews cleary gets the nod. though, if you spent 14th overall pick on Moss (his ADP), you probably don’t really care WHY he’s destroyed your team

  21. Joe

    Great post Mike! But wait, let me crunch these numbers…

    Hartley’s ADP made him the #1 Kicker taken. Our #1 Kicker is SeaBass who is averaging 5.24 ppg more than Hartley. Hartley is clearly a bigger bust than Rice, MJD, Schaub and AJ!

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