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2010 fantasy football midseason awards: MVP nominations, voting and debate

Like it or not, we’re officially through half of the fantasy football season. And what a ride it has been!

Major injuries, unexpected player movement and a slew of subtexts have painted a fantasy landscape that has been both exciting and bewildering at the same time.

But before we jump headfirst into the stretch run, let’s take a quick look back at the half-season that was.

Polling chinstrapninja writers, fans and visitors, here are our midseason MVP choices for 2010 (nominate/vote for your favorites in the comments below):

Jzak: Darren McFadden, RB. Had a hard time choosing between him and Brandon Lloyd. Could make a good case for either.  Never thought I’d type those words. Ever. McFadden was expected to be buried behind Michael Bush this season, and even after a preseason injury to Bush, most of us expected McFadden to simply keep the starter job warm for Michael’s triumphant return. But McFadden had other plans, destroying opposing defenses much the same way people expected him to as a highly touted rookie eons ago.

ep: Kyle Orton, QB: Orton, undrafted in many leagues, has scored at least 13 fantasy points or more in standard leagues in every game this season. Drew Brees, a first- or second-rounder in many leagues, is the only other quarterback that can claim that honor.

Sockonfl: Arian Foster, RB: Considering he was a third- or fourth-round pick, it is surprising to see that he is the top fantasy running back scorer so far. Of course, I had predicted Ben Tate as a solid running back sleeper in the early summer and then changed it to Foster in the late summer. Check my sleeper post for details.  I changed it to Foster in the comments section below the post.

Consigliere: Philip Rivers, QB.

Krause: Arian Foster, RB. Anyone else draft him in the sixth round? Getting a starting RB that late is reward enough, but getting the highest-scoring RB through seven weeks is a fantasy dream!

CN regular Chris Burgess: Philip Rivers, QB: Without topwideout weapons, Rivers still thrives in a pass-heavy offensive attack putting up consistent top numbers week after week.

KGSO sports radio host Jason Mals: I’d have to either go with Arian Foster, who has been a surprise, or Antonio Gates, who has been a stud, or Phillip Rivers.

Mid-season fantasy football award debates:  MVP | Bust | Rookie

Who is your favorite fantasy MVP? Nominate/vote for them by joining in the debate in the comments below.

11 Responses to “2010 fantasy football midseason awards: MVP nominations, voting and debate”

  1. Mike

    Arien Foster without a doubt. He was a value, and has dominated from week 1. Not sure what criteria people you guys are basing the “MVP” award on though.

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  4. jzak

    @Mike: Foster a solid choice. Just looking at making a case for others to drum up some discussion/debate. Our MVP definition is mixed … but overall, a player that has carried a fantasy team thanks to great value either in the draft or off the waiver wire since.

  5. Christian Schwarz

    Im gonna have to go with Brandon Lloyd, talk about a great start, an unkown receiver lost in Brandon Marshall’s shadow week 1. Week 9- The leading receiver in the entire NFL with 880yds and 4 tds. Now this is only half way through the season but his performances so far are just astounding, this guy has overfilled brandon Marshall’s shadow seeing that hes beating Brandon Marshall right now by 300yds and 3 tds. Hes definetly the MVP as of now. another notable player has to be Antonio Gates, yea the name is very very familiar, but you have to give this guy 50 rounds of applause. Having 670yds and 9tds as a tightend, not to mention the pain hes went through the past week still bagging 120+yds and a td, give it up for gates. At runningback obviously arian foster has performed on top with over 1000nets yds and 7tds, another notable player is ahmad bradshaw. Averaging 105yds pergame having 800+yds coming out of the bye against a weak seattle rush defense he should not up an extra 100+ giving him over 900yds. Although he doesnt get many goalline touches he definetly has looked great this year

  6. Mike

    Yeah, Gates has been fantastic this year and with the injuries at TE this year, if Gates is in your lineup you can easily outscore your opponent at the position bu 10 or even 20 points most weeks.

    Another name that hasn’t been mentioned is Hakeem Nicks. He has been HUGE this year and was being drafted around the number 18 WR off the board. He’s given teams production as good as any 1st round WR, but you got him in the late 4th or early 5th.

  7. Sam

    Agree with Foster or Gates. Foster has been the deal of the season but there are other good RBs. The case for Gates is stronger as a player because there is NO ONE else you could put in yur TE position thats scored even 60% of what he has. Having a TE that can score nearly 10 points a game will push you over the edge more than you’d think.

  8. Christian Schwarz

    Another name thst is a bit shocking is Austin Collie. Hes gona be out for a few more weeks, but still knotting up 503 yds and 6tds being the 7th best wideout so far even above Reggie Wayne your teams number 1 wideout is pretty amazing. Also gotta give shoutouts to my man Anquan, as a die hard Baltimore fan, its great to have Blodin flourishing as a number 1 wideout and sitting at the tenth top wideout so far with 520yds and 5tds. Also whos that T.O. guy taking Ochos thunder sittin at number 5 with 630yds and 5 tds, good to see that old man workin out secondaries

  9. jzak

    @Christian Schwarz: Thing about Anquan is that most people expected this type of overall stats from him this year. Collie, I agree, was a very good value player this year.

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  11. Joe

    I have to agree with EP…Orton has been a stud! I wish someone would have offered him to me for someone like Eddie Royal!

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