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2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Round 10

Well we already have 9 rounds in the books.  I wonder what exciting picks round 10 will bring.

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Here is Round 10 with pick commentary:

10.01 Robert Meachem (jzak)

Again, not thrilled with the RB options, and my sleeper RB who is still on the list will last until my next pick. I’m sure of it. Meachem will be healthy for the season and if he can continue on the tear he ended last season on, he will become a household name on the fantasy football front.

10.02 — Jeremy Maclin, PHI (ep)

Even though I’m not super excited about Kevin Kolb, I think he has two outstanding receivers in DeSean Jackson and Maclin. Last year we saw a sliver of Maclin’s capabilities. He finished with 55 catches, 762 yards and four TDs. That’s a good season for a rookie receiver if they are a big part of the offense for all 16 games, but Maclin missed three games and had three catches or less in four others. Gotta love that upside.

10.03 Mike Williams Tampa Bay (consigliere)

A team’s number one wideout this low, I’ll take it. He has all the tools to be a great receiver. If he can keep his head straight he could turn out to be the steal of the draft. Also with my current receivers he will make a great piece to trade if I need to later on in the season.

10.04 Santonio Holmes (sockonfl)

Glad to get Holmes here. Yes I know he will be missing the first 4 games of the season. Who cares? He’s not my starter anyway ahead of Moss or Wayne. He will be the perfect bye week sub. He showed a nice glimmer of what he can do with a 4-catch 55-yard effort in the first preseason game against the Giants.

10.05 Ben Roethlisberger (jay-mo)

This gives me a great duo at QB and the flexibility to take advantage of Eli Manning’s traditional early season prominence, while Roethlisberger waits out his suspension. The best thing is Pittsburgh’s bye week is Week Five, so I won’t have to bother with it once Roethlisberger is eligible. He certainly won’t reach last season’s 4,300-yard, 25-TD benchmarks but I’m sure he’ll play the final eight weeks as if he was … It’s not like he’s missing the preseason, and I’m getting a Top 10 maybe a Top 5 QB here in round 10.

I’m loving it …

10.06 Donovan McNabb (jzak)

Having Favre as my QB, it was important to get a quality safety valve. Thought I’d be targeting an Alex Smith or Matthew Stafford here … and would have been happy to do so, but McNabb still on the table is too hard to pass up.

10.07 Visanthe Schiancoe (speedy)

I’m going to let it all hang out here so to speak…Favre’s on the plane to Minny.
Visante Shincothe, TE, Vikings…I don’t know if I’m more impressed that I got a tight end that scored 11 touchdowns last year at this point in the draft or that I almost spelled it right.

10.08-Pittsburgh Defense (ryder)
Pittsburgh D is always steady year in, year out.

10.09 — Carson Palmer, CIN (krause)
Sticking with my QB, RB combinations (It’s the only part of my strategy that worked.)

I expect Palmer to be better with Owens there. I think Owens and whatever he wants to be called will get along just fine. Besides, they’re best friends, right?

10.10 Miami Dolphins Defense (consigliere)

One man… Mike Nolan… The magic he made in Denver will pale in comparison to the domination he will have over the NFL this season in Miami.

He wears suits, he coaches underachievers into stars, and he himself might know the cure for all the world’s problems…

He is Mike Nolan and he will be the leader of the #1 fantasy defense this year.

10.11 — LaDainian Tomlinson, NYJ (ep)

The hits just keep coming. Yeah, I need receivers, but Tomlinson is still available at 119? Count me in. We don’t know for sure if Shonn Greene can shoulder the workload, but we do know the Jets have been engineered to run the ball. Tomlinson’s old, not dead. I could pick Toby Gerhart here as my backup to Adrian Peterson, but it’s a very shallow redraft (no flex and only five bench slots). I’ll take the veteran over a rookie who needs some “ifs” to fall his way to be worth a roster spot.

10.12 Philadelphia Eagles DEF (sockonfl)

I had to take a defense at this 10-11 turn because if I wait for the 12-13 turn, I will get the lowest ranked defense available. Philly had a stout defense last year. Stewart Bradley is back. They added Ernie Sims and Brandon Graham in the offseason. Smells like a much improved linebacker group for 2010.

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  2. CJones

    Can you tell I like RBs? Donald Brown in the 10th round is like finding a PS3 under the tree on Christmas morning. What was I suppose to do, pass him up for Nate Kaeding (the pick right after mine, I kid you not)?

    1.05 Frank Gore
    2.08 Shonn Greene
    3.05 Larry Fitzgerald
    4.08 Steve Smith
    5.05 Vernon Davis
    6.08 Wes Welker
    7.05 Joe Flacco
    8.08 Jerome Harrison
    9.05 Laurence Maroney
    10.08 Donald Brown

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