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2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Round 13

We know enter the final round of the mock draft.  It’s the kicker round for the most part.

Here are the previous rounds:

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And without further ado, our final round awaits:

13.01 Ryan Longwell (sockonfl)

The Minnesota kicker is a consummate pro and plays half his games in the dome.

13.02 Garrett Hartley (ep)

The No. 1 kicker on my list. My top kicker has never been available to me in the last round of a draft ever. I’d be excited but, y’know, it’s a kicker.

13.03 Nate Burleson (consigliere)

He could prove to have a solid year playing second fiddle to Calvin Johnson.

13.04 — Dexter McCluster (krause)

A guy who’s gonna play rb, wr and qb in the wildcat. Todd Haley said amazing things happen when McCluster and Jamaal Charles are on the field together. Here’s to hoping that amazement continues into the regular season.

13.05 David Akers (ryder)

If Philly’s offense sputters in the red zone like they have in the preseason, then Akers should get plenty of field goal kicks.

13.06 Sebastain Janokowski (speedy)
I liked this better when Campbell wasn’t hurt (NOTE: Campbell is healthy again), but the Raiders I think will be a little better, this year, but still struggle in the red zone.

13.07 Rob Bironas (jzak)

Best kicker available? Is that an oxymoron?

13.08 – Mason Crosby (jay-mo)

Why not take the steady kicker of a team, Green Bay, that will score the most points in the league this year. I’m not big on trying to predict which kicker will have the most field goals. It’s a crap shoot. I’d rather go for the sure thing, and Crosby should be a consistent 4-9 point scorer each week for me .

13.09 Matt Prater (sockonfl)

Liking the idea of those Denver air aided longer kicks.

13.10 Robbie Gould (consigliere)

Martz offense bottom line.

13.11 — Lawrence Tynes (ep)

If I get a chance, and he’s any good, I’ll take the kicker for my favorite team. I picked Tynes as my last pick in a almost every draft last season. He was top five in PATs, top seven overall among kickers.

13.12 Jeff Reed (jzak)

Steelers will be in a lot more close games where field goals are at a premium.

And so ends our Chinstrap Ninja Staff Mock Draft.  We will be showing you the team rosters shortly and you can comment on which team looks the best and worst to you.

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