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2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Round 6

And the beat (mock draft) goes on.  Below are

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Here is Round 6 with our staff analysis.

6.01 Owen Daniels, HOU (jzak)

Second part of my Texas two-step, Daniels, much like Schaub, has an injury onus on him, but few seem to remember how dominating he was at tight end last year before succumbing to injury. He deserves to be selected before some of the other tight ends on this list, in my opinion, and considering how many TEs are off the board at this point, I’m happy to take him here.

6.02 Pierre Garcon (ep)

Bottom line: Garcon is the No. 2 receiver for the high-powered Colts offense and could outscore Reggie Wayne in fantasy leagues in 2010. That makes him an easy sixth-rounder.

6.03 Jay Cutler (consigliere)

What’s not to like here. He has put up big numbers the past two years and the interception number doesn’t scare me one bit. He has also had low INT totals dating back to his Vandy days.

He is the most talented quarterback Mike Martz has had, all due respect to Kurt Warner.

6.04 Arian Foster (sockonfl)

I was going to wait another round, but I feel he will be the full time starter in Houston. That’s worth a ton considering how well that offense played last year. He also caught the ball out of the backfield some last year too. He could turn into an every down back. Just the type of back I need to take a chance on.

6.05 – Marion Barber (jay-mo)

I’ll probably get some grief for this pick, but I’m not drafting to make friends nor am I following some cookie-cutter glossy magazine. I was looking at WR here, but I’m confident my target will last until the next round. So, why not take the best available player (in my opinion)?

Obviously, Barber is going to get compared to Felix Jones. Barber is the starter: advantage one. Barber scores more often (7 TDs vs. 3 Tds): advantage two. Barber had nearly twice as many carries than Felix (214 vs. 116): advantage three. More importantly to me, Barber is the No. 1 runner in the red zone: advantage four.

I know, I know … that was last year and all of the fantasy experts are saying differently. Well, are they calling the plays for Dallas? Don’t believe me, watch the preseason …

6.06 Fred Jackson, BUF (jzak)

Not thrilled with Jackson, but he is the official starter in Buffalo. In fact, he’s the main fantasy weapon in Buffalo at the moment. He’s the starter, for what it’s worth, and helps provide some RB depth.

6.07 Ahmad Bradshaw (speedy)

This might be a little high for him, but he’s been getting the starting carries early in training camp.

6.08 — Terrell Owens (ryder)

Im going to go ahead and pick one half of the co-diva reality star T.O. Although he is getting older he still has a good year left in him. He is in much better situation this year with the Bengals rather then the dreadful Buffalo offense from a season ago. I cant believe im going to say this but I think Chad Ochocinco and T.O. will help each other. Here comes Batman & Robin.

6.09 — Joe Flacco, BAL (krause)

I was going to wait on a QB but I like Flacco’s upside this year. Everything Baltimore did in the offseason makes me think their going to score a lot. Now I have Flacco and Ray Rice so 90% of the time Baltimore scores, I score.

6.10 Matt Ryan (consigliere)

Looking for a bounce back year for Ryan here. He has some legit weapons and i expect Michael Turner to be a lot better this year.

I am grabbing a top-10 quarterback here and hoping he plays like it. Not really a lot to say i am happy to have my starting line up filled out, now i need to fix my bench.

6.11 — Vincent Jackson, SD (ep)

It’s a risk because of Jackson’s holdout, but no other receiver has a better chance to transform my team at this point in the draft. If one side caves — V-Jax, dude, you’re not Andre Johnson — I get a top-10 receiver in the sixth round.

6.12 Hines Ward (sockonfl)

Seeing that ep stole my pick here right before me, I had to make a change of plans. I decided to go with the ever consistent and highly underrated Hines Ward. He puts up consistent numbers year in and year out. I know Ben Roethlisberger is out early on, but he will still post some solid numbers throughout the season.

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  4. CJones

    Yes, I know he had surgery and there is some risk here, but come on… it’s Wes Welker. His middle name should be “consistency” and it doesn’t hurt that he is Brady’s favorite WR.

    1.05 Frank Gore
    2.08 Shonn Greene
    3.05 Larry Fitzgerald
    4.08 Steve Smith
    5.05 Vernon Davis
    6.08 Wes Welker

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