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2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Round 7

Another round bites the dust!  Boy I really show my age with these articles.

Here are:

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Here is Round 7:

7.01 Dwayne Bowe, KC (sockonfl)

I added another WR because that is where this team needs the most depth. Bowe could be a solid comeback candidate in 2010 and be well worth the risk of taking him in the seventh round.

7.02 — Santana Moss, WAS (ep)

You remember running backs Clinton Portis and Terrell Davis from Mike Shanahan’s days in Denver? Don’t forget Rod Smith. Smith, only two inches taller than the “short” Moss, averaged 86 catches, 1,165 yards and 7 touchdowns over nine years as the top receiver in Shanahan’s offense. Moss has been an NFL success despite his quarterbacks, including Chad Pennington, Patrick Ramsey and Jason Campbell. Now Donovan McNabb is throwing him the ball.

7.03 Donald Brown (consigliere)

What can brown do for you… Well when Addai gets banged up and he will Brown will carry the load. With no Flex player in this league i am not super worried about having a little bit of a thin bench

Brown could get me solid numbers if Addai gets hurt and will be more than capable spot starter if i need him.

7.04 — Tony Gonzalez, ATL (krause)

I could wait to get one of my sleeper TE but Kellen Winslow has never scored more than 5 TDs in a season and Zach Miller is still unproven. Will Jason Campbell make him better? Yes, but not that much.

Gonzo is the last TE on the board that I feel could score double digit TDs! I would rather go with a proven player as a starter than a sleeper.

7.05-Brandon Jacobs (ryder)

Even though Jacobs will be splitting time with Ahmad Bradshaw, he still gives you decent value at this spot. He’s still starting and if his legs stay healthy will have a nice season.

7.06 Jerome Harrison (speedy)

He had a pretty good season last year and I don’t find any of the starting positions that I have open are worth taking here. If I knew for sure that J-ZAK’S idol was playing this year that man that always lets it all hang out would be worth taking here (Visanthe Shiancoe).

7.07 Brett Favre (jzak)

A certain wide receiver would be a great pick here, but I need a fourth receiver at this point of the draft as much as I need another hole in my head. Favre is a reach here given that his status for the 2010 season is still “up in the air.”(UPDATE HE WILL PLAY) At this point, I’m gambling that No. 4 will be back in Purple, and if he is, he’ll make my decision to wait on a QB a lot more justifiable.

7.08 – Donald Driver (jay-mo)

I guess I was eight picks too late. My gamble blew up in my face as Hines Ward, who I targeted with my 6th round pick, went at 6.12. Well, that’s the ways of a draft. I’ll survive.

I was hoping to land Ward and Donald Driver in these recent rounds, and I was able to at least get the second piece of my plan. I’m feeling pretty good as several other mock owners are admittedly picking players they rather not have (at those respective draft positions), and I’m still hitting my targets.

Driver’s offseason knee operations (arthroscopic) don’t sit too well in my stomach, but with him already back on the field this preseason — despite an aggravating calf injury — does. Since the knee scopes were essentially an oil change, I’m thinking Driver will be healthier this season. That should translate into a seventh straight 1,000-yard season and 6 to 8 TDs. I’ll take that in the 7th round.

7.09 Reggie Bush (sockonfl)

I ultimately went with the running back remaining that had the most upside IMO. Also New Orleans has a more dynamic offense than Tampa and Cadillac Williams who is also available here.

7.10 Ricky Williams, MIA (consigliere)

I’ll take Ricky here, If Ronnie Brown gets hurt which is bound to happen i will have a back who will see all of the touches.

Getting a solid back up here is good and i am happy to get Williams here.

7.11 — Ben Tate, HOU (ep)

Picking Miles Austin and Aaron Rodgers in the first two rounds has left me with questionable talent at RB (Knowshon Moreno and Jahvid Best) so I went with a high upside running back choice. Houston doesn’t have a starting caliber running back, that’s why they picked Tate in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Picked that high, Tate will get opportunities to run this season. (UPDATE: Tate was injured after ep made this pick)

7.12 Wes Welker, NE (jzak)

There were three receivers I thought could be sick-good values in this draft. Sidney Rice, Vincent Jackson and Wes Welker. Of the three, Welker is the only one who’s stock is on the rise at the moment, with reports looking solid that he’ll start week one. Sure he’s much more valuable in a PPR league, but have you looked at Welker’s other stats?

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  3. CJones

    With 7 QBs gone in the first 3 rounds, I decided to sit on my QB pickup and was able to get Flacco in the 7th round. It was between him and Eli, which either could outperform the other, but I think I’ll get good value out of Flacco from that position.

    1.05 Frank Gore
    2.08 Shonn Greene
    3.05 Larry Fitzgerald
    4.08 Steve Smith
    5.05 Vernon Davis
    6.08 Wes Welker
    7.05 Joe Flacco

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