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2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Round 8

Hey we are into Round 8 of our staff mock draft.

Here were our previous round results:

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Here is Round 8 with staff analysis:

8.01 Cadillac Williams(jzak)

Wow. Hard selection for me. One player really, really had me tempted, but I needed some RB depth in case Mendenhall/McCoy falter. Of all the backs remaining, Carnell is the only true starter left, and provides some stability for my risk/reward options so far. Tough, however, to pass on several other guys here.

8.02 — Thomas Jones, KC(ep)

Still trying to piece together a serviceable running back stable. Jones rushed for a career high in yards (1,400) and TDs (14) for the Jets last season despite his age. Jones is going to get regular touches and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the starter/Pierre Thomas-type back to Jamaal Charles’ Reggie Bush in 2010. The pick lumps Jones with high upside rookies Jahvid Best and Ben Tate and young veteran Knowshon Moreno. At least two of those four should be worthy of starting on a weekly basis.

8.03 New York Jets D(consigliere)

commence the zigging n zaggin… not to mention sock is going to be pissed.

Ill grab one of the top D’s in the NFL and lock up another solid starter. Ill be the first one to tell you that i dont relaly know what “standard” D scoring is but i dont think that is going to matter to the Jets.

8.04 Chris Cooley(sockonfl)

Fellow fantasy football fanatic Cooley could be in for a big rebound with Donovan McNabb at QB. He made Celek a household name at TE last year, and Cooley has already been to a Pro Bowl.

8.05 – Dez Bryant(jay-mo)

I had a quick thought about Donovan McNabb here, especially after seeing him play so well in his first preseason game. However, 11 QBs have already been taken so McNabb may continue to slide in this draft. Plus, his average of 3,500 yards and 20 TDs in his career can be replicated by a few QBs still left to be taken. I’m just not confident Washington will be throwing much inside the 10-yard line like other teams will. McNabb may get a boost in TDs on boot-legs, which is nice. I’d rather go in another direction here.

I liked Bryant over Johnny Knox and Donnie Avery mainly because Bryant will be playing on a much better team, especially offensively. Knox should flourish in Chicago’s new Martz system, but that all depends on Jay Cutler’s progression. I’m just not confident enough in that to pick him over Bryant.

Bryant’s ankle is reportedly progressing well, making him available for the start of the season. He may struggle to catch up, especially after missing nearly all of last year in college. However, Roy Williams is falling out of favor fast. Just saw a news report Williams has been targeted six times this preseason by Tony Romo, resulting in only ONE reception. That tells me Bryant will get every opportunity to play early and often. Williams had seven TDs last season amid Miles Austin’s rise, and I’m confident Bryant will be able to at least match that … again, I’ll take seven TDs here in the eight round.

8.06 Montario Hardesty, CLE(jzak)

Waffled a lot on Hardesty earlier this round for my other team, but went with the duller, yet safer choice. Was hoping a little that Hardesty would fall to me in the ninth. Instead, I stole a player from myself. Not cool, jzak. Seriously, Hardesty continues to be associated with the starting offense despite the recent injury and Jerome Harrison’s stat-show the end of last season. In the eighth round, you’re looking for upside, and Hardesty has it.

8.07 Mike Wallace(speedy)

Not as excited without Ben for the first four weeks, but this guy was very underrated last year. I picked him up in Week 2 last year in another league. He scored the same number of touchdowns as Hines Ward and isn’t nearly as old.

8.08-Johnny Knox(ryder)
Knox should give me some upside.He’s should be productive in Martz system.We will have to wait and see if that holds true.

8.09 — Malcolm Floyd, SDC(krause)

I’m settling here with Wallace and Knox gone. Besides, I don’t think I have to mention Vincent Jacksons holdout.

8.10 Marshawn Lynch(consigliere)

Thanks to some preseason play and a Fred Jackson injury ill take the gamble that Lynch can produce when Jackson misses sometime. History is on my side here since the two seasons he played in he got 1200+ yards and 8 or more touchdowns.

We are approaching the back half of this draft and i am looking for the players which could get big value with injuries or other bumps and bruises.

8.11 — Percy Harvin, MIN(ep)

He had migraines in college and last season and still was a dominant athlete. Also made this pick because Harvin just should not be available in the eighth round of a 12-team draft.

8.12 TJ Houshmandzadeh(sockonfl)
Housh is at least the number 1 target of a decent QB in Matt Hasselbeck. Okung looked good in the first preseason game. That should keep Hasselbeck healthier this year. He gives me 4 #1 receivers on my team. Ward, Bowe and Housh can all fight it out for the second starting spot behind Greg Jennings.

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  3. CJones

    With my starting spots all filled (minus FLEX,K and DEF), I went with Harrison in the 8th round because of last year’s performance and his bye week was different than Gore and Greene.

    1.05 Frank Gore
    2.08 Shonn Greene
    3.05 Larry Fitzgerald
    4.08 Steve Smith
    5.05 Vernon Davis
    6.08 Wes Welker
    7.05 Joe Flacco
    8.08 Jerome Harrison

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