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2010 Fantasy Football Mock Redraft Round 5

Our mock draft continues into round 5.  Here are Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, and Round 4.

Here is round 5 with analysis provided:

5.01 Antonio Gates(sockonfl)

Rather than draft a mediocre receiver I might as well draft an elite TE instead. I have him as my #1 TE because of Jackson missing time. He was a stud before Jackson arrived so that will just continue.

5.02  Philip Rivers(ep)

Socko’s a wait for QBs guy so I thought I might get Tony Romo here, but alas I’ll settle for Rivers, who has thrown for 4,000 yards in each of the last two seasons with 28 touchdowns 2 years ago and 32 last year.

5.03 Jermichael Finley(consigliere)

I personally like to get a tight end around round 5 or 6 if there are still elite guys on the board. I have Finley as my #1 TE. I love the aerial assault the Packers bring to the table and Finely has the talent to take over a game.

Not exactly zagging when people are zigging but i had Finley picked after I selected Chad Ochocinco last round

5.04 — Justin Forsett, SEA(krause)

Thought for sure I would get Finley here! that’s two rounds in a row I got swiped a pick or two ahead of me.

Pete Carroll is falling in love with Forsett. Forsett proved last year, he’s the best option for Seattle. I didn’t want a RB here but I can’t complain about getting Forsett.

5.05-Michael Bush(ryder)

I feel it’s a risk picking Bush at this spot. Anytime you are picking a Raider it’s a gamble. Bush does have some upside. I like him more then Darren Mcfadden. I can see Mcfadden getting less carries and be used more for 3rd downs. Bush has averaged over 5 yards a pop and will be used for the goal line for sure. Jason Campbell coming into Oakland can only but help the offense and running game,which was terrible with JaMarcus Russell under center.

5.06 WR Derrick Mason(speedy)

I know he’s old and I know he’s banged up right now, but I think the Ravens are going to throw a little more than people think with Anquan Boldin drawing coverage on the other side…My choices were old 2nd receivers here in Donald Driver and Mason.

5.07 Steve Smith(NYG)(jzak)

This pick is a no brainer for me. Considering the WR bonanza in this draft, there is no way Smith should be available at this pick, minor groin injury or not. Plus while I love Michael Crabtree as my WR2, he isn’t as proven as other teams’ WR2 options, so Steve Smith gives me much needed insurance. Smith just makes sense at this pick.

5.08 – Brent Celek(jay-mo)

I really liked Jason Witten here, but he just doesn’t score nearly enough (6 TDs … over the past two years!) to be picked this high in a non-PPR league. I don’t see this year being any different if you noticed Sunday’s preseason game. Witten was open on two of those goal line plays and didn’t warrant even a pump fake?

On the other side of the spectrum Celek gets plenty of attention in the red zone, and I don’t see Philly changing their feathers to start running in the red zone. Landing the top red zone target on a team that throws first in the red zone is very promising. Plus, two of Celek’s best games last year came when Kevin Kolb was at quarterback. Only three TEs scored more and racked up more yardage than Celek last year – not bad for the ‘ol Bearcat.

5.09 Clinton Portis(sockonfl)

This is a player that is only one year removed from a 1,400 yard rushing 10 TD season. Last year was an anomaly due to injury and ineffective coaching by Jim Zorn. This year Donovan McNabb is under center to give a better passing game threat. Also Mike Shanahan is installed as head coach. Remember what Portis did in this same system? Yeah that’s right 1,500 yards and 15 TDs. The team has made glowing comments about his offseason work this year. I see a big bounce back season for Portis in the making.

5.10 Vernon Davis(consigliere)

I usually don’t go in with a plan but with a pick coming back quickly I am choosing to lock up a top tight end.

Davis has been very interesting in his career he went from Combine King to High Draft Pick to Bust to Benched to Stud. I think he will keep up the studness. Also i really like the pairing i am getting here with the other players. I can now turn my focus to my back ups and such.

5.11 — Jason Witten(ep)

This balanced team has been filling its lineup and following ADP almost to the letter, so despite already owning one receiver in the Cowboys passing attack (Miles Austin), I’m going with Witten. He is a great value at this spot and could score higher than two or three of the TEs already selected.

5.12 Matt Schaub, HOU(jzak)

Call this the start of my Texas two-step. I’m typically a guy that likes to load up on depth at this stage in a draft, but with this team, and considering both the players taken and trends of the draft, I’m happy to get Matt Schaub at this pick. I’d easily take him over some of the other QBs on the list. Some still worry about his previous injury history, but the weapons he has at his disposal are so nice and his potential to continue playing at a good level so good, it would be impossible to not pick him here.

4 Responses to “2010 Fantasy Football Mock Redraft Round 5”

  1. Mike

    Derrick Mason in the 5th round?!?!?!?!? LOL The rest of the teams had to be loving THAT pick!

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  4. CJones

    My initial plan was to wait on a TE, since there are several good options to choose from this year, but Davis was apparently too tempting for me to bypass him. It’s a medium risk, high reward pick, so I’m good with that.

    1.05 Frank Gore
    2.08 Shonn Greene
    3.05 Larry Fitzgerald
    4.08 Steve Smith
    5.05 Vernon Davis

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