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2010 mock redraft, Round 3

Everything continues to be mock-tastic in our ongoing 2010 redraft mock draft. Check out the previous posts (Round One and Round Two) and check out the draft in progress (Round 4, Round 5).

Our third-round picks and analysis include:

Round 3

3.01 Pierre Thomas, NO (sockonfl)Normally I would look to double dip with the WR’s at the 2.12 3.01 turn, but with so many teams drafting receivers early, the running backs will be flying off the board the next 2 round until my 4.12 pick. Therefore I zagged to drafting the best running back that I felt was available. I will have to fill my last WR slot with a prospect WR.

Thomas will be getting the majority of the goal line and short yardage work now that Mike Bell is gone. That can turn out to be big points and TD’s in New Orleans high powered offense. Plus he is working for a payday this year. You always have to like players that are doing that.

3.02 Ryan Mathews, SD (ep)

A top-11 running back (based on ADP) in the third round of a 12-team non-PPR draft? Surely you can’t be serious? That means I have three No. 1 running backs. I love zagging when everybody else is zigging.

3.03 Anquan Boldin, BAL (Consigliere)

This cat is as tough as nails and he is in an offense run by a genius. I really like this pick here i think he could be a top 10 WR especially in PPR formats. There are no other big name WRs in Balt. so Boldin should see all the big time catches and the most touchdowns as Joe Flacco continues his Ben Rothelisberger esque growth.

Injuries concern some, but they dont really bug me too much because i intend to pick up some sleepers on the back end that can fill in if Boldin misses a week.

3.04 Cedric Benson, CIN (krause)

Most people know I love me some Ced Ben! He’s in the perfect situation to succeed. run first offense and no RBBC. plus he fits into my strategy. Ok, I made him part of my strategy. P.S.- no suspension!!!!

3.05 Peyton Manning, IND (ryder)

With my first 3 picks I was looking to go with a combination of rb,wr,qb.In past years I have always started to target my qb around rd 5 in redraft leagues,but if I waited past round 3 chances of landing the top 6 qb’s that I like this yr would be slim.

3.06 Marques Colston, NO (speedy)

I don’t know how enamored with this pick I am right now with the usual Favre nonsense going on. J-Zak, in your youth did you imagine the end of his career would be this soap opera every year? This pick came down to Marquis Colston, Sidney Rice. But after a run on receivers I’m taking Colston.

3.07 Ryan Grant, GB (jzak)

Being a Packers fan, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well statistically Grant did last season — a career season for him. There is no reason to think he can’t meet or even surpass those numbers in the dynamic Packers offense with little changeover. Only real change will be an improved O-line, and that isn’t a bad thing at all.

3.08 Joseph Addai, IND (jaymo)

I love his scoring potential. Only five players scored more TDs than Addai last year, who churned in a consistent year scoring in 10 of the 16 games. Also, only five RBs received more red zones carries than Addai. In this type of offense as a three-down RB, I’m taking those scoring opportunities – even if it gives me a weekly roster dilemma.

3.09 Tom Brady, NE (sockonfl)

Well Jay-mo just took the only RB that I really had eyes for right ahead of me in Joseph Addai. He has 3 RB’s in a league that can only start 2.
Well this pick is a total trend bucking pick from past draft strategies. I don’t think ANYONE I KNOW has EVER not picked 1 RB in the first three rounds of a draft. EVER. I just did here though. Brady and Moss may just have one more magical season left in them. Now I have to pick up on my sleeper running backs to round out the team.

3.10 Jamaal Charles, KC (Consigliere) 

Unless I totally missed something I am fairly shocked to see Charles here at this pick. He has the ability to catch out of the backfield and the potential to be a top 10 back in PPR settings. I am pretty pleased to have 2 top 5 wideouts and a top 10 running back as i start the swing back into the fourth round.

3.11 Jahvid Best, DET (ep)

It was between Best and LeSean McCoy. McCoy’s going to give up touches to Mike Bell and Leonard Weaver in Andy Reid’s pass-heavy offense. The Lions are the Lions. However, Detroit has made it very clear that Best will be their feature back in 2010 — and they are very excited about it. I’ll take the upside.

3.12 LeSean McCoy, PHI (jzak)

Thank you, ep. Didn’t expect a Christmas present this early. McCoy has the potential to be a first-round fantasy talent, and getting at the turn heading into round four is just fine with me. I’d take McCoy over Best any day of the week at this point. He has some NFL seasoning under his belt, and I don’t expect Mike Bell or Leonard Weaver to have that much of a detrimental effect on McCoy … at least not enough to drop him this low in the draft.

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  4. CJones

    Keeping with the zig zag method, and given that Fitzgerald was still available in the 3rd round, I thought this was a no-brainer. I could care less who is throwing the passes, as long as they are directed at Larry (preferably in the red zone). This pick is a candidate for steal of the draft.

    1.05 Frank Gore
    2.08 Shonn Greene
    3.05 Larry Fitzgerald

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