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2010 redraft mock draft, round 2

We’re still mocking — check the rounds out in progress on our message boards:

Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3

The second round is finished and the Chinstrap Ninjas are already flying through the third. Lot’s of interesting picks going down.

Like we did for the first round, we’re slapping a copy of the discussion up on our front page. Critique the picks, ask questions, just straight up do your thing in the comments. But no spam, we kill that stuff.These picks were made using the following guidelines: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST, five bench spots; Redraft Standard scoring, no PPR. 4pts passing TD, 6pts rushing and receiving TDs, 1 pt per 10 yards rushing, 10 yards receiving and 25 yards passing. Typical scoring for kickers and defense.

Round 2

2.01 Larry Fitzgerald, ARI (jzak)

Matt Leinart and/or Derek Anderson will have a direct effect on Fitzgerald’s value, but I still think the big, reliable target will get plenty of action in this offense and won’t fall off as quickly as some may think.

2.02 Aaron Rodgers, GB (ep)

If Rodgers falls into the second round of a 12-team league, I’m snapping him up. This pick also gives me the No. 1 QB and No. 1 WR on my list.

2.03 Calvin Johnson, DET (consigliere)

This will give me two of the top 5 wideouts talent wise in the NFL. Megatron has a young quarterback but he is a legit star with a few injury issues. This year i think will be very different for Johnson, he has legit weapons around him.

In PPR leagues I like to get some top wideouts early since they will get an automatic 80 or so points just on receptions alone. I think both Johnson and Marshall are going to get 10 TDs easy and between 90-100 receptions. At Pick 15 and Rodgers off the board i think this is a great grab with four other WR already off the board.

2.04 Reggie Wayne, IND (sockonfl)

Much like Consigliere’s team I also like drafting 2 top-tier WRs when you pick late in. Round 1. Wayne is a stud in any format.

I like having both Tom Brady’s favorite target and Peyton Manning’s favorite target in the fold. I can skip drafting WR for a while now.

2.05 – Jonathan Stewart, CAR (Jay-Mo)

For the second round in a row my top target was picked right ahead of me. This draft flow isn’t doing me any favors. Seeing this run on WRs in a non-PPR format makes me curious, but I’m not biting or panicking. I’m sticking to my plan and going after a starting RB, who will in the end see more consistent scoring attempts in the red zone than top WRs. Of the top 10 touchdown leaders from last year, eight were RBs.

This was a tough pick. I like Jonathan Stewart, Shonn Greene and Ronnie Brown. I’m not nearly as high on Ryan Matthews as most people are. I don’t know … maybe I didn’t see him enough in college and highlights don’t do it for me. I remember Curtis Enis had very similar highlights coming out of Penn State, and he played against tougher competition.

To me Stewart, despite his heel issue, is the surer thing. I’m not sure if Greene will get the bulk of the red zone carries and Brown, despite his injury issues, may be held back a little this year now that Miami has another big red zone target in Marshall. If this was a late second round pick, I may lean toward the other three backs. I need a RB who I know from watching significant chunks of all 16 of Carolina’s game gets 95 to 99 percent of the red zone carries.

2.06 DeAngelo Williams, CAR (jzak)

This is a perfect example of ep’s zig vs. zag strategy discussion. Went into this draft wanting desperately to try out my WR-WR strategy and was ecstatic when Andre Johnson fell into my lap in Round 1. I had another receiver in my sights for Round 2, and he’s actually still on the board. But sockonfl and consigliere’s WR-WR draft with teams eight and nine in this mock draft left me with a choice. Either follow suit and continue to butt heads with various draft needs each of the following rounds, or zig into a new strategy.

DeAngelo is still the primary ballcarrier for Carolina, even with Jonathan Stewart’s presence. Even if he fell into the RB2 slot, he’d outproduce other backs remaining in this draft based off Stewart’s numbers from last season. I feel that the Panthers will ride DeAngelo hard this season, which very well may be his last in Panthersland, before seeing him sign elsewhere. Why not run up his mileage if JStew is the back of the future?

2.07 Drew Brees, NO (Speedy)

This draft has become quite interesting to me because of the non-ppc and four-point touchdowns. No receiver is probably going to have more than 10 or 12 touchdown catches.

Only five last year totals, while there are 10 running backs, which puts the premium back on the running backs in my opinion. So right now, I’m left with either Rashard Mendenhall or I can’t believe Drew Brees lasted this long. I don’t like to take QBs this early in scoring like this so, now I’m that guy.

2.08-Roddy White, ATL (Ryder)

I was looking to take a WR at this spot. It was a tough decision though with a few backs that I like still alive — Shonn Greene, Pierre Thomas and Ryan Mathews. For the wide receivers at this spot it was the same. I liked Roddy White, Greg Jennings, and Anquan Boldin. All three will have a solid year,but I like White a bit more.

I feel that he is going to enter his prime after having 3 straight 80+-catch, 1,100-yards seasons. Also I think the Falcons offense will bounce back nicely this year with Matt Ryan and a healthy and determined Michael Turner.

2.09 — Desean Jackson, PHI (krause)

I had originally planned to take Roddy White with this pick but the huge run on WR ruined that for me. So I have to resort to plan B. Jackson is the most explosive big play receiver in the league. with his +18 YPC average, I feel no shame in drafting him this early in a non-PPR league. Not to mention he has improved every year. I expect him to do the same again this year.

As for Kevin Kolb, I’m not worried. I recall another situation with Favre and Rodgers in GB that is much similar to the McNabb/Kolb situation. It seems that worked out well for both players. Philly wouldn’t have gotten rid of McNabb if they thought Kolb wasn’t physically capable of taking over.

2.10 Chris Wells, ARI (consigliere)

I’m kind of torn between a few guys here but i pick again in 4 picks so i am hoping the other guys i am targeting are still there. I think Wells is most likely to get red zone touches and there could be an increase in dump offs with the new quarterback.

I don’t know if I really love this pick here but i think he will be a solid RB2 and I get a solid running back who really came on at the end of the season.

2.11 Shonn Greene, NYJ (ep)

I’m usually a WR fiend, but with all the receivers coming off the board, the obvious value is at running back. Yes, I already have Peterson, but now I have two top-10(ish) running backs. Anyone who picks 1-3 in a 12-team league should not have that opportunity.

2.12 Greg Jennings, GB (sockonfl)

I might as well continue my theme of drafting the top WR of the top QB’s. This time I nab Aaron Rodgers’ top guy. With Driver’s knees being gimpy he may start to see more looks in the offense. They also added Bryan Bulaga to help boost the offensive line. When Rodgers had time the second half of last year when the offensive line straightened some , Jennings was the biggest beneficiary.

Again, round three is currently under way and will be posted after it is completed.

7 Responses to “2010 redraft mock draft, round 2”

  1. Mike

    Fitzgerald is a steal with a 2.1 pick. Can’t believe Stewart goes before Williams, and in the second round no less in a redraft. Stewart is usually early 4th. Some interesting picks there. I’ll be interested to see how teams that pick Rodgers so early (this seems to be his usual spot) end up faring this season. I can’t commit to a QB that early personally.

  2. ep

    @Mike: I don’t usually pick a QB that early either, but I’m trying to take that “B” team in a different direction to see where it leads.

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  7. CJones

    With the 2.08 pick, I went with Shonn Greene due to the fact that 4 QBs had been picked already (Rodgers, Brees, Manning, Brady) and there were lots of WRs being picked up.

    1.05 Frank Gore
    2.08 Shonn Greene

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