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2010 Redraft Quarterback Rankings with Player Capsules

Rankings. Everybody likes rankings. We’ve got a bunch here at Chinstrap Ninjas and a bunch more to come.

Let’s take another look at quarterbacks in redrafts:

1. Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers was the top fantasy producing QB last year in most formats.  I see no reason why they would change in 2010.  He has a better offensive line with the signing of Bryan Bulaga.  He should have TE Jermichael Finley healthy and active for a full season.  Finley was a beast down the stretch last year.  Plus better o-line play could lead to more play to leading receiver Greg Jennings.  James Starks also provides them with the added dimension of a receiving running back, something they did not have in 2009.  The only downer could be Donald Driver’s knees but the Pack have James Jones and Jordy Nelson chomping at the bit to fill his shoes anyway.

2. Peyton Manning – What more can be said about Peyton that has not already been said?  He is just the most remarkably consistent QB perhaps to ever play the game.  His big drawback is that typically the Colts have their division wrapped up that they don’t give Manning much playing time in critical week 16 of the season when most fantasy championships are won.  If you get there with him, be prepared for a contingency plan in your league’s Super Bowl.

3. Drew Brees – I almost ranked him #1 on this list.  The Saints are one of the most sophisticated pass happy teams going.  I ranked him lower due to potential Super Bowl hangover.  He still is a top flight QB and may end up #1 on this list at season’s end.

4. Tom Brady – With one more season at least with Randy Moss in tow, look for Brady to Moss to light up the sky.  It may not be as magical as 2007 when they were both younger, but it should be special nonetheless.  For the detractors that say he can’t do it without Wes Welker, Julian Edelman has proven to be a worthy replacement for him, and I can guarantee Welker will return as soon as his body allows him.

5. Philip Rivers – This ranking goes under the assumption that the Chargers do something to sign Vincent Jackson.  I will assume they will.  Without him, they can kiss any Super Bowl aspirations they have goodbye.

6. Matt Schaub – Schaub posted some really nice numbers last season.  The Texans may run the ball a little more with Ben Tate and a full year of Arian Foster, but this is still a passing oriented team, make no mistake about it.

7. Tony Romo – I had Romo in the top 4 prior Dez Bryant’s injury.  Bryant being out 4-6 weeks in the preseason means more of Roy Williams in 2010.  How disappointing it must be in Dallas country.  I had them making a Super Bowl run.  Romo is still a decent QB, but he won’t make that upper echelon level in 2010.

8. Brett Favre – Yes Favre will come back.  He needs his one big red zone target, Sidney Rice, to get healthy to start the season.  Here’s to one more year in the sun you grizzly veteran.

9. Joe Flacco –  I like Flacco a lot for the 2010 season.  He is really going to come into his own and surprise some people.  Anquan Boldin was a huge addition.  Donte Stallworth also provides him with a decent third WR option.  In years past it was Derrick Mason and whoever took the field.  He has sleeper QB written all over him.  He could even post Philip Rivers type numbers in his coming out season.

10.  Matt Ryan – I rank Ryan ahead of Jay Cutler for several reasons.  One, he has 2 bonafide receiving threats in Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez.  Two, he is not the interception machine that Cutler can be at times.  Three, he has a legitimate running game with a rejuvenated Michael Turner in the backfield.  Look for Ryan to make big strides in 2010.

11.  Jay Cutler – Everyone is gushing over how Mike Martz (the offensive genius) will make Cutler such a better passer.  He will improve overall over last year simply due to the fact they will pass more in 2010 and he has another year of experience with the receivers under his belt.  One flaw in Martz’s system though is the amount of interceptions thrown.  Cutler is already interception prone.  I can easily see another 20-some interception season coming his way.  That high interception total tempers my interest a bit in him as my starting QB.

12.  Eli Manning – Eli really seemed to finally come into his own last year.  He is another QB that will benefit from another full season with his young receivers.  I have him below Cutler because the Giants will most likely run a little more in 2010 as long as Brandon Jacobs stays healthy all year.

13.  Carson Palmer – I originally had him a little lower, but the recent TO signing by the Bengals make him a sneaky fantasy pick in 2010.  They added Jermaine Gresham too.  It will be interesting to see how they fit a receiving TE into the offense.  That’s a facet they have never yet had under Carson Palmer’s tenure there.

14.  Donovan McNabb – McNabb to Moss and Cooley has a nice ring to it.  If any QB can adapt to a new environment, I believe McNabb can.  His scrambling skills have eroded with age, but he is still sneaky moving around in the pocket.  Plus he will have a chip on his shoulder to prove the Eagles made a mistake.

15.  Alex Smith – The 49ers are a team on the rise.  They also have a fairly easy 2010 schedule.  Smith posted some decent numbers later in the year last year.  A full offseason with main WR threat Michael Crabtree will definitely be a plus for him.

16.  Chad Henne – I like Chad Henne moving forward.  In a few more years he will be a great QB in this league.  He already has impact receiver Brandon Marshall on his side.  He could develop into a top 10 QB in a year or 2, mark my words.

17.  Matt Hasselbeck – A lot of people are forgetting this veteran and writing him off.  The addition of Russell Okung to the offensive line was huge this offseason.  If they keep Hasselbeck upright, he has the receiving weapons on this team to move higher up on this list.

18.  Byron Leftwich/Ben Roethlisberger – Yes you have to buy them both to achieve this ranking.  Otherwise look for Big Ben alone to be lower on the list.  A bigger attention to the running game in 2010 and suspension in the beginning of the season by Ben spells disaster for the Steelers passing game in 2010.

19.  Jason Campbell – Yes it’s a new system again for Campbell.  Yes it’s the Raiders.  But Campbell has always proven to be around the average starting football QB each and every season.  The Raiders’ best receiver is Zach Miller at TE. TE is a target Campbell was accustomed to using in Washington.  He will be decent again in 2010 and be a major improvement for the Silver and Black over JaMarcus Russell.

20.  Kevin Kolb – How can anyone have him ranked so low?  Isn’t he the best sleeper QB in 2010 you ask?  I think Kolb will be decent but experience some significant growing pains his first year at the helm.  He will look brilliant at times and then utterly pathetic at other times.  He has a great supporting cast.  He’s another QB that will be knocking on the top 10 doorstep in 2-3 years.  Just not in 2010.

21.  Matt Moore – Even though he is on a run first offense, Moore played really well for stretches in 2009.  He seemed to develop a nice chemistry with lead receiver Steve Smith.  Being pushed by Jimmy Clausen will help further his development.

22.  Vince Young – VY reminds me of the poor man’s Michael Vick.  He has some receiving weapons if Kenny Britt can get his head fastened on straight before the season start.  They will still remain a run first team.

23.  Matt Leinart – Leinart gets his shot in 2010.  I still think he is just a pretty boy out there living the good life without a real care about the game.  If he doesn’t develop into something this year, look for the Cards to be replacing him soon.

24.  Matthew Stafford – If he was a little more of a seasoned player, he would be much higher on this list.  He has premier talent Calvin Johnson to throw to.  Plus they have assembled a decent supporting cast.  His inexperience keeps him this low for 2010.

25.  David Garrard – Another mediocre QB on a run-first team.  That tends to be the theme on these lower end QB’s

26.  Mark Sanchez – See David Garrard.

27.  Matt Cassel – The QB that was purely a product of the system and talent in NE.  KC brought back the system with Charlie Weis, unfortunately the Randy Moss, Wes Welker talent is not there.

28.  Kyle Orton – Losing Brandon Marshall will be a big blow to this offense, no matter how McDaniels feels about it.  Orton will be a below average QB with the current receiving group he has.

29.  Josh Freeman – The only reason I rank him above the bottom three because 2 of the QB’s are absolutely pathetic (Edwards and Delhomme) and rookie Bradford will have a lot of growing pains.

30.  Trent Edwards– Is he better than Bradford in his rookie season?  I will rank him higher but I have my doubts.

31.  Sam Bradford – The rookie QB would normally be at the bottom of my redraft wish list every year.  It’s just that Jake Delhomme is so pathetic I have to rank him higher.

32.  Jake Delhomme/Seneca Wallace/Colt McCoy – Take any of the 3 and it spells 2010 disaster.  McCoy may have some upside down the road.

5 Responses to “2010 Redraft Quarterback Rankings with Player Capsules”

  1. Antwan

    I think Romo and Schaub both have a chance to surpass Brady as Fantasy QBs. Romo has a lot of weapons in Dallas – even with the temperary loss of Bryant. He looked a lot more mature and poised last season and that maturation process should continue this season. Meanwhile, Schaub has the best WR in the game and has shown quite a bit of growth as well.

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  3. Mike

    I know you guys are low on Kevin Kolb, but I will eat my hat if all of the guys you rank in front of him outperform him this season. As Aaron Rodgers did, Kolb has been left to sit and learn an intricate offense for a few years now, and will be ready to run that offense to it’s deepest detail. We are talking about a system that made Jeff Garcia and AJ Feeley look like solid pro QB’s. Kolb has a much better arm than either of those guys, and is surrounded by a crop of VERY speedy and talented receivers. Donovan McNabb was a very inaccurate QB at times, and most believe Kolb to be an upgrade in that department. With this being Kolb’s job from day one of OTA’s, I see him going out and having a very successful season in his situation.

  4. Sockonfl

    Lots of people make the Aaron Rodgers comparison when it comes to Kevin Kolb. I caught myself thinking that way too. But then I remembered it was a big debate whether the 49ers would draft Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers with the first overall pick in the 2005 draft. Rodgers has number 1 overall pick talent. Kolb does not. He was a system QB at Houston. Anyone remember the name Andre Ware? How did he make out in the pros? I just think Kolb will have his ups and downs in 2010 moreso than people expect. Plus have you looked at the Eagles schedule. It isn’t exactly one of the easiest to play against.

    I do appreciate your point of view and I am sure their are people on both sides on Kolb.

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