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2010 Redraft Tight End Rankings with Player Capsules

Here is sockonfl’s take on the tight end rankings for 2010.

  1. Antonio Gates – To me Gates gets the nod as number one Tight End because if Vincent Jackson does not play, Gates suddenly becomes the number 1 target for Philip Rivers.  Plus he has always been a consistent stud tight end in the past.
  2. Vernon Davis – Another main target of his QB.  He ranks down some from Gates because Alex Smith is no where near the caliber QB Philip Rivers is.
  3. JerMichael Finley – Wait and see how Finley shines in 2010.  He rapidly became one of Rodgers go to targets the second half of the season last year.  Plus he wants to prove he’s the best tight end going.  I like a guy that feels that much confidence in his play and abilities.
  4. Brent Celek – Celek should continue to be a nice TE play and a constant safety valve for first year QB Kevin Kolb.  He also had some nice numbers in the 2 games Kolb started last year.
  5. Dallas Clark – I know most people have him ranked 1 or 2 on this list.  Trouble is we can’t just base rankings off last years stats alone.  That is simply tomfoolery.  He ranks at 5 because he has had too many nagging injuries over the years and tends to miss stretches of time.  His 2009 season was an exception to that rule.
  6. Tony Gonzalez – The consumate TE and surefire Hall of Famer.  He could easily outperform anyone on this list if Matt Ryan can continue his development at QB.
  7. Jason Witten – Witten is a great talent and not a bad play in PPR leagues.  His lack of touchdowns pulls him down in non PPR leagues though and with the Cowboys adding Dez Bryant, I don’t foresee that situation getting any better.
  8. Chris Cooley – A guy that seems to be a sleeper pick at TE for 2010.  This guy was to the Pro Bowl with Jason Campbell at QB.  Imagine what he can do with Donovan McNabb, who has a penchant for throwing to his TE especially in the red zone.
  9. Owen Daniels – I would rank Daniels ahead of Cooley, but his injuries give me some worries.  He’s still a good TE on a pass first team though.
  10. Zach Miller – Another sleeper TE pick for 2010.  He now becomes Jason Campbell’s new TE.  If he can make a Pro Bowler out of Cooley, why can’t he do the same for Miller.
  11. Kellen Winslow – A top receiving threat in Tampa.  Too bad Josh Freeman is the QB.  In all due respect, Freeman hasn’t played a full season yet.  Let’s give him time to develop.
  12. Visanthe Schiancoe – This ranking is based on Favre coming back.  If no Favre, Schiancoe becomes a tight end afterthought.
  13. John Carlson –Carlson showed some ability the past 2 seasons when he didn’t have to stay in and block. Hopefully Okung helps rectify that situation and make Carlson an up and coming tight end prospect.
  14. Heath Miller – Everyone is ranking him low because of Big Ben’s suspension.  Don’t make that mistake.  Ben will only miss 1/4 of the season.
  15. Dustin Keller – Keller was a real threat in the playoffs last year.  The player that did that in 2008, came out and had a stellar 2009.  That was Brent Celek.  Look for Sanchez to find Keller more often in 2010 as they open up the playbook somewhat.

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3 Responses to “2010 Redraft Tight End Rankings with Player Capsules”

  1. Guest

    I like your list, my list is almost similar. I have Finley at #2 and Witten dropped down behind Daniels. otherwise they’re identical. good job!

  2. jzak

    Reasoning for Clark down to fifth because: “We can’t just base rankings off last years stats alone.”

    Except that Vernon Davis, Jermichael Finley and Brent Celek are all ranked above Clark, and all have a much, much smaller sample size. At least Clark was a solid TE for several years now. Can’t say that about Finley, Davis and Celek.

    Not disagreeing at all that Clark could finish fifth among tight ends. Just the logic suggested.

  3. CJones

    Ummm… a guy in my league just dropped B Celek for M Lewis. I have V Davis but should I put in a waiver claim to pick up a backup?

    League: QB1, RB2, WR3, TE1, FLX1

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