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2011 Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest: Week 16 lineups, Week 15 results

Another awesome week for our contest teams. Week 15 was our fourth best week of the season.

Even crazier: Rob Gronkowski, started by 11 teams this week, wasn’t even in the top 10.

Read on to find out what else happened in the league or skip to the comments to post a lineup for Week 16.

What a crazy week in fantasy football, huh? Reggie Bush, C.J. Spiller and Brent Celek probably nuked some playoff semifinals this week. You could have made some good money if you had predicted that on Friday, let alone at the beginning of the year.

Drew Brees and Calvin Johnson were the big point-winners this week. Three teams — Purple Coconuts, Team Name Here and Brandon — started both players to earn 15 points and lead the league in Week 15.

The points moved all three teams to the top of the December race. Purple Coconuts leads the field with 25 points, followed by Team Name Here, Brandon, Dante Bruno and Dr. Zoidberg.

Super Friends took the No. 4 spot this week, starting both Megatron and Matthew Stafford, our tough luck point-giving quarterback this week. The performance was enough to push Super Friends into sole possession of second place overall.

Krause and Schozophrenic Smurfs also started Stafford to earn the tough-luck point.

MoHawks and 69ers each started Brees to score five points and help the league to its 63-point performance.

I’m not sure what’s crazier, that Tom Brady was only started by two teams — Dante Bruno and Chickenheads & Pigeons — this week, or that he ran for a touchdown and threw for 320 and another two scores and wasn’t even good enough to make the top three quarterbacks.

Our crazy starts are getting less crazy as the season goes along mostly because of how this season has played out. Schizo Smurfs started Torrey Smith. Dante Bruno started Felix Jones. Cartisimo started Eli Manning, Chris Johnson and Marques Colston. MoHawks also started Colston. Super Friends started Frank Gore.

Top performers this week:


Drew Brees threw five touchdowns and totaled 412 yards to post 34.88 fantasy points in Week 15. Matthew Stafford didn’t break the 400-yard mark, but came close, piling up 391 and four touchdowns. He scored 30.14 points. Tim Tebow was third with 27.86 points

Running backs

Depending on your system setup, C.J. Spiller could be a running back, a wide receiver or both. ESPN counts him as an RB/WR, so feel free to play him at either position. He led all backs with 28.7 points. He scored a rushing TD, a receiving TD and 167 yards from scrimmage. LeSean McCoy scored three TDs and lost a fumble to finish with 25.7 fantasy points. Reggie Bush was third with 24.7 points. He rushed for 203 yards

Wide receivers

Calvin Johnson‘s ridiculous 9-214-2 performance was good for 33.4 fantasy points. Spiller was our No. 2 WR with 28.7 fantasy points. Roddy White was third. The Falcons standout receiver caught 10 passes and turned them into 135 yards and two TDs.

Tight ends

Aaron Hernandez was the top Patriots tight end this week, catching nine passes for 129 yards and a touchdown. He also ran once for 16 yards to finish with 20.5 fantasy points. But it wasn’t enough to top Eagles tight end Brent Celek. Celek caught five passes for 156 yards and a touchdown to lead the positing with 21.6 fantasy points.

2011 Fantasy football contest: Week 15 results

Rk Team Wk15 QB RB WR TE
1 Purple Coconuts 15 Brees Foster CJohnson Gronkowski
2 Team Name Here 15 Brees Foster CJohnson JGraham
3 Brandon 15 Brees Foster CJohnson Gronkowski
4 Super Friends 6 Stafford Gore CJohnson Gronkowski
5 69ers 5 Brees Rice Harvin Gronkowski
6 MoHawks 5 Brees Foster Colston Gronkowski
7 Krause 1 Stafford Foster Harvin Gronkowski
8 Schizo Smurfs 1 Stafford CJohnson TSmith Gronkowski
9 Dr. Zoidberg 0 Romo FJones Nelson Gronkowski
10 Dante Bruno 0 Brady Foster Welker Gronkowski
11 Oops Machine 0 Tebow MBush Nelson Gronkowski
12 Chickenheads & Pigeons 0 Brady Foster Welker Gates
13 cartisimo 0 EManning CJohnson Colston Gronkowski
14 Tom Hagen 0
15 Gridiron Assassins 0
16 LOL Cats 0
17 Rockchalk 0
18 Crampers 0
19 Chill Tow. 0
20 inthewhale 0
21 Sockonfl 0
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

2011 Fantasy football contest: December standings

Rk Team DEC
1 Purple Coconuts 25
2 Team Name Here 20
3 Dante Bruno 20
4 Brandon 20
5 Dr. Zoidberg 20
6 Super Friends 11
7 69ers 5
8 MoHawks 5
9 Tom Hagen 5
10 Chickenheads & Pigeons 5
11 Oops Machine 5
12 cartisimo 1
13 Krause 1
14 Schizo Smurfs 1
15 Gridiron Assassins 0
16 LOL Cats 0
17 Rockchalk 0
18 Crampers 0
19 Chill Tow. 0
20 inthewhale 0
21 Sockonfl 0
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

2011 Fantasy football contest: Overall standings

Rk Team Reg
1 Team Name Here 82
2 Super Friends 67
3 Dante Bruno 66
4 69ers 61
5 MoHawks 61
6 Purple Coconuts 47
7 cartisimo 43
8 Brandon 37
9 Tom Hagen 36
10 Dr. Zoidberg 33
11 Gridiron Assassins 31
12 LOL Cats 28
13 Chickenheads & Pigeons 22
14 Krause 21
15 Oops Machine 16
16 Rockchalk 10
17 Crampers 5
18 Chill Tow. 5
19 Schizo Smurfs 4
20 inthewhale 2
21 Sockonfl 1
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

Post a lineup for Week 15 in the comments. It’s never to late to join up. Each owner has a chance to score up to 35 points in a week, enough points to move into seventh overall. And as long-time owners know, there are more bonus points to be had in the postseason. This race is far from over.

To learn more about the contest, including scoring/lineup rules or to see Week 1′s lineups thread, go to the original post.

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22 Responses to “2011 Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest: Week 16 lineups, Week 15 results”

  1. MoHawks

    It’s Nice to get back on the board, after a couple of 3 and out weeks.

    I’ve got a line-up question that I would like some extra input on.

    In a 1/2pt PPR who do you guys like this week H. Nicks vs The Jets or Julio Jones vs The Saints?


  2. Krause

    Julio vs saints. Nicks will be blanketed by Revis all game.

  3. Krause

    QB- Matthew Stafford
    RB- Arian Foster
    WR- Calvin Johnson
    TE- Jimmy Graham

  4. Dante Bruno

    EP, At one point this past weekend CJ Spiller had the top spot at wr and rb. How would that be scored here? D.

  5. ep

    MoHawks: I agree with Krause. That Atlanta-New Orleans game could be a mad shootout.

    Dante Bruno: I’ve been thinking about it and here is my ruling on the ridiculous Spiller shenanigans:

    We use standard ESPN scoring (with fractions). ESPN lists C.J. Spiller as a RB/WR, which means owners can start him at either position. In my opinion — and I’m up for other suggestions — that means we should allow teams to start him at RB or WR.
    If he finishes a week leading both positions, I think we must bend our rules. In that case we would also give full points to the No. 2 player at WR and RB and our No. 3 player would earn a tough-luck award.

  6. cartisimo

    Mike bush

  7. DanteBruno


  8. DanteBruno

    LOL I got it ep

  9. DanteBruno

    Watch AF get it done….

  10. DanteBruno


  11. Chickenheads&Pigeons
  12. Dr. Zoidberg

    QB: Newton
    RB: Blount
    WR: A.J. Green
    TE: Witten

  13. Brohamma

    Team Name Here

    QB – Brees
    RB – Mendenhall
    WR – Megatron
    TE – Jimmy “Leg” Graham

  14. DanteBruno

    How do you want to work out fan duel Chicken?

  15. Ike


    QB – D. Brees
    WR – M. Floyd
    RB – R. Rice
    TE – R. Gronk

  16. Brandon

    QB: T. Tebow
    RB: R. Rice
    WR: C. Johnson
    TE: J. Graham

  17. Jaime

    Super Friends


  18. Dante Bruno

    EP, I am changing my WR from SM to VC.

  19. Dante Bruno

    Boun Natale

  20. MoHawks

    Thanks for the input guys. I was leaning Jones, just wanted a little push.

    QB Brees
    RB Foster
    WR Julio Jones…why not
    TE Graham

  21. MoHawks

    Too much Egg Nog I guess. Traveling and all my focus all week is my Championship game today, it’s too late for Foster, so switch my RB to

    Ray Rice

  22. DanteBruno

    I got it Chicken.. You got the ten bucks. I would play a round with you if you want to. Clashingcivs53@yahoo.com is my email. Either way I will enjoy the site.

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