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2011 Composite Rookie Dynasty Rankings: Quarterbacks

Following a small hiatus from the NFL Draft, the Chinstrap Ninja staff has put together its 2011 Composite Rookie Dynasty Rankings.  We will try to roll out two this week and two more next week.

First we will start with the quarterback rankings.

Our top rated quarterback was Christian Ponder.  Both Sockonfl and Consigliere had him as the number one or two ranked quarterback this year.  Why not with Adrian Peterson to tote the rock and probably Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and Visanthe Schiancoe/Kyle Rudolph as potential targets.  EP felt he had more bust written on him though and ranked him sixth overall.  Perhaps that decision was buoyed by Ponder’s arm surgeries in college.  Possibly another Chad Pennington.  I guess time will tell.

The number two rated quarterback was Blaine Gabbert.  Both Consigliere and EP had him ranked as the number one or two ranked quarterback this year.  They must be relying on the fact that Maurice Jones-Drew can give him a solid running game to grow into a solid quarterback.  Sockonfl ranked him as the number seven quarterback overall.  He felt it could be tough to play quarterback with a running back coming off major knee surgery and hardly any reliable targets in the passing game at this point.

The number three rated quarterback was a tie between Cam Newton and Jake Locker.  Everyone had Locker ranked pretty much around the same spot.  He does have a Chris Johnson running game to go along with a nice deep threat in Kenny Britt.  Cam Newton’s rankings were a little all over the place.  EP had him ranked as the overall number one quarterback, which based on pure athletic talent alone, I don’t think anyone could argue that.  Consigliere had him more ranked in the mid range as the number four best quarterback.  Sockonfl was harshest on him with a sixth ranking.  He felt that he didn’t have enough receiving weapons to work with and that his legs will only get him so far in the NFL.

The number five rated quarterback was Andy Dalton.  Rankings were fairly consistent for him across the board.  He steps in to a decent situation having AJ Green, Jerome Simpson, Jordan Shipley and Jermaine Gresham as receiving targets.  The running game is questionable here even if Cedric Benson is brought back into the fold.  If the Bengals can add a good young running back next year, this could be a team to reckon with for some time.

The number six rated quarterback was Colin Kaepernick.  Rankings were fairly consistent across the board for him.  He figures to be much in the same type of situation as Andy Dalton except he will probably get and sit and learn the offense behind a veteran quarterback(Alex Smith) in his first season.  He also has a great offensive minded head coach in Jim Harbaugh.

The number seven rated quarterback was Ryan Mallett.  Consigliere had him as the ninth overall and EP had him as the eighth overall quarterback.  They must feel Mallett will purely be backup material his entire career.  Sockonfl had Mallett ranked as the number two overall rookie quarterback.  His logic is much in the same vein that the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers a few years earlier to take Brett Favre’s place, Mallett will do the same for Tom Brady in New England.  Mallett has a very similar skill set to Brady in that they both have rocket arms and while no speed demons by any means, they both are elusive enough in the pocket and able to extend plays.

The remaining quarterbacks ranked figure to purely be backup material in the NFL.  You can refer to the remainder of our table for those rankings.

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8 Responses to “2011 Composite Rookie Dynasty Rankings: Quarterbacks”

  1. Consigliere

    On Mallet i think he is highly talented, but he is going to rot on dynasty benches for a few years before he is traded or gets a chance. Brady will likely play for 3-5 more years and has claimed as many as 10 years so i dont think Mallet will be under center for a while.

  2. Jay-Mo

    Since e-mail gremlins delayed my entry, here’s my QB offerings.

    Minnesota – Christian Ponder, Florida State
    Cincinnati – Andy Dalton, TCU
    Jacksonville – Blaine Gabbert, Missouri
    Tennessee – Jake Locker, Washington
    San Francisco – Colin Kaepernick, Nevada
    Carolina – Cam Newton, Auburn
    Kansas City – Ricky Stanzi, Iowa
    New England – Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
    Ryan Devlin, Delaware, Free Agent
    Houston – Taylor Yates, North Carolina

  3. Jay-Mo

    I’m an idiot, meant Pat Devlin, Delaware

  4. Krause

    Hate to get off target but does anybody know of a website that has rankings for about 850 players (offense and defense)? I just got in this newly created dynasty league. 16 teams with 38 man rosters and 15 man practice squad. With that being said there will be 848 players drafted and I can’t find a list that complex anywhere. Any help or info would be much appreciated. Especially with IDP since I’ve new to drafting defensive players. Thanx in advance.

  5. Sockonfl

    dynastyfootballleague.com offers a complete online draft quide. Very comprehensive. Costs I think $6.99, the same as what you would pay for a magazine anyway. I would check them out.

  6. Sockonfl

    Actually it’s dynastyleaguefootball.com, my bad.

  7. NJack

    sockonfl, how can you have Mallett #2? How many years will I have to carry him on my bench before he offers any upside? Is that your way of saying Ponder is the only QB you think should even be drafted?

  8. Sockonfl

    NJack thanks for the input. I predict you will have to carry Mallett for 4 years with no production until he gets a chance to start. Tom Brady’s current contract is up following the 2014 season and I wouldn’t expect them to renew it as he will be 38 years old by then. Maybe 4 years seems like a long time, but Aaron Rodgers was drafted in 2005 and sat 3 full seasons behind Brett Favre before he got his chance. Who wouldn’t have wanted Aaron Rodgers? Have you watched any film on Mallett? Check out the youtube tapes on him. Better yet check out the DJ Williams player spotlight here at our site. We have two highlight reels linked there. Mallett looks like such a fluid NFL ready passer in those. He may not be super mobile but he has the uncanny knack too to elude defenders just enough to make plays downfield. I have felt all along that Mallett was the best quarterback from this draft class. He ranks down just a notch because he has to wait some time though and Ponder fell into a really nice situation in Minnesota.

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