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2011 Fantasy Football Running Back Sleepers: Ahmad Bradshaw

Last year in my running back sleeper columns I was initially touting Ben Tate then Arian Foster as a super sleeper running back for 2010.  The proof can be found here.  This year I am touting another running back coming from a fairly juggernautish offense as a 2011 sleeper draft pick.  You might have to take him round three like I did many times with Foster last year, but I think you will be pleased with the results.

The running back I am talking about is Ahmad Bradshaw.  He posted some fantastic numbers last year and even was playing on some bum ankles for part of the latter portion of the season.  This year I predict he will be the sixth highest scoring fantasy running back in standard scoring formats.  He should come in with around 1,440 yards rushing, 368 yards receiving, 9 rushing TD’s and 1 receiving TD.  You say but he was a fumbling machine last year.  While it is true he lost 6 fumbles in 2010, 4 of those came in the early part of the season.  Once coaches addressed the issue more, he only lost 2 fumbles in the latter part of the season.  Another plus was it seemed Brandon Jacobs was in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse more than he was out of it last year.  The Giants should have a potent offense lead by Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Ahmad Bradshaw.  Look for Bradshaw to put up some top running back numbers in 2011.

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