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2011 Fantasy Football Running Back Sleepers: Knowshon Moreno

My final running back sleeper is currently being drafted at pick 5.02 according to the latest ADP values at footballdiehards.com.  His name is Knowshon Moreno.

I know, I know but you say they were really hoping to get DeAngelo Williams to go with him.  I don’t think they really needed Williams though and here is why.

Moreno’s first two seasons in the NFL both started with injuries.  His rookie season it was a minor knee injury and his second year it was a nagging hamstring pull.  Both injuries affected him into the regular season of play thus abnormally lowering what would be Knowshon’s sustainable numbers as a running back in the NFL.  Last year after the bye week, I felt we got a true glimpse of what Knowshon is capable.  In weeks 10-14 last year he had 89 carries for 462 yards rushing (a 5.19 ypc average) and 22 receptions for 220 yards receiving (a 10.00 ypr average) and scored four touchdowns in that stretch.  That totals to 92 fantasy points or 18.4 points per game.  That would put him as the top runner in football.  Now I am not actually predicting he will finish that high but he still should do well in his first healthy season in a run heavy offense that Coach John Fox likes to run.  Plus the Broncos only added Willis McGahee as a complimentary back to Moreno this offseason, so other than vulturing some TD’s, he shouldn’t take much stats away from Knowshon.

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