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2011 Fantasy Football Week 4: Waiver Wire Wonders

As the season rolls along, the waiver wire becomes a harder and harder place to find talent.  Plus my rule here is that the player must be at least 50% available to be eligible for this list.  Here are my week 4 waiver wire recommendations:

QB – Rex Grossman – (owned in 29% of Yahoo leagues) With the limited number of quarterbacks that are actually eligible for this list, it is time to just play favorable matchups.  Grossman faces the St Louis Rams which has given up the 4th most fantasy points to quarterbacks this year.

RB – Bernard Scott – (owned in 12% of Yahoo leagues)  I would be adding Scott now for when he eventually fills in for Cedric Benson’s 3 game suspension.  Be ahead of the curve, add him now.  You never know when you need another running back option in your lineup.

WR – Nate Washington – (owned in 35% of Yahoo leagues)  Washington will take over as the lead receiver in Tennessee now that Kenny Britt is done for the season.  He certainly should continue to see the ball thrown his way.

TE – Jermaine Gresham – (owned in 26% of Yahoo leagues)  Gresham is a fill in at best.  He has posted 12 receptions for 117 yards and 1 TD this season.

DEF – Atlanta – (owned in 44% of Yahoo leagues) They play Seattle this week so they are the best plug and play option out there.

9 Responses to “2011 Fantasy Football Week 4: Waiver Wire Wonders”

  1. Krause

    I don’t know if these guys are owned in 50% of leagues but what do you see for guys like Torrey Smith, Victor Cruz, and Titus Young the rest of the year?

  2. Sockonfl

    I see spotty play at best coming from all three of them this year.

  3. Dave

    I’ve got Ben Tate, Michael Turner, and James Starks as my RB. Looking at possible waiver wire RB pickups. Here’s the top available RB with some potential upside: C. J. Spiller, Marshawn Lynch, Roy Helu, Kendall Hunter (? Gores status), Cadillac Williams, Bernard Scott, Montario Hardesty, Stevan Ridley, Ronnie Brown, Earnest Graham? Anybody that just sticks out and begs to be picked up. I will probably drop Fred Davis since I have both Gronk and Finley as well.

  4. Dave

    WAIVER WIRE WR AVAILABLE with ? Upside: Brandon Marshall (put in bid already, available on Fri.), Sidney Rice, Mike Thomas, Austin Collie (QB?), Lance Moore, Jacoby Ford, Braylon Edwards (injured), Michael Crabtree, Denarius Moore, Steve Smith (eagles), Jabar Gaffney, Antonio Brown, Michael Jenkins, Brandon Gibson, Nate Burleson, Davone Bess, Donald Jones, Preston Parker….
    My current team is Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Ben Tate, James Starks, Anquan Boldin, Vincent Jackson, Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, David Nelson, Eric Decker, Fred Davis, Jermichael Finley, Rob Gronkowski, Jason Hanson, Washington Redskins.

  5. Sockonfl

    Dave: sorry it took a bit to reply. I had my daughter last night and time flew by. At running back I would look at Bernard Scott or Marshawn Lynch.

    The waiver wire receivers I would be targeting are Lance Moore and Denarius Moore.

  6. Chris


    I am in process (barring an objection from the league owners) of an accepted trade; giving away Greg Jennings and receiving Rashard Mendenhall and Eric Decker.

    I am hopeful Mendy will step into his role as I am weak in RB otherwise (Ahmad Bradshaw and Beanie). This leaves me rather weak in WR as well (first year in FF; having a blast, learning a lot, not doing great, 1-2 lol). Receivers I have left are Anquan Boldin, Santonio Holmes, David Nelson, Eric Decker (pending) and Jacoby Ford. I am decided on Holmes as he has a great matchup and a grudge over play calling last week. I am also decided to run with Nelson for better or worse. Ford’s matchup against NE looks good but I have decided to leave him on the bench and see how he performs his first week back. This leaves my third WR spot open to either Anquan (miserable matchup against Revis) or Decker (good matchup against NE but can he repeat week 2?)



  7. Chris

    On another thought;

    Nobody saw Fred Jackson coming. I grabbed CJ Spiller in the wee rounds because the kids’ a demon and had (I thought) great possibility of being handed the reigns and blowing up. Given Jacksons’ age and level of use right now, do you think there is any value in hanging on to Spiller? I think at this point the only potential he holds if if Jackson is injured. I have tried including him in trades to Jackson’s owner a few times (as a handcuff) but it was never taken. At this point I am almost holding on to him as a chance (if Jackson goes down) to be the one holding him for the ‘I told you so’.

    Worth it or should I free up the roster spot and go for something else?


  8. Sockonfl


    Glad you are enjoying your first year in fantasy football. I wish you well the rest of the season. As for your WR starters, I agree this is a week to sit Boldin on Revis Island. That leaves the choice between Decker and Ford. Ford is just coming off injury and might be brought back in slowly. I think I would go with Decker of those two.

    CJ Spiller is merely a handcuff in Buffalo. Remember Fred Jackson is 30 some years old, so the wheels could fall off at any minute. I would maybe keep CJ as an injury stash. Only way I wouldn’t is if there are clear cut starting options on the waiver wire that you can get.

    Somebody proposed to me a trade of Rashard and Jennings for my LeSean McCoy in a PPR league. What is your thoughts on that?

  9. Chris


    Thanks for your reply.

    On your trade;
    I see ups and downs all around that.

    Mendenhall – You have to think that Pit will get something going with their O Line and Mendy will come around (I’m banking on it). He has a great schedule during the fantasy playoff run as well, something to keep in the back of your mind.

    Jennings – My league is a non-PPR, so that factored into my letting go of him. He definitely has a plus in a PPR format as Rodgers looks to him often. His main attraction is that he will be a consistent high-end WR2 or low-end WR1 every week, but with Rodgers firing on all cylinders and as many weapons as he has to spread out with, I just don’t see Jennings turning in high-end WR1 stats.

    McCoy – This is a tough call. He has been a monster in both PPR and non-PPR formats so far, but with the uncertainty around Vick (and TELL me about it, Vick was my 1st round, 2nd overall), it is very chancy what will happen with him. He could lose a lot of his passing lustre, and if the Eagles’ passing game “flies south”, that leaves a running game for defenses to focus on.

    I think if you are in need of some help at WR then I would make the trade. Jennings will be a reliable stat line every week to count on and Mendy has the potential to be every bit as productive a back as McCoy. (But I am a noob; don’t do it just on my thoughts!)


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