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2011 Fantasy Football Week 5: Favorable Matchups Based on Fantasy Points Against

Last year yours truly was one of the first in the industry to provide you with weekly fantasy points against stats so that you could be more informed on start/sit decisions.  Now that everyone has caught onto that bandwagon, I intend on leaving them to do the hard leg work in producing the raw data.

Here at Chinstrap Ninja’s we will list who you should be starting based on the analyzed data.

The fantasy points against stats can be found here courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

First off to let you know the ground rules here.  We ALWAYS recommend that you start your STUDS EVERY week.

My current studly ranks will be included at the top for reference.

So without further ado here are the rankings:


STUDS:  Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford

Top 10 other favorable matchups:

1.  Matt Ryan

2.  Mark Sanchez

3.  Matt Schaub

4.  Donovan McNabb

5.  Curtis Painter

6.  Kevin Kolb

7.  Ryan Fitzpatrick

8.  Kyle Orton

9.  Andy Dalton

10.  Jason Campbell

Running Back

STUDS:  Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Arian Foster, Frank Gore, Michael Turner, Steven Jackson, Darren McFadden, LeSean McCoy

Top 10 other favorable matchups:

1.  Fred Jackson

2.  Joseph Addai

3.  Pierre Thomas/Mark Ingram/Darren Sproles

4.  Cedric Benson

5.  BenJarvis Green-Ellis/Stevan Ridley

6.  Shonn Greene

7.  Thomas Jones/Dexter McCluster

8.  Beanie Wells

9.  Marshawn Lynch

10.  DeAngelo Williams/Jonathan Stewart

Wide Receiver

STUDS:  Andre Johnson(INJURED), Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Roddy White, Vincent Jackson, Greg Jennings

Top 10 favorable matchups:

1.  Santonio Holmes

2.  Steve Smith(Car)

3.  Julio Jones

4.  Mike Williams/Preston Parker

5.  Darrius Heyward-Bey/Jacoby Ford

6.  Jacoby Jones/Kevin Walter

7.  Sidney Rice

8.  Percy Harvin

9.  DeSean Jackson/Jeremy Maclin

10.  Mario Manningham/Victor Cruz

Tight End

STUDS:  Jason Witten, Jermichael Finley, Vernon Davis, Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham

Top 10 other favorable matchups:

1.  Brandon Pettigrew

2.  Jermaine Gresham

3.  Dallas Clark

4.  Julius Thomas/Virgil Green

5.  Brent Celek

6.  Scott Chandler

7.  Visanthe Schiancoe

8.  Tony Gonzalez

9.  Jared Cook

10.  Marcedes Lewis


The top  plug n play defenses for Week 5 in my opinion is Tennessee going against the Pittsburgh Steelers and their banged up offensive line.

11 Responses to “2011 Fantasy Football Week 5: Favorable Matchups Based on Fantasy Points Against”

  1. Joe

    How are you guys determining STUDS? How is Wes Welker not a “STUD”…you may also want to consider removing players that are on their bye weeks

  2. Sockonfl

    Joe you know I have to agree with you on both counts. Welker should be a stud by this point. I should have also taken out the Studs on bye. Thanks for keeping me on my toes and I will try to do better next time. Thanks for helping improve what we do.

  3. ep

    Joe: Darrelle Revis could bump Welker from must-start (stud) status this week for some owners. Our projections were dialed down considerably considering the matchup, but he still comes in as a top-10 WR.

  4. Chris

    Three RBs, start 2. Between Ahmad Bradshaw, Beanie Wells, and Mendenhall/Redman (I have both).

    I am decided on Bradshaw as he has a fantastic matchup against Seattle and Jacobs is banged up enough to let Bradshaw get a more than normal number of touches.

    Beanie was amazing last week, coming off an injury. He has been limited in practice again this week and is going against a more stout than expected Vikings run defense. I left him out last week and would hate to see those numbers again on my bench (however still pulled out a win for the week).

    Mendenhall is a no-start whether he even actually plays or not. Redman has looked sharp, and appears to be chomping at the bit for the lead role. He has a much tougher matchup in Tennessee, but hardly insurmountable.



  5. Sockonfl

    I am really not liking the state of the Pittsburgh offensive line. I would start Beanie. Minnesota has given up more points to running backs than you think.

  6. Cory

    Byes ravaged my team this week. Unfortunately have to start 3 of these 5 in my deep bench 12 team PPR league (2 WRs and a Flex):

    Michael Jenkins, Pierre Thomas, Steve Breaston, Brandon Lafell and Preston Parker

    Leaning towards Jenkins, Parker and Breaston so far…your suggestions?

  7. Sockonfl

    Cory: Donovan McNabb and the Minnesota offense has been horrible. I would shy away from Jenkins. You never know what LaFell can do with Newton throwing the ball all over the lot. I would start LaFell. Preston Parker has posted some decent PPR numbers so he would be another starter for me. I could actually see Pierre Thomas getting a larger share of the Saints carries this week as Ingram is averaging less than 4.00 YPC and Thomas is closer to 5.0 YPC. Thomas would be my third choice.

  8. hunter

    I am in a bad situation this week. I drafted big ben but have gotten fed up with the inconsistencies and under performing. I picked up campbell and painter since they were the best available in a non ppr twelve team league. I am up in the air with the start leaning toward a painter gamble since i am projected to loose by twenty points already. I also had britt for a thurd wr pre injury with fitz and wallace one and two I am teeter tottering between titus young and denarius moore for my third rec. I have run dmc as my #1 rb so if i start campbell and moore i would have three raiders starting. As of today I am rolling painter and titus young because of matchups… Any advice? Thanks!

  9. Sockonfl

    I would go with Jason Campbell at quarterback. If you take away the two big plays to Garcon, Painter really had a terrible game. He completed less than 50% of his passes. What worries me with Denarius Moore is that he wasn’t on the field much last week versus New England. Yes he did get a late garbage time TD, but he didn’t play most of the game. I would start Titus Young until you see Moore getting more playing time.

  10. Joe

    EP: Looks like Welker wasnt completely shut down. Matchup proof?

  11. ep

    Joe: Seems like it. I know Revis covered Branch on the first play, Welker caught a pass and Revis was on him the next three plays.
    The killer was that 73-yard catch. Revis caught Welker from behind, but Revis usually doesn’t let people get the ball in the first place, let alone catch it in stride and take it 73 yards. … I’m not sure if Revis was on him during that play, but I have no idea why the Jets wouldn’t run with that matchup all game.

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