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2011 Offseason Team Needs: AFC East

We will begin a look at the offseason needs of each team by looking at each division.  Here is a look at the AFC East team needs.

New England Patriots

QB – Tom Brady

RB- BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Danny Woodhead

WR- Deion Branch, Wes Welker

TE- Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez

Needs– Future Quarterback

Offensively on the surface it looks like The Patriots only need some WR depth.  Surprisingly though this is a strong suit area for the team.  Julian Edelman is basically a Wes Welker clone.  Plus the team has up and coming Brandon Tate and second year WR Taylor Price to mold into shape as well.  The running back position is in great shape.  What team wouldn’t take 1,555 yards rushing, 46 receptions, 464 yards receiving and 19 total touchdowns from its main two running backs?  My biggest area of concern is at quarterback.  Yes Tom Brady is there, but he will be 34 years old to start the season.  It may soon be time to bring in a successor quarterback to mold under Brady’s tutelage for the Patriots to continue on as the juggernaut team that they are.

New York Jets

QB- Mark Sanchez

RB- Shonn Greene, LaDainian Tomlinson, Joe McKnight

WR- Santonio Holmes(or Braylon Edwards), Jerricho Cotchery

TE- Dustin Keller

Needs – Decisions to be made at the Wide Receiver position

The Jets are a little unsettled at the wide receiver position currently.  They must decide to keep either Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards this off-season(they won’t be able to keep both).  My bet would be on Holmes because when it came down to crunch time to win games in 2010, Holmes was the receiver of choice.  The other positions seem fairly set for the near term.

Miami Dolphins

QB- Chad Henne???

RB- Mark Ingram???

WR- Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess

TE- Anthony Fasano

Needs – Everything but the wide receiver position

Surprisingly for a team that has had player personnel decisions made by Bill Parcells the past few seasons, this is a team in total disarray from a fantasy position standpoint.  The team is not that enamored with Chad Henne at quarterback and would like an upgrade there.  It appears that both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams will not be retained for 2011, thus leaving a gaping whole at running back.  Mark Ingram anyone?  The only position they can hang their hat on is at wide receiver where Brandon Marshall would be a stud with the right quarterback and Davone Bess is a great possession, move those chains type receiver.  Anthony Fasano is nothing special at tight end either.  This team almost has too many needs to be able to fill them all well in just one off-season.

Buffalo Bills

QB- Ryan Fitzpatrick

RB- Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller

WR- Steve Johnson, Lee Evans

TE- Shawn Nelson

Needs – Quarterback and Tight End

Fitzpatrick is the classic hold the fort type quarterback.  It would serve Buffalo well to get one of the top quarterbacks in the 2011 draft to groom.  Although Lee Evans is getting long in the tooth and possibly may not be brought back, Buffalo does have 2010 draftee Marcus Easley that may come on and surprise some people at the wide receiver position.  Shawn Nelson has been a total bust at tight end and something could be done to upgrade here.

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