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2011 Offseason Team Needs: AFC South

This is a continuation of the team off season needs for 2011.  This time we analyze the AFC South.

Indianapolis Colts

QB- Peyton Manning

RB- Joseph Addai, Donald Brown

WR- Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, Anthony Gonzalez

TE- Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme

Needs – Future Quarterback, running back

Just like New England, Peyton Manning is also 35 years old and will likely be hanging up the cleats in a few more years.  It may be time to look for that future quarterback to groom.  I do not think Curtis Painter is it.  The Colts have also struggled mightily in the running game the past two seasons.  I think it could be more a result of poor offensive line play as both Addai and Donald Brown continue to get banged up hard each season.

Tennessee Titans

QB- Kerry Collins???

RB- Chris Johnson, Javon Ringer

WR- Kenny Britt, Damian Williams

TE- Jared Cook

Needs – Quarterback

With Vince Young exiting stage right due to the squabble with Head Coach Jeff Fisher, the Titans are in dire need at the quarterback position.  Can you rely on a 38 year old Kerry Collins to take you to the promised land?  My answer is no.  The Titans are young at all the other skill positions with solid players at each.  A veteran quarterback might just be the right piece for them.  Kyle Orton, Donovan McNabb, Carson Palmer could be possibilities.

Jacksonville Jaguars

QB- David Garrard

RB- Maurice Jones-Drew, Rashad Jennings

WR- Mike Sims-Walker, Mike Thomas

TE- Marcedes Lewis

Needs – Quarterback

I know I am getting to sound like a broken record, but yes Jacksonville needs a quarterback.  David Garrard is average at best.  We don’t really know what the current rostered receivers can do with a better quarterback.  I say get one and see what happens.  Problem is that current management and Coach Jack Del Rio think David Garrard is the answer.  Wake up guys, that’s why your team is mediocre every season, you are getting average quarterback play.  You need elite quarterback play to be a true contender.

Houston Texans

QB- Matt Schaub

RB- Arian Foster, Ben Tate

WR- Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, Jacoby Jones

TE- Owen Daniels, Joel Dreessen

Needs – None

Here is a team that I believe has no offensive off-season needs.  They have a stud running back in Arian Foster.  A stud wide receiver in Andre Johnson.  Matt Schaub is more than adequate at quarterback.  Owen Daniels a year removed from surgery will become a force again.  Look for Houston to focus team improvements on the defensive side of the ball during the offseason.


2 Responses to “2011 Offseason Team Needs: AFC South”

  1. Christian Schwarz

    I see the colts going after a runningback 1st round. It may sound crzy seeing that they have Addai, Brown, james, and others, what they lack is consistency as well as stamina specifically injury wise. Lets face it Addai is no where near what he used to be: the colts premier back, he has been fighting injuries alot the past few years and had a rough season this year due to that same reason. The colts should look to get someone a young runningback who can help out the colts bad run game. Also i think it would be cool to see the colts go after someone like randy moss or terrell owens. It probably sounds crzy but what was one of the big problems along with the bad run game…. everyone was criticizing the colts young receivers for making him have a bad year. Now i think randy moss is elite and at his best when he has a god qb, at new england in his early years he was unstoppable, he started to feud with billichek and brady this year then got traded to MIN. Brett Favre had a hard time passing the ball this season, even to moss hos onlky good game was against the jets giving favre his 500th td pass. Then moss ended up in tennesee where we all know they have had problems passing, and decided to use moss as minnesotta did as a decoy? ok so lets just use one of the greatest receivers of all time as a decoy. NO NO NO hes still abeast, yes he has an attitude,and is stingy and arrogant and getting up there in years but the colts need another reggie wayne and they should look Vjax, Moss, Ocho, someone i mean that along with a 1st rd runningback, a 2nd rd cortner and other things would make them beastt

  2. Christian Schwarz

    Jaguars should also look to pick up a receiver. Everyone is saying mike sims-walker will test free agency this year and honestly look at him, he puts up 865 yds the previous year this year he has had 3 100+yd games he just didnt get the ball. He along with mario manningham who will probably be another tester if plexico buress does come back to the giants like eli manning thinks and hopes for, will be two similar top pickups. They are young and great receivers with alot of talent. Im pretty sure the ginats would go Nicks, Manningham, Smith. But alot of talk is lingering about resigning free agent plaxixo burress so in that case manningham should probably leave most likely. A lot of teams are looking for receivers. I mayb be wrong and i know im off topic talking about an nfc wide out but thats just one of my prognosis for this off season. I think mike sims walker should get picked up by the ravens he is just hat they need and he is gonna be cheap since he doesnt have much to work with in his stats column but yea he and manningham will flourish nxt year among othjers like ochocinco, and terrell owens who will leave cincy and moss who nwill leave the titans vjax will look else where and other changes those bein. The chinstrap ninjas should do an article on where specific free agents might go next season especially cornerbacks-Champ Bailey, Asomugha, Brent Grimes, Jonathon Joseph i mean i have many ideas i just want to see what u experts think, Biley is gettin looked at by the cheifs, Grimes and joseph may be resigned and the big man asomugha is gettin looked at by the eagles. Sorry about writin like a page worth of a comment haha i could write all day about free agents and anything nfl related

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