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2011 Rookie Dynasty Rankings: Kickers

There is only one kicker that you need to know about and that is the Philadelphia Eagles kicker Alex Henery.

Normally I do not recommend drafting kickers in a rookie draft.  I am a draft your kicker last type of guy.  But I make an exception this year.  Alex Henery better be on your final rookie pick radar this year.

Henery was a phenomenal kicker at Nebraska.  He made 68 of the total 76 field goals he attempted there.  That is an astonishing 89.5% success rate.  Plus 49 yards and in he was even more deadly accurate.  He made 63 of 65 attempts 49 yards and in for a 96.9% success rate.  That is almost automatic 49 and in.

Plus Henery is going to Philadelphia that has a very young and talented offense in place.  David Akers always ranked near the top in fantasy kickers in his tenure in Philly.  No reason that Alex Henery’s tenure should be any different.

Draft Henery as your last rookie draft pick this year.  You will be thanking me for it many years down the road.

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