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2011 Week 3: Favorable Matchups based on Fantasy Points Against

Last year yours truly was one of the first in the industry to provide you with weekly fantasy points against stats so that you could be more informed on start/sit decisions.  Now that everyone has caught onto that bandwagon, I intend on leaving them to do the hard leg work in producing the raw data.

Here at Chinstrap Ninja’s we will list who you should be starting based on the analyzed data.

The fantasy points against stats can be found here courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

First off to let you know the ground rules here.  We ALWAYS recommend that you start your STUDS EVERY week.

My current studly ranks will be included at the top for reference.

So without further ado here are the rankings:


STUDS:  Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, Michael Vick

Top 10 other favorable matchups:

1.  Colt McCoy

2.  Ryan Fitzpatrick 

3.  Tarvaris Jackson

4.  Jay Cutler

5.  Matt Schaub

6.  Matt Ryan

7.  Joe Flacco

8.  Kerry Collins

9.  Jason Campbell

10.  Josh Freeman

Running Back

STUDS:  Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Arian Foster(Check INJURY), Rashard Mendenhall, Frank Gore, Michael Turner, Steven Jackson( Check INJURY), Darren McFadden, LeSean McCoy

Top 10 other favorable matchups:

1.  Jahvid Best

2.  Joseph Addai

3.  Ahmad Bradshaw/Brandon Jacobs

4.  Willis McGahee

5.  Matt Forte

6.  LeGarrette Blount

7.  Daniel Thomas/Reggie Bush

8.  Ryan Mathews/Mike Tolbert

9.  James Starks

10.  Maurice Jones-Drew

Wide Receiver

STUDS:  Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Roddy White, Vincent Jackson, Greg Jennings

Top 10 favorable matchups:

1.  Mohamed Massaquoi

2.  Mike Williams(SEA)

3.  Roy Williams/Johnny Knox

4.  Stevie Johnson

5.  Steve Smith(CAR)

6.  Julio Jones

7.  Denarius Moore

8.  DeSean Jackson/Jeremy Maclin

9.  AJ Green, Jerome Simpson

10.  Brandon Gibson

Tight End

STUDS:  Antonio Gates, Jason Witten, Dallas Clark, Jermichael Finley, Vernon Davis

Top 10 other favorable matchups:

1.  Evan Moore/Ben Watson

2.  Leonard Pope

3.  Zach Miller(SEA)

4.  Fred Davis

5.  Jake Ballard

6.  Marcedes Lewis

7.  Anthony Fasano

8.  Greg Olsen

9.  Tony Gonzalez

10.  Heath Miller


The top  plug n play defenses for Week 3 in my opinion is Arizona going against the Seahawks

16 Responses to “2011 Week 3: Favorable Matchups based on Fantasy Points Against”

  1. Bilbo Baggins

    Start VDavis or Keller this week?

    Vernon is a stud WHEN he’s targeted which hasn’t been that much, while Keller has been a mini Finley for the Jets and scored in each of his games. Both have great matchups, but I think Jets will dominate on the rush with the Raiders, limiting the pass attempts and opportunities for Keller…

  2. Kris

    Why Brandon Gibson over Mike Sims-Walker?

  3. Sockonfl

    Bilbo Baggins:

    I hear what you are saying that Dustin Keller is starting to turn into a stud at the TE position. That was two games though. I need a bigger sample size to declare him that. Some of us lost fantasy championships by not playing our studs. I would go with Vernon Davis. Sooner or later they will need to air the ball out more in that SF offense and Davis will be a big benefactor.

  4. Sockonfl


    Actually there is no particular reason I picked Brandon Gibson over Mike Sims Walker. Basically any Rams receiver has the tenth most favorable matchup in week 3. You could also probably plug in Danario Alexander into the mix here too.

  5. cz

    matt ryan or colt mccoy??

  6. Sockonfl

    Even though Colt has the most favorable matchup, Matt Ryan also has a favorable matchup as well versus Tampa Bay. Matt Ryan has much better weapons on Roddy, Julio, Gonzo. I would start Matt Ryan in that one.

  7. Cory

    Who should i start as my Flex in my PPR league.

    Im leaning toward Dustin Keller or Devin Hester but I also have Pierre Thomas whos been somewhat lackluster, Denario Alexander coming off a big night, and Brandon Lafell who seems to be off to a decent start.

  8. Sockonfl


    Looking at your choices closely, Dustin Keller caught 1 ball for 26 yards the last time the Jets played Oakland. Devin Hester had 1 catch for 16 yards in THREE games versus the Packers last year. I would go with Brandon LaFell. Cam Newton has been a monster and I see no reason for it to stop against the weak pass defense of Jacksonville this week.

  9. Chris

    3 WR slots available; I have Jennings, Boldin, Holmes, Lafell and (David) Nelson. All 3 major WRs have been (slightly) disappointing. I am itching to play Nelson this week with Johnsons’ groin issue and NE’s susceptability to the pass. I don’t want to sit Jennings, and Holmes and Boldin both look to have decent matchups on paper. I am willing to hold Lafell back this week and see if he can produce again. Should I pull one of the three and drop Nelson in?

    2 RB slots available; I have Bradshaw, Wells and Spiller. Suprisingly, Wells has been my best performer so far and Spiller my worst (who saw Fred Jackson coming?). Bradshaw has a good matchup on paper but has been underperforming and the rotating series’ with Jacobs is a hit or miss nightmare. Wells is now nursing a leg (since practice mid-late week) and Spiller has now become the limited RB2, the primary punt returner and a WR3 (again next to Johnson’s groin issue).


  10. Emery

    which 3 wr’s to start

    vincent jackson
    robert meachum
    santana moss
    reggie wayne

  11. Sockonfl


    I would go with Jennings Holmes and Boldin. All three of them have decent matchups.

    At running back you have to start Bradshaw and Wells as Spiller just isn’t getting that much touches in Chan Gailey’s offense.

  12. Sockonfl


    Vincent Jackson is on my stud list so you must start him every week. Robert Meachem will be playing Houston in what should be a shoot out game. I would start him. I would also start Santana Moss against a weak Dallas secondary over Reggie Wayne who has a Pittsburgh matchup this week with Kerry Collins that was ailing some in practice this week.

  13. Chris


    Thanks for the reply. One last;

    Do you see Vick as a safe start given the concussion and Kafka’s play at the end of last week? I am worried at the chances that 1)he may be ‘groggy’ and 2) that Reid will play it safe and rotate him with Kafka. My other options are Campbell (not a good one with his ankle and that Jets defense) or Hasselbeck (who looks pretty good so far and is going against a miserable Denver secondary)?


  14. Sockonfl

    I would stick with Vick. They have so many post concussion tests to go through now that you know the player can’t be groggy to be even allowed on the field. So as long as Vick is playing he is a must start especially against the weak Giant secondary.

    If Vick is a no go, I would defer to starting Hasselbeck in your situation.

    Good luck this week.

  15. Cory

    Whos the better flex start? Im sitting with Ryan Matthews right now but I’ve also got Darren Sproles, Percy Harvin and Dexter Mccluster. Harvin is the biggest gamble against Detroit but theres been lots of talk about the vikes going to the air hard to him this week. Im not sold on McCluster just yet and Matthews and Sproles will probably do well this week as safer options

  16. Sockonfl

    Harvin and MN pass game has been very disappointing. I would rule him out. They are saying Thomas Jones will get most carries in KC so wait and see how that split goes before starting McCluster. I would go with Ryan Mathews in non PPR league and Darren Sproles in PPR leagues.

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