2016 Draft Kit

2012 fantasy baseball | Crazy fantasy league drafts today. Join us


We have a crazy fantasy league drafting today at 3 p.m.

The crazy part:

28-man rosters — all players are active every day so no worries about changing your lineup.

Scoring rules: No negative stats, no ratios/averages to worry about

Hitters: total bases, runs, stolen bases and RBI all worth one point each

Pitchers: wins are worth 10 points, saves are worth 5 points, strikeouts and innings are worth one point each.

To join up for this inaugural high-scoring, low maintenance league, log in at ESPN’s fantasy site, click join league and search for 321Atomic Fantasy Baseball.

I hope to see you at the draft.


UPDATE: Thanks for the interest everyone. The league is full.

Post a comment below if you would still like to play in a similar league. If we get enough people, I will set up a second league with identical scoring and rosters.


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