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2012 Fantasy Football | How Minecraft can make you better at fantasy football: Creepers are the worst

Creepers are really the worst thing about Minecraft. There appearance is akin to hearing or reading the end of report that has your running back’s last name and “left game with knee injury. Will not return”

The worst.

You don’t know “Jackson” was Rams RB Steven Jackson, but you just know it was Rams RB Steven Jackson.

Creepers wreak havoc

After spending several hours crafting a massive inn with several rooms and a terrific pub on the first floor, I started to build the third floor and roof. The task was too much to handle in one day and, in haste, I forgot to place enough torches in the work area. One lone creeper greeted me and followed me into the stairwell, promptly exploding in true Creeper fashion.

The blast obliterated me and the armor I was wearing, the stairwell and the southwestern corner of the second floor of the inn. After respawning I returned to the area to gather my items, fell through a hole to the outside where Creeper No. 2 promptly exploded the southwest corner of the first floor.

The attacks happened during daylight, after all of the regular monsters had succumbed to the sun’s burning rays.

Creeper fun facts:

  • They do not burn up in the sunlight.
  • They will charge directly at you if they see you
  • If you hit them with your sword/ax/shovel, or if they are right next to you, they begin to hiss and flash.
  • They continue to hiss and flash if they can see you and you are close enough to them, which is usually always because of the whole charging directly at you thing.
  • The hissing ends with an explosion that will kill you, your pets and your buildings.

Injuries are the worst

That moment when your first round pick gets knocked out for the season — hold up a glass for all of the Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson owners from last year — is a horrible feeling for any fantasy owner.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to quit. Instead it means its time to analyze the situation, pick up the what’s left of the place and rebuild.

Had I placed enough torches the first Creeper would not have blown up and given the second creeper an opportunity to cause more damage. Similarly, maybe you, oh owner of the first overall pick, go with Ray Rice instead of Arian Foster. You know Foster is one of the most talented backs in the league in the best running offense in the league. But you also know he’s going to miss at least 2-4 games this season. Or coaches are going to increase Ben Tate‘s workload to keep Foster healthy.

In season, unless you completely failed The Basics or you’ve been decimated by injuries, know that you have something to trade. It will take effort and sometimes creative deals, but you can rebuild and compete. Although I’ve never been able to pull it off myself, I have seen it done a handful of times.

Creepers (injuries)=gunpowder (opportunities)

While they are the biggest problem-causers in the game, Creepers also are the only source of gunpowder. Gunpowder is necessary to make TNT and to craft some higher level items.

It makes going after devastating enemies worthwhile.

Like picking up that gunpowder after a successful battle, striking swiftly on the waiver wire when injuries hit can prove very lucrative.

Next we’ll talk about cobblestone blocks, the running backs of the Minecraft world.

In the comments post one player you are going to avoid this year because of high injury risk. If you have successfully run the rebuild-after-devastating-injury-Hail-Mary, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Blair

    Usually I really enjoy Chinstrapninja articles and the unique perspectives included within. But this one was just strange. I guess one has to be an avid Minecraft player to get it. But either way, it seems like a lot of writing to say, “if get a bad first round injury, don’t give up”.

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