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2012 NCAA Tournament | Calling all Ninjas: Fill out an NCAA tourney bracket with us

I regret that we haven’t done this in the past. We’ve created NCAA tournament bracket groups on three major sites: Yahoo, ESPN and CBS.

I would assume that many of you are filling out brackets, either online or in an office pool. I also assume many of you have logins at Yahoo, ESPN and/or CBS, where many a fantasy baseball and football (and basketball, racing, golf…) league are available.

I know it’s short notice, but if you are filling out brackets online, add our group to your lists. If you are filling out a paper bracket — I always do — why not transfer your picks onto an online form and compete along with us?

Everything you need to join the group at the site of your choice is included below. Where I could, I allowed users to create multiple brackets. There are also bonus settings you can add for upset picks, etc., but the groups follow standard scoring — with incremental progressions throughout the rounds of the tournament (1 point, 2 point, 4 point, 8 point, 16 point). If enough people are interested in mixing up the scoring, post a message here and I’ll consider the changes:

Yahoo public league

  • Group name: Chinstrap Ninjas
  • Group ID#: 168676

ESPN public league

  • Group name: Chinstrap Ninjas

CBS private league (no option for public)

  • Group name: Chinstrap Ninjas
  • Group password: NINJA?

Whether you join our groups, play in an office pool or just fill out your own paper bracket for fun, good luck and have fun.

Go North Carolina.

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