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2014 fantasy football | Kicker “projections” for Week 1?


OK. I haven’t done kicker projections yet.

Kickers are the most difficult position to pick accurately anyway. For those of you in year-long leagues, you have a kicker you drafted, or one you picked up after your guy got cut. You can go with him.

However, my advice this week is to pick up (or if you’re in daily fantasy, pay for) Cody Parkey, the Eagles rookie kicker, Brian McManus, the Broncos kicker, or Shayne Graham, the Saints kicker.

You’ll probably find these guys available on a lot of waiver wires or in the bargain bin at your daily fantasy site (note: McManus is not in FanDuel’s database yet). [edit- McManus is available but he’s a whopping $5,000 already. You’ll want to stick with Graham, Parkey and Robbie Gould.]

All three will boot for the highest scoring teams this week. Graham in a shootout with Atlanta and Parkey and McManus in likely big wins.

I could go on, but if you go back and read the “intro” to my tight end projections, you’d know I have a case of rapid-onset rambleonitis going on here.

I plan to get some kicker projections to you by Sunday and I’m sure jzak will have more stuff on the way — you have read his piece about the five guys you should pick up right now, before your waivers start, right? Go now. The last five sentences will be here when you get back.

We’ll make it easier for you to get to all of our 2014 stuff by the end of the morning Friday.

But, first, sleep. Second, we got lineups to set, son. Then I’ll get back on here for you ninjas.

Good luck Thursday night, as long as you don’t have any players playing against me, of course.

Week 1 early projections: TEAM | QB | RB | WR | TE | K | DEF

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