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2015 fantasy football DVOA strength of schedule rankings

Strength of schedule is not my favorite fantasy football statistic.

There’s not much value in using last year’s statistics to determine how teams will perform this season. It’s even worse, in my opinion, when players are drafted based on strong SoS opponents during playoff weeks, usually weeks 13-16. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m starting players who face the Jaguars. And I know teams with a bad run defense usually stay bad.

However, injuries and matchups alter outcomes and can make defenses look worse than they actually are.

But can we make a better strength of schedule using Football Outsiders’ advanced metric, Defense-adjusted Value Over Average? I hope so.

DVOA is a results-based metric that looks at a defense’s effectiveness per play as opposed to final statistics. That should make it a better indicator of future success.

I spent quite a few words talking about it on our new strength of schedule page: DVOA strength of schedule chart and analysisPrintable DVOA strength of schedule chart

Do you use strength of schedule? How much do you rely on it on draft day? Let us know in the comments.

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