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4 quarterbacks in the 2010 draft class with fantasy impact

This series will go through my opinions on which players drafted in the 2010 Draft will make a fantasy impact at some time in their careers.  I will start with the quarterbacks first.

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Sam Bradford — Saint Louis Rams

I wasn’t sure at first that Bradford landed in a good spot for him fantasy-wise.  However the Rams added another offensive lineman in Rodger Saffold and wide receiver Mardy Gilyard to help him along the way.  Donnie Avery should be a solid go-to guy for Bradford as long as he can stay away from the injury bug that has plagued him most of his career.  Mardy Gilyard can be another weapon available to Bradford and represents an upgrade over Laurent Robinson and Brandon Gibson.  We all know Steven Jackson can catch the ball out of the backfield.  Give Bradford a few years to mature with this offense and he may become a real impact quarterback in the NFL.  I foresee Bradford getting to play some in 2010 because the starting QB in his way is A.J. Feeley.

The remaining quarterbacks of the class may not necessarily get to make any impact in 2010.  Some with a definite future down the road include the next group of draftees.

Tim Tebow — Denver Broncos

If anyone can coach up a quarterback, it has to be Josh McDaniels.  Look what he did with Matt Cassel in New England.  Cassel has very average talent at best.  Tebow comes in with a lot of talent, a winning tradition and a strong work ethic.  If McDaniels can make Cassel into a decent QB, imagine what he can do with a guy who has Tebow’s talent.  I just hope Pat Bowlen doesn’t pull the plug on McDaniels too soon after they struggle to win the next 2 years until Tebow should be ready.  The regime also added Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker to the receiving corp in the draft.  Those will be some nice targets to throw to along with Eddie Royal and Knowshon Moreno.  As long as Bowlen sticks with the current plan, he could have a very nice passing attack come 2012.  Just give it time Pat.  Just give it time.

Jimmy Clausen — Carolina Panthers

Clausen may not have a big impact in 2010 either with Matt Moore more familiar with the system and Clausen coming off the toe surgery.  I would expect him to be worked in as the starter in 2011 though.  Clausen throws a nice deep ball which matches up well with Steve Smith’s abilities.  The Panthers need to develop another receiving threat outside of Smith though.  They hope Dwayne Jarrett can finally step up or fellow draftee Brandon LaFell can blossom into a receiving talent.  Until that happens Clausen’s fantasy numbers will be limited.

Colt McCoy — Cleveland Browns

Team President Mike Holmgren has stated that McCoy will not start in 2010 and rightfully so.  He needs to learn all the nuances and language of the West Coast Offense.

I feel he will be an excellent fit for the West Coast system and its short passing game strategy.  McCoy doesn’t boast the big arm to throw it deep all the time.  His big limitation may be the receivers he has.  Mohammed Massaquoi played well at times but is just learning in his second year.  He also has second year man Brian Robiskie and newly drafted Carlton Mitchell.  The Browns have to hope one of those three can develop into a go-to receiver.  Until that receiver is developed by the Browns, McCoy will be near the bottom of the quarterback fantasy want list.

I can’t foresee any other quarterback from this draft class having a fantasy impact unless an injury occurs to current quarterbacks on their respective rosters.

6 Responses to “4 quarterbacks in the 2010 draft class with fantasy impact”

  1. Jay-Mo

    I don’t see why Bradford can’t replicate, if not do better, than what Matt Stafford did last year, while Clausen should be able to play as efficiently as Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan did in their rookie campaigns. Clausen is just as prepared, if not more, than Ryan was coming into the league.

    Bradford and Clausen should be opening day starters. Bradford will definitely be the day one starter.

  2. Jay-Mo

    I’ve been thinking about this to myself for quite some time, especially as draft experts ripped Tebow for his throwing mechanics.

    What’s the difference between Tebow and Vince Young, who also has a weird side-arm action in his throws? Young was considered a No. 1 overall worthy pick. Tebow actually was a better college quarterback in every aspect. Just curious?

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  4. Antwan

    Bradford is likely the starter from day 1 in St. Louis while Clausen should work his way into the starting QB spot by mid-season. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see Clausen starting game 1 for the Panthers and having some success similar to Ryan, Flacco and Sanchez had in their rookie seasons.

    The most intriguing story line will be Tebow. Will McDaniels design an offensive package specifically for Tebow allowing him to get onto the field early? I have a sneaky suspicion we will see Tebow in the wildcat during some goal line and short yardage situations.

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