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9 most notable fantasy baseball performances from 4.8.10: Garrett Jones leads the way

Garrett Jones homers again and the Pirates win again. Jones is on pace for 243 homers this season. Chinstrap Ninjas prediction: He keeps up the pace.

It is rare, but we have been wrong in the past. So what’s our basis for such an outlandish claim? Dude has 24 homers in 84 games since his July 2009 callup. Dude is mashing it.

OK, 243 is a little outrageous. Betcha he gets to 100 though. What we mean is that you should expect us to keep talking good talk about Jones in 2010.

A lineups update in a bit, but for now let’s talk about eight other notable fantasy performances from Wednesday’s games:

Matt Garza — Struck out nine in eight innings Wednesday. He allowed two runs, two walks and four hits to earn the win. We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it, Garza is an ace, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Ryan Dempster — Let’s stick with the K machines. Dempster had nine in six innings. He allowed three hits and one run in a no-decision. Wish I hadn’t avoided him in every one of my leagues this season.

Edgar Renteria — We’re only a handful of games into the season but the Giants are 3-0. The freaking Giants. And Renteria went a career high5-for-5, drove in two runs and scored another on Wednesday. Team of destiny in 2010?

Vernon Wells — The Blue Jays have only played two games, but Wells’ two-homer game Wednesday gave him three on the season. He also scored four runs and drove in three. I warned everyone to stay away from him. Really, there was a good reason. However, so far in 2010 he’s 5-for-7 with five runs, three homers and six RBIs. Again, that’s in just two games.

Rich Harden — One interesting debut for the Rangers hurler. He struck out eight and allowed one hit in just 3.2 innings of work. He also walked five and allowed three runs, one earned. He earned a no-decision. I have no comments for a performance like that other than — dude, 8Ks in just 3.2 innings!

Jake Peavy — Another interesting debut. Peavy gave up three runs, seven hits, two walks, hit two batters and struck out five in five innings. He definitely had quite the collection of statistics, he could have completed the set with a couple wild pitches and a balk or two. My gut was telling me to avoid Peavy this season and I did. If he doesn’t come around as I fear he might, the reward is no burritos for a week. My mouth will be ticked off, but the gut will be happy.

Kelly Johnson — There were “Kelly Johnson, sleeper” whispers in the preseason, but we weren’t listening. I’m sticking with my projections. That means Johnson has 8-10 more homers in him in the remaining 159 games.

Ian Kennedy — As if you needed another reminder that it’s early in the season and the pitchers are at an advantage. New Diamondbacks pitcher Kennedy K’d eight in five innings against the Padres. He did allow three runs, but with his pedigree it’s best to keep him on your radar, even after the hitters come around.

Well, that’s it. Had to cut a bunch of stuff out. What did we miss? Fill in the blanks in the comments.

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