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A completely biased look back at Week 14’s games

Football happened Sunday. What follows are some random and completely biased opinions about what I saw and read about.

A lot of it is fantasy football related, but all of it is football related.

Buccaneers at Redskins

Arrelious Benn caught four passes for 122 yards and had a 17-yard run. If the Bucs add that kind of Benn to a healthy Mike Williams and Kellen Winslow over the next couple of weeks, Josh Freeman is going to be a very hot fantasy commodity in 2011.

Browns at Bills

One of the NFL Network’s studio talking heads kept picking on Jake Delhomme during the postgame highlight’s show: “Bad things happen to the Browns when Jake Delhomme is quarterback.” In the fourth quarter, Delhomme lost a fumble that turned into the final three points in a Bills victory. After a three-and-out possession, Delhomme got picked on 3rd-8 to clinch the loss. Peyton Hillis also lost one of his three fumbles in the game. He had three fumbles total in the last 11 weeks. Bad things.

Packers at Lions

Yep, we called it in our fantasy preview with projections, Will Heller scored the lone touchdown in the game on his only catch, a 13-yarder. Seriously though, watching Matt Flynn (after Aaron Rodgers got concussed) and Drew Stanton cut their teeth against those defenses was painful.

Raiders at Jaguars

Darren McFadden had 209 total yards and three TDs, but Maurice Jones-Drew won it on a 30-yard touchdown run that put him over the 100-yard mark again. MJD deserves to be in the MVP conversation.

Bengals at Steelers

Troy Polamalu caught more passes (2-57, TD) from Carson Palmer than Terrell Owens (1-22, 0 TD). He caught and tried to run the second one back on a bad wheel.

Falcons at Panthers

Scoring three TDs and rushing for 112 yards on Sunday, Michael Turner helped a lot of fantasy teams in Week 14. Owning him in 2011 will be even better.

Seahawks at 49ers

Back with a vengeance, Alex Smith threw a trio of TDs and no INTs for a 130.9 quarterback rating. San Fran also scored 40 points. Seattle’s defense cures many offensive ills.

Rams at Saints

Welcome back, Pierre Thomas: Christopher Ivory, 7-47; Reggie Bush, 9-39; Thomas: 12-39. Yuck.

Patriots at Bears

We all love to hate Tom Brady, but, dude. … Brady was 27-40 (67.5%) for 369 yards and two TDs. … At Soldier Field. … In a freaking blizzard.

Broncos at Cardinals

Let’s play a game. I’ll give you two stat lines, you tell me which one belongs to unheralded Cardinals rookie John Skelton and which one belongs to Kyle Orton, one of fantasy’s top quarterbacks up until a couple weeks ago:

  • A: 19-41 (46.3%), 166 yards, 3 INT, 27.1 rating
  • B: 15-37 (40.5%), 146 yards, 52.3 rating

Answer: Orton is A, Skelton is B. … Tandem horrors in Arizona.

Jets at Dolphins

Dolphins pass-rusher Cameron Wake had two sacks and four tackles, giving him 5.5 sacks and 15 tackles in his last four games. Jets nose tackle Sione Pouha (6-3, 325-pounds) also had a day, making us fat guys around the world proud. Pouha made six tackles, three assists, a six-yard sack and recovered a fumble.

Chargers at Chiefs

Total domination by San Diego, 31-zip. Despite their record, the Chargers have allowed the sixth-fewest points in the AFC in 2010. They’ve scored the second most. Who ya got winning the AFC West?

Eagles at Cowboys

NFL coaches grab face masks and scream into faces of 6-5, 350 pound men. Few things probably scare them, but I’m betting “Mike Vick-to-DeSean Jackson” gives them the heebies and the jeebies.

Thursday Night Football bonus: Colts at Titans

I’ve read before that you shouldn’t change the winning formula once you get to the playoffs. For me, that means ignoring my lineups for Thursday games. At 15 seconds to kickoff I started checking lineups and realized I had Reggie Wayne AND Pierre Garcon starting in one of my longstanding money leagues. I tried switching to Santana Moss, but it was too late. I would have swapped out Garcon and a near-100-yard performance with two TDs.

What happened Sunday/Thursday that irked/impressed you? Sound off in the comments.

[EDIT: Didn’t even mention the roof collapse at the Metrodome. Wild stuff. The Giants-Vikings game had already been moved to tonight in Detroit, but FoxSports.com has amazing video from inside the dome at the time of collapse.

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