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As the 2010 NFL Draft looms, which teams are the most efficient drafters?

First off, this is no mock. I’m not here to tell you who’s being picked where. Consigliere and Jay-Mo have already done that for us.

No, instead let’s take a look at draft efficiency, decision makers and first-round tendencies for each team, listed based on 2010 NFL Draft order.

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For the record: I’ve collected and extended some information gathered by multiple sources and cited them at the end … Draft efficiency ratings are based on draft picks over the last five years. Teams are awarded 20 points for picking a Pro-Bowler, five for starters, one point each for backups and players that are on other teams and -10 points for any player no longer in the NFL. For comparison, the Cowboys have the top score (+114) and the Chiefs (-82) have the worst.

1.01 St. Louis Rams — Efficiency rating: -27

GM Billy Devaney is the team’s primary decision-maker, and has been since the 2008 draft. The Rams have selected non-skill players in the first round in each of the last five drafts. The Rams’ last skill position player pick was Steven Jackson, a fantasy stud and the organization’s best pick of the last 10 years. Robert Thomas, a first-round pick in 2002, is arguably their worst pick.

First-round picks in the last five years

  • 2009: Jason Smith, T, 1.02
  • 2008: Chris Long, DE, 1.02
  • 2007: Adam Carriker, NT, 1.13
  • 2006: Tye Hill, CB, 1.15
  • 2005: Alex Barron, T, 1.19

1.02 Detroit Lions — Efficiency rating: -29

With their selections of Matthew Stafford and Brandon Pettigrew in the first round during their first draft last year, GM Martin Mayhew and coach Jim Schwartz have two players who will define their draft histories with the Lions. Detroit’s drafting history has been dismal over the last few years. Calvin Johnson, selected first in 2007, will likely be mentioned for a long time with Charles Rogers (1st round, 2003) as the best and worst of Lions WR picks.

First-round picks in the last five years

  • 2009: Matthew Stafford, QB, 1.01; Brandon Pettigrew, TE, 1.20
  • 2008: Gosder Cherilus, T, 1.17
  • 2007: Calvin Johnson, WR, 1.02
  • 2006: Ernie Sims, OLB, 1.09
  • 2005: Mike Williams, WR, 1.10

1.03 Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Efficiency rating: -70

With the second worst five-year efficiency rating in the top 10, Buccaneers fans will be happy to know that GM Mark Dominik has only made picks for one of the last five years. Like the Lions decision-makers, the first round quarterback he picked in 2009 will likely define him as a drafter. A pair of Jacksons make up the Buccaneers best and worst over the last 10 years. Tanard Jackson, selected in the fourth round in 2007 was a great find. Dexter Jackson, a second round wide receiver out of Appalachian State in 2008, was the team’s worst.

First-round picks in the last five years

  • 2009: Josh Freeman, QB, 1.17
  • 2008: Aqib Talib, CB, 1.20
  • 2007: Gaines Adams, DE, 1.04
  • 2006: Devin Joseph, G, 1.23
  • 2005: Cadillac Williams, RB, 1.05

1.04 Washington Redskins — Efficiency rating: -3

Washington has the best efficiency rating of any team in the top five because they have only eight picks who are out of the NFL and are the only team with a Pro-Bowler. Coach Mike Shanahan and GM Bruce Allen will work the draft together for the first time. Chris Cooley, arguably the Redskins’ best pick in the last 10 years was picked in the third round in 2004. Rod Gardner, a first round pick in 2001, is on the other side of the coin.

First-round picks in the last five years

  • 2009: Brian Orakpo, DE, 1.13
  • 2008: No first-round picks
  • 2007: Laron Landry, SS, 1.06
  • 2006: No first-round picks
  • 2005: Carlos Rogers, DB, 1.09; Jason Campbell, QB, 1.25

1.05 Kansas City — Effiency rating: -82

The worst efficiency rating in the NFL comes to Kansas City thanks to a whopping 15 of 43 picks who are no longer suiting up in the NFL. GM Scott Pioli has been running the draft show since 2008 and will take much advice from coach Todd Haley. Jared Allen (4th round steal in 2004) and Sylvester Morris (first round bust in 2000) are the Jekyll and Hyde of Chiefs picks.

First-round picks in the last five years:

  • 2009: Tyson Jackson, DE, 1.03
  • 2008: Glenn Dorsey, DT, 1.05; Branden Albert, T, 1.15
  • 2007: Dwayne Bowe, WR, 1.23
  • 2006: Tamba Hali, DE, 1.20
  • 2005: Derrick Johnson, OLB, 1.15

1.06/1.17 Seattle Seahawks — Efficiency rating: -2

Football god to some/coach to most Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider will collaborate on a draft for the first time. Seattle hasn’t picked an offensive skill player in the first round since picking eventual massive bust TE Jerramy Stevens in the first round in 2002. That will change with Carroll calling the shots. Shaun Alexander is arguably the Seahawk’s best pick of the last 10 years, and that came in the first round of the 2000 event.

First-round picks in the last five years:

  • 2009: Aaron Curry, LB, 1.04
  • 2008: Lawrence Jackson, DE, 1.28
  • 2007: No first-round pick
  • 2006: Kelly Jennings, CB, 1.31
  • 2005: Chris Spencer, C, 1.26

1.07 Cleveland Browns — Efficiency rating: -49

With 13 of 38 picks in the last five years bagging groceries, Cleveland is among the league leaders for awful. They have managed to squirt out a Pro-Bowler and new team president Mike Holmgren should make them better on draft day. Holmgren will helm the ship with GM Tom Heckert and coach Eric Mangini providing feedback and suggestions. They want more of Joe Thomas (1st round, 2007) and less of Gerard Warren (1st round, 2000).

First-round picks in the last five seasons

  • 2009: Alex Mack, C, 1.21
  • 2008: No first-round picks
  • 2007: Joe Thomas, OT, 1.03; Brady Quinn, QB, 1.22
  • 2006: Kamerion Wimbley, OLB, 1.13
  • 2005: Braylon Edwards, WR, 1.03

1.08 Oakland Raiders — Efficiency rating: +36

Whoa, you might say, Raiders plus-36? This is a joke right. Wrong. They have had top 10 picks in four of the last five seasons, but only five of their selections are no longer in the NFL. Al Davis — who, yes, is as insane as he is old — has made 37 picks and 24 of them (11 starters and 13 backups) are still on the team. That said, the last three first-rounders have been sill position busts. JaMarcus Russell might be their worst pick in a long time. You want a best pick? P Shane Lechler was picked in the fifth round in 2000.

First-round picks in the last five years:

  • 2009: Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, 1.07
  • 2008: Darren McFadden, RB, 1.04
  • 2007: JaMarcus Russell, QB, 1.01
  • 2006: Michael Huff, SS, 1.07
  • 2005: Fabian Washington, CB, 1.23

1.09 Buffalo Bills — Efficiency rating: +34

General Manager Buddy Nix will manage his first draft for the Bills, who are in need of some serious talent. The Bills have done a pretty good job of not only picking talent that has stuck in the NFL, but keeping that talent in town (27 of 40 picks). CB Terrence McGee was a fine pick in the foruth round of 2003. Mike Williams, an OT picked in the first round of 2002, however, was not.

First-round picks in the last five seasons:

  • 2009: Aaron Maybin, DE, 1.11; Eric Wood, 1.28
  • 2008: Leodis McKelvin, CB, 1.11
  • 2007: Marshawn Lynch, RB, 1.12
  • 2006: Donte Whitner, SS, 1.08; John McCargo, DE, 1.26
  • 2005: No first-round picks

1.10 Jacksonville Jaguars — Efficiency rating: +23

The 13 Jaguars starters selected in the last five years is tied with Detroit, Baltimore and San Francisco for the most in the NFL. GM Gene Smith will run the show for the second year and hope to continue to add to that impressive list. Jacksonville best pick of the last five years is arguably David Garrard, a fourth round selection in 2002 who has turned into a durable starter. The worst honors go to R. Jay Soward, a first round pick in 2000 who only had NFL WR next to his name for one year.

First-round picks in the last five years

  • 2009: Eugene Monroe, T, 1.08
  • 2008: Derrick Harvey, DE, 1.08
  • 2007: Reggie Nelson, FS, 1.21
  • 2006: Marcedes Lewis, TE, 1.28
  • 2005: Matt Jones, WR, 1.09

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*Last five year picks breakdown is readily available online, but The Sporting News already compiled it so I used their numbers. The efficiency rating was created in my own brain. It is likely flawed. The decision-makers, while readily available through different team sites, were cribbed from ESPN the Magazine. The best and worst picks by team are pulled directly from an Associated Press story released Monday, hence the arguably next to most of the names — I’d argue that Maurice Jones-Drew was a better pick than David Garrard, but I also wouldn’t consider myself a “draft expert.” www.nfl.com was used to compile the first round picks in the last five years for each team.

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