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Draft Kings NBA top plays for Friday, March 13

After leaving you out to dry yesterday, I laced up my effort boots today and did some extra research.

Let’s start with games to stack. There is a lineup-building method that says if you play the best performers from a team that scores 120 points or goes into overtime, that it will increase your chances of winning.

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No value plays for Thursday, March 12

Sorry, that headline is not just a bad joke. I took five hours to sleep but have been working pretty much nonstop since yesterday’s value plays were posted.

I won’t have time to post anything of any meaning today.

Here’s one tip though: The Grizzlies are resting Marc Gasol, Mike Conley and Zach Randolph.

That means there will be extra minutes and lots of potential production to go around. You’ll definitely want to target the starters once they are announced. I suspect they’ll include Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Jordan Adams and Kosta Koufos.

Please check out the fine writers at, and, they’ll get you through the day.

We’ll be back Friday with more value plays.

Draft Kings NBA top plays for Wednesday, March 11

Some family got stranded in town today. I had to give them a ride home so I am way behind schedule.

These are some value plays I’ll be using. I like to check a lot of sources to make sure I’m not missing stuff, but I’m going to be able to do that today.

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Draft Kings NBA top plays for Tuesday, March 10

Yesterday’s picks were a bit of a disaster. My late NBA $2K (late) lineup hit for $5, but my “safe” cash game plays were a disaster — other than Mike Conley, of course.

From now on, if I tell you a player is safe, you put your hand up to the screen, cover the name and scroll down to the next guy.

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Draft Kings NBA value plays for Monday, March 9

The format is going to be a little different today. And, I apologize, I’m going to have to cut things short again.

Work ended late and the next shift approaches.

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NBA Draft Kings value plays for Sunday, March 8

Today’s picks will be cut short again due to time constraints.

As always, check player news and lineups prior to roster lock. There are a handful of players on this list who are questionable or who stand to benefit if someone questionable is out.

Players from the 6 p.m. or later games only today.

NBA Draft Kings value plays for Sunday, March 8

Point guard

Jeremy Lin, $5,000, DeRon Williams, $6,200, Kyle Lowry, $6,800

Pay up for Russell Westbrook, $12,000

I’m going to have a lot of Lin and Westbrook. When I pivot off Westbrook, I’m going with Lowry. Lowry and Lin have excellent matchups

Shooting guard

Joe Johnson, $5,400, Gerald Henderson, $5,000, Monta Ellis, $6,500

Pay up for DeMar DeRozan, $7,100 and Victor Oldipo, $7,900

Oladipo may be hugely owned tonight. He’s coming off back-to-back games of at least 52 points. He has one of the worst matchups of the night against Boston.

Small forward

Wesley Johnson, $3,600, Perry Jones, $3,000, Tobias Harris, $6,500, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, $6,000

Pay up for Gordon Hayward, $7,400

Johnson is starting for the Lakers and with Durant out again I expect Jones to start for OKC. Jones and Harris have excellent matchups.

Power forward

Tarik Black, $3,000, Ed Davis, $4,500, Jae Crowder, $5,200, Channing Frye, $4,000

Pay up for Greg Monroe, $7,700, Derrick Favors, $7,300

Black, Davis and Crowder are ending up in my lineups. Favors to but to a lesser extent. Favors has an excellent matchup. Monroe has a 30-point floor, which is pretty high for his price point.


Jordan Hill, $4,800, Tyson Chandler, $6,100, Tyler Zeller, $4,000, Dwayne Dedmon (if Vucevic doeesn’t play), $3.600, Jonas Valanciunas, $5,000

Pay up for Al Jefferson, $7,700, Rudy Gobert, $7,500, Andre Drummond, $7,700

Hill and the Lakers forwards mentioned above may lead the NBA in rebounds tonight against the Mavericks. Dedmon’s price is too low to ignore if he’s going to get starter’s minutes. I’m adding Al Jefferson in as many lineups as I can. The Pistons have allowed the second most fantasy points to centers this season.


Good luck tonight and every night.

DFS NBA Draft Kings value picks for Saturday, March 7

Ooh, man, I hope you played some of my picks yesterday, especially Victor Oladipo.

I cashed in the $400,000 tournament at Draft Kings. I didn’t win, didn’t finish great, but cashing in any tourney like that feels good.¬†Hopefully, you pivoted off Nikola Mirotic and Anthony Davis and ended up with a LARGE score.

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