2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit
Free rankings, information, busts sleepers and rookies

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2012 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

Chinstrap Ninjas Top 25 (Powered by Readers!)

Composite rankings: C |

Mixed league ADPs: Top 20 | C1B | 2B | 3B | SS | OF | SP | RP

Other ADP rankings:  AL Only Top 20NL Only Top 20 |

2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy

Adventures in mock drafting: Opening with 4 starting pitchers (ep)

Knowledge is the No. 1 thing you need on draft day (ep)

Read Matthew Berry’s 2012 Draft Day Manifesto (ep)

Relief pitcher strategy: Chase holds, setup men instead of low-skill closers (ep)

Why do you hate pitchers, fantasy leagues? (ep)

Sleepers, busts and Ron Shandler’s 2012 Baseball Forecaster (ep)

2012 Statistics analysis

2011 holds leaders (ep)



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