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Boldly predicting some bold predictions for the 2010 fantasy football season

Matthew Berry, you don’t know bold.

Ever wear a Green Bay jersey to an Eagles-Packers game at Lincoln Financial Field? Ever fix an electric fence while it was still plugged in? Ever try to snatch the last Zhu Zhu pet off the shelves at Toys-R-Us during a Black Friday crazed shopper battle royal?

Been there, done that.

So, you boldly predict that Jabar Gaffney will have more than 1,000 yards receiving? I see your bid and raise it to the truly bold: Gaffney will lead all receivers in the AFC-West in fantasy production.

Crazy? Perhaps. But this crazy writer nailed a good number of his bold fantasy baseball predictions five months ago. And I’m totally, 100 percent behind the following bold declarations. The faint-of-heart should move on to the next article and not look back.

So … Gaffney the best fantasy WR in the AFC-West? I’m all in. Who on the Raiders or Chiefs will eclipse him? Gaffney showed he has ample ability to produce big stats at the end of the 2009 season and has several very important things going for him: He is coach Josh McDaniels’ pet pass catcher, he has great chemistry with quarterback Kyle Orton, he knows the team’s playbook inside and out and his main competition for targets are either ineffective (Eddie Royal), injured (Demaryius Thomas) or extremely inexperienced at the pro level (Thomas and Eric Decker).

A smaller bold prediction … Decker will leapfrog Eddie Royal by season’s end as Denver’s WR2.

The San Francisco 49ers won’t only win the NFC-West, but will dodge some bullets against better teams in the playoffs to reach the NFC Championship game.

New Orleans won’t be as lucky.

Chad Henne gives Tom Brady a run for his money in terms of most productive AFC-East fantasy QB.

The Patriots finish the season third in the division, just ahead of the Bills.

For the fourth time in the past 17 years, a receiver will win NFL offensive rookie of the year.

And it won’t be Dez Bryant.

Zach Miller and Visanthe Shiancoe will score more fantasy points than Jason Witten.

LaDanian Tomlinson will find paydirt more times than Shonn Greene for the Jets.

This will be Brett Favre’s last season. Same with Terrell Owens.

Some would argue that Felix Jones won’t be the best fantasy running back on the Dallas roster in 2010. I predict that he’ll outscore any RB in the NFC-East.

Jamaal Charles will finish outside of the top 10 fantasy running backs in 2010. Not bold enough? How’s this: He’ll finish outside of the top 20 RBs.

Randy Moss, with a chip on his shoulder, finishes 2010 as the top fantasy wide receiver in 2010.

The St. Louis Rams do not finish in the NFC-West cellar. They make a strong push for the No. 2 spot in their division.

Max Hall will be quarterbacking the Arizona Cardinals by season’s end. John Skelton will be backing him up. Derek Anderson will be stocking shelves at a Piggly Wiggly.

Bernard Scott will be starting for the Cincinnati Bengals by season’s end.

And in case you weren’t keeping track … Cedric Benson won’t be.

San Diego will finish as a top-five fantasy defense in 2010.

Marques Colston will not be the Saints’ top receiver in 2010.

At least one person will be wearing a Brett Favre Packers jersey Sunday at the Eagles game. Whether that person makes it out alive … and which fan base kills this unnamed person first? I’ll let you know Monday morning.


Make sure you check out some sweet bold predictions by our own consigliere.

What are your bold predictions for 2010? We’d love to hear about them below.

8 Responses to “Boldly predicting some bold predictions for the 2010 fantasy football season”

  1. Jay-Mo

    I boldly predict Percy Harvin will be a douche in Week 1, thrusting my Experts Keeper Dynasty League team into the crapper days before I even get one sip of my happy beverage in my tummy Sunday morning.

  2. Steve-o

    But will Jabar outscore Mike Wallace?

  3. Krause

    I see two problems. 1) Stop throwing my man Ced Ben to the wolves! My fantasy team doesnt like it. 2) My fantasy team also wants you to know that Charles will get his. The Chiefs will be playing from behiind a lot and will use Charles instead of the aging Jones when their getting DUSTED. Thats why their bold predictions i guess. P.S.- Ryan Mathews- offensive rookie of the year not Mike Williams.

  4. ep

    I should really do my own bold predictions, but in case I don’t, here’s one to add to the ones I left after Consigliere’s post:

    Mike Williams (SEA) > Mike Williams (TB) in 2010.

  5. jzak

    @Krause: Hey! Two quick things on your two things (does that make sense?) … I’ll start feeling better about benson for a full season when he can go a full offseason without getting in some sort legal issue, bar brawl or other idiotic snap from reality, and when he can go a full season without getting injured. On Charles … methinks the Chiefs, if smart, will air out the ball attempting to rally the troops in games they are losing instead of giving up and running out the clock with Jamaal. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong plenty of times before.

  6. ep

    @jzak: It’s not my argument but I’m going to elbow in here anyway.

    Bernard Scott has as troubled a past as Cedric Benson, as previously pointed out by Chinstrap Ninja Mike. Scott has either cleaned up of late or just hasn’t been caught. I figure he hasn’t been caught.

    In 2007 he was charged for failing to identify himself to police after car surfing in a Teen Wolf outfit. Scott was kicked off high school and college football teams for various things. One of those things included breaking into a house with 14 of his friends and beating up four other students. Yep, 14 on 4. Other infractions included stealing an iPod and punching a coach in the face. (wikipedia page, with verification at an Abilene newspaper site)

    That sounds more like Lawrence Phillips-type problems than Cedric Benson-type problems.

    I’m not a Cedric Benson apologist, just saying, Bernard Scott has the same character issues with less skill.

    I agree with you on Charles.
    However, in PPRs, Charles has huge value because Cassel will be throwing it to him a split second before the QB gets pummeled by a defensive lineman. This will happen a lot.

  7. jzak

    At least Scott has been able to manage his tendencies to screw things up. Benson continues to throw caution to the wind, and those people either make changes or crash and burn into oblivion. Scott, whether he’s still being a knucklehead or not, is at least making an effort to toe the line. Benson could care less, obviously, and I just can’t get excited about him until he shows me some consistency over a longer period of time.

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