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Boom or bust PPR tight end projections for NFL Playoffs Week 1

With this small field of players very little changes from standard to PPR format, so like I did in the PPR running backs and PPR wide receivers, I’m going to continue talking about some general daily fantasy sports topics.

I used the term bankroll in the running back post. I used it reluctantly because you might not know what it is. Or you might know what it is but you might not be thinking about it properly.

Let’s talk about bankroll and bankroll strategy.

Bankroll is the amount of money you are willing to LOSE at daily fantasy sports. This might be $20 to some people. It might be $20,000 to some.

If you deposit $100 today, lose it all this weekend and deposit another $100, then your bankroll isn’t $100. Also, you are limiting yourself.

Let’s say you get a $100 rebate from a major purchase and you decide you’re going to deposit it at Draft Kings and try to grow it into something more than $100.

You could spend it on 10 $10 GPPs, but your likely going to be out of funds soon. But if you spent it on 100 $1 cash games you’ll likely break even. If you’re reading this site it probably means you are an above average fantasy player so in that case we should also assume you’ll win a few more than you lose. So you’ll be increasing only $1.80 or $3.60 at a time. It doesn’t take long for that to add up.

The real trick to growing a bankroll is understanding what I said at the beginning. This is the amount you are willing to LOSE at DFS. Because you will lose. There will be weeks when you do everything right, nail every sleeper and not only will you not grow by $1.80, you will lose every contest.

This is where proper bankroll management comes in. You should play about 10% of your bankroll each day or week depending on the sports your are competing in. You can play more if you play almost exclusively cash games or if you are a savant, winning every contest you enter. For the most part, I stick to 10%.

After a few weeks of cash game wins, your $100 rebate will grow into $150 and so your weekly spending can grow from $10 to $15. The small exponential growth will keep you in the game. It will allow you to keep taking a shot downfield in a $1 or $2 tournament each week.


I have a few more notes from the Steelers-Ravens game that really need to be addressed.

1. Haloti Ngata is expected back for the Ravens which means their run-stuffing defense got stuffier.

2. Troy Polamalu is expected back for the Steelers, whose defense can use all the help it can get.

3. Weather is expected to be bad — 100% chance of precipitation with high winds. This is typically only a bad thing for kickers and for some passing games. Ben Roethlisberger is a mudder. Joe Flacco doesn’t like the Super Bowl being played in cold weather, but he did throw 13 TDs and only 5 interceptions with two rushing touchdowns in November and December.

Playoffs Week 1 projections: QB | RB | WR | TE | FLEX | K | DEF | IDP

PPR projections: RB | WR | TE | FLEX

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