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Boom or bust running back projections for NFL Playoffs: Conference championships

It’s weird seeing such a small list of running backs.

It screams variance. I’m confident Marshawn Lynch will lead all backs, that Daniel Herron will be No. 2 and that Eddie Lacy, Shane Vereen and LeGarrette Blount will fall in behind them.

However, it’s also worth noting that the lineup that wins this weekend’s biggest daily fantasy tournaments will likely have an unlikely contributor on there.

It could be a running back, wide receiver or tight end. It could be a quarterback. What we do know is that the person who rises to the top is likely to get a touchdown for an unlikely source.

Let’s talk briefly about how we should approach running backs this week in daily fantasy.

It’s going to be a running theme throughout these projection intros this week, but we need to have very diverse lineups.

I wouldn’t enter the same lineup into 20 50/50s this week. Unlike during the regular season, that feels like a bad strategy.

I’m going to have little money invested overall but almost none in 50/50s. I’ll be embracing variance at every turn and you should too.

Building a lineup with running backs you wouldn’t expect to pair together — Vereen and Blount? — forces/allows you to have a lineup that differs from the owners who go with nothing but a Lynch-Herron stack. I’m not saying to avoid Lynch-Herron, but I am saying to consider alternatives.

What about Blount and Zurlon Tipton? Tipton didn’t do anything last week. If he gets in for a touchdown and Blount gets in for a touchdown you have an edge up on every other team on the board. Likely scenario? Not really, but like I said above, with only four teams in play an unlikely scenario is likely to turn the fantasy tide this week.

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