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Catchers to target during your fantasy baseball draft in 2010

With our fantasy rankings for 2010 just about wrapped up, jzak and I realized that we weren’t completely happy following the ADP and Composite formats we chose at the outset.

Both sets of rankings are helpful, but a better conceived plan might have been our personal rankings with ADP and composite lists as companion pieces. With that thought in mind, this series will look at some of the players that we’re targeting the most in 2010.

Precision is our plan here and the end result is brevity. We’re allowing ourselves just six selections each at most — two early-round picks, two middle-round picks and two late-round picks.

Consider this a companion piece to both the ADP and Composite rankings that can be found on our 2010 Fantasy Baseball rankings page.

Early-Round Picks

jzak: Victor Martinez — Not only is jzak saying Martinez is a target, he picked him in an early-round during a draft last week. Other than his injury-plagued 2008 season, Martinez has put up Joe Mauer-esque numbers. They’re a little lighter on the average, but a little heavier on the power. He’s going about 10 picks later than Mauer and has 1B eligibility in most leagues.

ep: Brian McCann — I don’t recommend picking a catcher early. Ever. But sometimes you’ve just got to, y’know, go against your own beliefs. McCann is the first catcher I’d think about taking in such a situation. He’s going to hit more homers at a cost of only about .005 on the batting average compared to Martinez. However, McCann is going two full rounds later.

Middle-round picks

Miguel Montero — A pair of consensus picks here in the middle rounds. At age 27, Montero is entering his prime and could prove to be a top-5 catcher because of his power potential.

Geovany Soto — I’ve argued at length about Soto’s potential and jzak agrees. I told you to draft him as your starting catcher earlier this preseason.

Late-round picks

jzak: Mike Napoli — He’s not going to play every day, but his 20-homer potential around the 17th round is a nice consolation when you avoid reaching for one of the top catchers.

ep: Ryan Doumit — Being in Pittsburgh doesn’t help Doumit, but he should get 15 homers and hit .280. That’s pretty solid in the 20th round.

jzak: Buster Posey — Bengie Molina is 36 and should regress considerably from 2009. If he regresses too far, the highly-regarded rookie Posey will be there to take his shot. Personally, I think Posey is this year’s Matt Wieters. Luckily you only have to waste a final-round pick on him in most leagues.

ep: Chris Iannetta — Like Napoli, Iannetta’s not very good against lefthanders so he won’t play every day. However, like Napoli there’s 20-homer potential in his bat. He’s also being picked right around the same time as Napoli.

So, we’ve told you who we’re targeting. Now, tell us, who are you picking at catcher in 2010?

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  2. Xalz

    I went with Carlos Ruiz at catcher in my home league a couple of weeks back.

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