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2016 FANTASY FOOTBALL -- Preseason

The fantasy football preseason is upon us. Our 2016 Draft Kit is live and being populated daily with rankings and strategy for dynasty, redraft and daily leagues.


Here are our latest articles:
Position scarcity: How many wide receivers do you need?
2016 fantasy football strength of schedule using DVOA
2016 fantasy football primer

Draft Kings has a ton of great contests in MLB, CFL, NASCAR and soccer right now. New users who join by clicking this link and deposit cash send a couple cents our way to help keep the fantasy advice coming. That's our standard link so there's no bonus there.


Five second-half value receivers that will help get you into the playoffs

According to one major fantasy site, the Jordan Cameron concussion wouldn’t create much of a ripple effect. The writer suggested that there really weren’t any Cleveland Browns worth owning at this point, especially with the team’s running game struggling so badly.

The same site has historically discounted players from less-than-explosive teams. The Jaguars, Buccaneers and similar squads, however, can have some very valuable fantasy commodities. Continue reading ‘Five second-half value receivers that will help get you into the playoffs’

Six value players that can jumpstart your struggling fantasy football team

Two weeks into the season, and so much seems out of sorts in the world of fantasy football. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson are gone for the foreseeable future. Early-round players such as Eddie Lacy, Victor Cruz and Vincent Jackson are struggling. What does it all mean? Which players can help get a fantasy team out of an 0-2 slump? Continue reading ‘Six value players that can jumpstart your struggling fantasy football team’

Fantasy football 2013: The Aaron Hernandez ripple effect

The media coverage of the Aaron Hernandez case has been downright ludicrous … unless you are a Patriots fan or have a certain tight end on your dynasty fantasy roster.

And if you fall into either of the latter two categories, I feel your pain. The Patriots (technically now that is “former” Patriots) pass catcher helped my dynasty squad finally reach the promised land last season and I had sugarplums of a repeat dancing in my head until this morning’s breaking news that Mr. Hernandez had been arrested and subsequently cut by Bill Belichick’s squad.

Thank you, Aaron Hernandez. Thank you very much. Continue reading ‘Fantasy football 2013: The Aaron Hernandez ripple effect’

Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contests Week 1 results

Welcome back everyone for another year of fantasy football contests. That’s right, we have two contests running. A salary cap league at www.yahoo.com and the perfect lineup contest at www.nfl.com.

We have 11 teams in the Yahoo league so we’re going to start there this week, where Denver2426 spent all but .36 of his $100 cap to ace the field. Denver’s lineup scored 94.86 points to edge 69ers (92.06) in a neck-and-neck battle in Week 1.

Continue reading ‘Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contests Week 1 results’

Fantasy football 2012: Click-and-rip strategy to drafting a team defense and kicker

If you really, truly want to dominate those oafish office goons in the workplace fantasy football league, the secret is in two simple steps … at least in terms of drafting your fantasy kicker and team defense.

Click … and rip.

Start by clicking here to watch a short, but very valuable, video clip. It is one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies of all time. It will only take several minutes. I’ll still be here when you get back and we’ll discuss step No. 2.

OK? Did you soak in all that Robin Williams had to say? Good. Now pull out your favorite fantasy football magazine, turn to the fantasy kicker and team defense ranking pages and rip them out. Continue reading ‘Fantasy football 2012: Click-and-rip strategy to drafting a team defense and kicker’

Fantasy football 2012: Redraft tight end rankings … the top 18

Alliteration is one of my favorite writing tools. Want to make a reptile sound more sinister? Describe it as a slithery, slinking snake. Say that phrase three times really fast. You can almost hear a snake hissing its disapproval.

Or what about Gary’s goldfish gulping grapes greedily? Who cares if goldfish don’t eat grapes – the alliteration quickly sets the tone and gives you a certain mental picture.

How about this one: Graham, Gronkowski and Gates are great! If you want, we can accentuate the “great,” holding it out like Tony the Tiger feasting on Frosted Flakes. Continue reading ‘Fantasy football 2012: Redraft tight end rankings … the top 18’

Fantasy baseball 2012: Top 20 composite catchers

When buying auto insurance, you can put all your eggs in the gecko basket, roll the dice with Allstate’s “Mayhem” or bake a pecan pie with Progressive’s Flo. But what if you could compare all the potential quotes side-by-side? What if you polled Americans and then developed an overall ranking based on their comments across the board?

That is what composite rankings do for fantasy sports.

The following Top 20 fantasy catchers for 2012 are based on rankings from ESPN, USA Today, Sports Illustrated (CNNSI), MLB.com and the current ADP. Each of those rankings were added up and scored accordingly, and the following master list of catchers is the final result. Continue reading ‘Fantasy baseball 2012: Top 20 composite catchers’