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Draft Kings daily fantasy baseball advice

Draft Kings has a ton of great contests in MLB, NASCAR and golf right now. New users who join by clicking this link and deposit cash send a couple cents our way to help keep the fantasy advice coming.

Fantasy baseball

Daily fantasy baseball advice for Monday, July 26: Fantasy points for and against starting pitchers

Start pitchers against teams that have hit poorly against starting pitchers. Start batters against teams that have had poor performance out of starting pitchers.

This isn’t a daily fantasy baseball rule of thumb, but maybe it should be. It at least makes sense to me. But Google “fantasy points scored against starting pitchers” and you are not going to find the droids you’re looking for.

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Wide receiver 3/4 matchups for Week 9

Matchups should strongly influence your decisions when playing at daily fantasy sites like FanDuel and Draft Kings.

They also influence our projections and rankings at Chinstrap Ninjas.

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2012 Pre-Training Camp AFC West Preview

Here is a look at the outlook for the AFC West in 2012.

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2012 fantasy baseball | Crazy fantasy league drafts today. Join us


We have a crazy fantasy league drafting today at 3 p.m.

The crazy part:

28-man rosters — all players are active every day so no worries about changing your lineup.

Scoring rules: No negative stats, no ratios/averages to worry about

Hitters: total bases, runs, stolen bases and RBI all worth one point each

Pitchers: wins are worth 10 points, saves are worth 5 points, strikeouts and innings are worth one point each.

To join up for this inaugural high-scoring, low maintenance league, log in at ESPN’s fantasy site, click join league and search for 321Atomic Fantasy Baseball.

I hope to see you at the draft.


UPDATE: Thanks for the interest everyone. The league is full.

Post a comment below if you would still like to play in a similar league. If we get enough people, I will set up a second league with identical scoring and rosters.


Fantasy baseball 2012 | 5×5 ADP Top 40 outfielders

The season is upon us, let alone the fantasy draft season. Outfielders are — or should be — an important part of draft plans. A few years ago in one of my leagues, OFs were my first three picks. I’m OK with that, especially this year.

Most leagues start at least three outfielders. Some start five and allow players to start a sixth in a utility spot. In 10-team leagues, that means 30-60 outfielders are going to start and even more are going to be drafted for bench slots.

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Fantasy baseball 2012 | Adventures in Mock Drafting: Opening with 4 starting pitchers

In mock drafts this year, I’ve found that draft slot and beginning strategy is not as important as it has been in the past.

I can put together a winning team from virtually any slot while following any strategy — only 30-homer players to start, pick all but one of your pitcher with your last six picks. The only strategy I wouldn’t recommend is one that has you picking six pitchers to start. But if your first four picks were pitchers, you can make it work.

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Fantasy baseball | Knowledge is the No. 1 thing you need on draft day

You will find any number of lists and posts at Chinstrap Ninjas and at other sites around the Internet telling you how important knowledge is during your fantasy baseball quest.

Knowing the player pool — and knowing how you value those players — is more important than any one thing you’ll do all year.

It will drive your draft. It will drive your trades. It will drive your wire transactions.

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