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Championship week: Personalized start/sit advice to help you post a dominant lineup

Hello All,

First I want to apologize for my lack of production lately I was swamped with finals and school work.  I would really like to thank Jzak for coming through for me.

Moving on to this week, normally I would do rankings and such, but this week is special. If you are playing this week you are playing for some money. When it is the money game more goes into selecting your line up than just looking at rankings. You need to weigh a couple factors.

I feel it is an injustice to the readers who have been following and making moves for 15 weeks to just get some blanket rankings. That is why this week I am going to do them on a case-by-case basis.

Put in the comments all the info you feel is necessary and I will get back to you ASAP with my thoughts on who to play, with a little explanation as to why.

You can do this one of three ways.

  1. Drop the info into the comments section on this article
  2. Go to the Forums and drop the question in the start em sit em section
  3. Email me at consigliere12@gmail.com

I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible and more importantly I hope everyone has a great holiday and it is infused with a little extra cash from league titles.

32 Responses to “Championship week: Personalized start/sit advice to help you post a dominant lineup”

  1. Rambling Wreck

    Chargers or Patriots team Def for this week? Starting Flacco, R.White, A.Johnson, MJD, Blount, Nicks(flex), Tamme, and Akers. Starting my studs as a guideline but I’ve got FJax, Tolbert, Welker, Celek, Giants Def all on the bench. I think defense is the one area I really need help. Opponent has Vick, Foster, C. Johnson, D.Jax, VJax so I need to show up strong to represent the ninja nation

  2. Consigliere

    @Rambling Wreck:

    I like your starting lineup with your studs. you cant bench any of those wideouts no matter how juicy the Welker match-up is. I like Tamme over Celek he is due to find the endzone.

    If your D is awarded points for turnovers, sacks, picks and such i really think SD will be the better D to choose. The Packers are too dangerous offensively i think you would lose out bc of the points given up. I like the Pats but Buffalo could prove to be an issue since Matt Flynn was able to put up the points on them last week.

    All n all i think the San Diego D will force turnovers and get sacks against a Cincy team that is falling apart at the seams.

  3. Rambling Wreck

    Sorry, points given for turnovers(INT,FF), sacks, points allowed. Would you drop the Pats or Giants D to pick up Chargers or does either of them have better matchups next week?

  4. Consigliere

    @Rambling Wreck:

    I would all say they have good matchups next week.

    SD @ DEN
    NYG @ Wash
    Mia @ NE

    But if the giants win this week they are in for sure and the pats are already in the playoffs which would leave the Chargers needing to win to get in. I would dump the pats since they could be resting starters or pulling guys once up. The Giants might need to win next week so they are worth holding plus Rex Grossman will be starting for the Redskins, and Tebow is goign to be starting for Denver.

  5. Rambling Wreck

    Thanks for your advice! One last question, I do have Freeman on the bench. Would you start him in place of Flacco? ESPN projects 19 points for Freeman and 14 for Flacco. Is Freeman’s matchup really that much better

  6. Consigliere

    @Rambling Wreck:

    I think it would be a slightly riskier play by using Freeman but Sea is weak and TB is at home whereas Cleveland is at home and their D has been playing really well this year. The hawks give up 259 yards/game and cle 222 yards/game in the air I also think that Freeman poses a threat on the goal line to run the ball. In watching him last week vs my Lions he was used a quite a few times in the 3-1,3-2 downs to get the first down.

    Also the weather in Tampa should be much nicer than Cleveland, it is a factor that can play a part in the passing game. But both qb’s have been very consistent during this year throwing a TD in almost every game. If your league awards added points for rushing tds over passing tds Freeman could snag you a few extra points that way.

    I think Freeman could have a better game than Flacco but if you dont feel you need to roll the dice then i would play it safe, but if your willing to gamble and try to get that extra few points it would be worth starting Freeman.

  7. Quatre-vingt cinq

    Howdy Consigliere, long time reader first time questioner:

    Which 3 Wr’S should I start?
    Andre 3000 (Champ Bailey, hurt ankle)

    And should I be worried enough about Arian to start Torain or Westbrook? Man, I hope not. ( I also have S-Jax as RB2)

  8. Jaime

    what’s good Consigliere – happy holidays!

    2 championship games for me:

    I have an idea who I want to start, but I need a sanity check. Feedback from those outside-looking is always helpful!

    League1 PPR – the one that matters because it’s a winner take all league
    QB-Brady or Flacco? (4 pts for TDs -2 for INTs) This shouldn’t be a coin flip for me, but I am leaning towards Brady.

    WRs – need 3: I plan on starting Megatron, VJax and G.Jennings. On my bench are M.Colston and M.Austin. Should I make any changes?

    D/ST – SD and PHI … I’ve been alternating them pretty much all season. PHI for the championship game?

    The rest of my roster: MJD(RB1), J.Chuck(RB2), O.Daniels(TE), J.Brown(K)

    League2 – I lost Gore and Grant to injury this season, so I made it to this game with some good waiver wire moves (thanks to the Ninjas!) and a lot of luck! Now that I’m here, might as well try and win it.
    I need to fill 2RB’s, 2WR’s and a Flex:
    Blount, Torain, R.Brown, Lynch, B.Marshall, P.Garcon, M.Austin.

    I plan on rollin’ the dice with Blount, Torain, Marhsall, Garcon and ???

    Again, I truly appreciate the feedback and cheers to winning our championship games!

  9. Consigliere

    @Quatre-vingt cinq:

    First off start Foster he will be fine.

    WR: start AJ all day
    Now it gets dicey… i think Welker is your WR2
    Floyd is banged up and most likely will be out, so you will be forced to pick between Knox and Crabtree and in my opinion Crabtree has been nothing but disappointing. I would go with
    AJ, Welker, Knox… if Floyd is at or near 100% and playing i would go with him over Knox

  10. Consigliere


    League 1:

    QB: Play Brady dont over think it
    WR: I like CJ and Vj for sure… Jennings has burned me in the past and Austin has a great match up but as long as Rodgers is full go i would stick with Jennings. Jennings should have a solid game and the cowboy’s game could get out of hand so the rushing game could be in full force.
    D: The only issue with philly is that Webb is a mobile quarterback so the sack numbers could be down whereas SD could just unload on the bengals who are just in shambles. I like SD here

    League 2
    RB: Blount & Lynch
    WR: Garcon & Marshall
    Flex: Torain

    I like Lynch here because the bucs have been lite up on the ground by the Lions and Redskins. I like Austin as well but he has been inconsistent and i always prefer to flex a RB over a WR.

    I like Blount to play well as well as Garcon and Marshall. It seems you are on borrowed time right now with all the injuries so hopefully you can be the comeback kids once again.

  11. Bilbo Baggins

    Gut Check

    I’m going with Jennings instead of Andre Johnson since I won’t have access to the internet Sunday for a last minute change. Kubiak made that gametime decision announcement, so I’m being careful, since I have the 1st place lead by 40 points (Non-ppr Total Points League).

    Same thing with Foster, as I’m replacing him with Jamaal Charles and can’t risk any bad news. Am I being overly protective? Thanks

  12. ECU Pir8


    Big fan of the site, keep up the good work.

    In one of my money leagues, there’s only six teams and as such my team is pretty stacked. Really torn on a few key areas.

    QB-Peyton Manning
    WR1-Desean Jackson
    WR2-Roddy White
    WR3-Calvin Johnson
    Flex-Jamaal Charles
    TE-Marcedes Lewis
    Def-San Diego

    Bench: Bmarshall, VJax, Reggie Wayne, AP, & Ahmad Bradshaw.

    First off, Kellen Winslow is available off waivers and I was considering replacing Lewis with Winslow.

    Also, although I’d feel safer running with a more consistent guy in Calvin Johnson, I was considering benching him for the fresh Vjax coming off that amazing week 15 performance or even Bmarshall seeing his 15+ targets in the last two games.

    Finally, NYG, Tampa Bay, and NE are available in place of San Diego. Cincy has been awful and isn’t looking like their going to get it together anytime soon and the points given for sacks and INTs in my league should give SD an advantage over the others. Regardless I wanted to hear what you had to say on the matter.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Consigliere

    @Bilbo Baggins:

    Foster is not on the injury report so i would put him back in the line up. I understand your concern with AJ but i think he is going to go.

    I understand the concern and if your in first and just need to hold on then going with Jennings is the best bet.

  14. Consigliere

    @ECU Pir8: @ECU Pir8:

    I am a Lions fan so i am slightly bias but i really think he is too good to bench. I like picking up Winslow and going with him. The Lions pass rush is very good and they are going to get to henne and force the passes short and quick.

    I love SD this week and would play them over pretty much every defense this week.

    It is very hard in the short team leagues but i think that Hill is going to start so CJ has increased value.

    You do have a tough call but i like your current line up

  15. cartisimo

    How about Eli Manning vs garrard Stewart vs westbrook and nyg d vs Atlanta? I realize its basically too late to be asking about jstew currently I have westbrook in.

  16. Consigliere


    Tough call on QB bc Garrard still has a good matchup but i really think that Eli is the elite play here.

    I would run with westbrook just bc the Steelers are going to key on the one part of the offense that works in carolina

    I think you need to go with the Giants elite pass rush over the falcons who play the Saints offense who is clicking at full go.

  17. cartisimo

    Thanks bro. Merry Christmas!

  18. Bez

    I sent this to your email too so please discard it if you prefer to respond here instead.

    Hello, I came upon your website searching for ff rankings on the web and noticed your page that said you would provide personalized line up help. I could always use the help especially in such a crucial fantasy bowl week and thought I would have you check it out. Thanks for doing this!!!
    Here is my team and potential lineup. The players in ( ) are my possible bench this week, the last week. Please look it over and check out the dialogue about my players, then if you would be so kind to let me know your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.
    My leagues scoring is also explained below – non ppr.

    We play 1 qb, 2 rb’s, 2 wr’s, 1 te, 1 k & def

    QB: Rivers vs CIN (Palmer vs SD)

    RB: Foster vs DEN, Blount vs SEA (F. Jones vs ARZ, J. Stew vs PIT)

    WR: D-Jax vs MN, V-Jax vs CIN (M. Austin vs ARZ, M. Wallace vs CAR)

    TE: Tamme vs OAK (Boss vs GB)

    K: M. Bryant vs NO (Hartley vs ATL, Carpenter vs DET)

    DEF: Atlanta

    Scoring: qb gets 2 pts per 100 yrds throwing, 6pts per td, 3pts per 50yds rush, -1 for each int/fumble.
    wr/rb/te gets 3pts per 50yds rush/receiving, 6pts per td, -1 for fumble
    k gets normal 3pts per FG & 1pt per extra pt, 4pts for fg’s of 50+yds.
    def only gets pts for the following; 1pt per fumble rec/int, 6pts per td from def and/or special teams, 6pts for a shutout. That’s it.

    Rivers is a lock but I’m playing against Vick so almost need 3+ tds from him or I could pick up someone like kitna, rex, freeman if you think they have a better chance for more tds than rivers…thinking not.

    Foster is a lock (and thought that last week but…any given Sunday). After that, I’m not so certain. Blount to me is the better option of the other 3 but would you pick up someone like choice-DALLAS vs ARZ, lynch-SEA vs TB or thomas jones-KC vs TENN? I like blount but concerned that he doesn’t get the red zone/goal line touches nor does he ever get any catches. I kind of like lynch this week surprisingly but Seattle is sooo bad. Felix Jones might be ok with the matchup but since he’s a little banged up…well you know the rest. I love the ARZ matchup and thought stewart last week would have scored and played him, but no.

    Wr’s…expecting to play the jackson boys. I hope floyd (and gates) will be out in SD again this week. With desaun, I really liked seeing how cutler was able to hook-up with knox for the long ball on monday against the vikes and can see the same thing happening w/ vick to d-jax but the vikes are actually ranked the highest against wr’s amongst the 4 I have. I didn’t play him last week and played austin instead. Based on our scoring, d-jax would have given me 2 more pts than austin only bcuz of his last play punt return for the td. I’m bitter sweet about both austin & d-jax as the consistency hasn’t quite been there. What I’m hearing about wallace is its expected that the game will be run-heavy so will they even need to throw much?

    TE…I have been playing tamme ever since I picked him up when clark went down. What I don’t like, is seeing him catch 5-7 balls for less than 50yds which means 0 pts while I have K. Boss sitting on my bench and scoring tds. I know collie is out and the consensus is tamme will see more targets but even when collie was out b4 (besides the time when both collie & wayne were out), I’m not seeing the targets turning into pts…at least over the last 4, maybe 5 weeks. Boss is playing GB who gives up the most to TE’s in the league right now. I was tempted to use him last week since philly is also ranked near gb with te give ups. Help.

    My kicker….I figured I should use bryant this week. I played carpenter last week since the bills give up so much to kickers and miami is the stall queens in the red zone but who would have thought he would miss 4 fricken fg’s? Jeez. Bryant scored 9 pts in their last meeting w/ NO in NO so I’m thinking he should be good for that especially playing at home and indoors…I think? Do you think ok should pick up someone else like PITTS, NE or RAMS kicker?

    My def saved me last week as I was down 3pts with only ATL left to play. Thank goodness they came through. I’m not high on them this week against NO. I could pick up chi, dallas, arz or maybe oak who plays the colts and still have it fresh in my mind watching manning throw picks for tds in 2 straight games recently. As you can see from my scoring, tds are really the crown jewel but I understand they are so hard to predict.

    One more thing…is it an advantage or disadvantage playing d-jax since my opponent has vick as his qb? I’ve heard conflicting things about that. My instinct says its not a good thing as I’m playing defensively and he scores when I do and vice versus.

    My opponents likely lineup is below in case it will help.

    Qb: vick or rodgers..prob vick
    Rb: mendenhall, s-jax, maybe bradshaw but doubt it
    Wr: s. moss, b. Lloyd, maybe h. Ward but doubt it
    Te: b. watson
    K: m. crosby (gb) or r. gould (chi)
    Def: NE or GB

    Best wishes to you and yours. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

  19. Consigliere


    Well i agree 100% on Rivers he is a stud and is a top 3 to 5 qb every week.

    RB: With your league seeming to be more TD heavy as you only get 3pts per 50 yards I love the fact that Blount and Foster both get all the goal line carries. Jones will get them poached from him and if Choice gets going that could be a wrap on the day for Jones. Also the match-ups for both Blount and Foster are very nice. I like Foster to bounce back and Blount to really keep on rolling. Picking up Lynch could be an option but i just think the superior options are Blount and Foster.

    WR: First the playing the WR of your opponents QB. with your scoring it seems that it doesnt affect you much here and is an advantage to you. for every 100 yards djax gets he gets 6pts to vicks 2pts and the touchdowns are a wash so if djax catches 2 of vicks 3 tds it really is only as if vick threw one td and djax will get him on the yards as a 300 yard passing game is only worth 6pts and djax can get that in only 100 yards. with your scoring system i think its is beneficial to play djax, Also djax returns punts and if the team is dumb enough to kick to him he could find you a quick 6 points there as well. For those reasons i would go with him for sure and then going with the vjax/rivers combo is deadly and risky but i like him over Austin. It also looks like both Gates and Floyd are going to be out. Playing Wallace would have been nice but the match ups of jackson and jackson is too good and Wallace has already played by the time you sent me this. Trust your gut here and play Jackson and Jackson.

    TE: I understand the frustration with Tamme but i just cant bring myself to bench a guy that is getting that many targets and averaging almost 7 catches a game. He is due to find the endzone and there really arent a ton of great options out there to choose from. Boss is a decent play but he has been wildly inconsistent and i would be fearful to go with him since he doesnt get solid yardage. Stick with Tamme and trust Manning to feed him.

    D: Seeing that your just looking for scores i might grab the bears and hope Hester goes nutz or Sanchez decides to throw the game away. Also you didnt mention points for sacks but the Bears should get some of those and Peppers is a solid guy for the strip sack so there could be some points to be had there.

    K: go with Bryant i think its oging to be a high scoring MNF game.

    I hope all goes well and good luck… email me if you have any other questions.

  20. Bez

    That was very well put. I wish I would have found your site weeks ago but it’s now bookmarked so I will be will be with you all next year. Thanks! Now one more question, who do you see winning the bowl between his and my teams? He played Mendenhall and not sure how he ended up tonight. He had 9 pts last I looked. I wonder if I should have played Wallace. Only time will tell.
    Thanks so much, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this site before especially as much time I spend looking around for great ff sites. Do you recommend or have any other features on the site that I should definitely check out? Also, since this is the last week of our league, do you have any other games/leagues I can participate in for the remainder of the season? After all, it could be awhile before we get the chance to play again if the lockout actually happens. Cheers and hope you win yours.

  21. Consigliere


    Well between you both i think you have a slight edge.

    QB i think is a wash
    RB i would give him the slight edge just bc he has already got a TD out of Mendy but before this game i would have called your RB match up a wash with maybe a slight edge to him
    WR I give the edge to you i dont like his WR’s at all and you really could make up some points there
    TE i give you the edge
    K/D is just a coin flip

    I would direct you to the Forums for sure, i do a lot of response stuff on there. I dont know if you do a dynasty league or what not but i am big into that so i will be willing to talk keepers and things of that nature on there anytime. Also its a good spot to get ideas out there to hear from other people. I know you need to sign up and get approved but it is really just to keep the spammers out, i would do that so you can post and get feed back from a host of writers and fans of the site.

    Also check out our fantasy game. you can jump in at any time as we do monthly winners and such and its actually pretty tough so one or two good weeks and you could be right at the top.

    If your into fantasy baseball that is another thing that starts to pick up on here. I am just getting back into that but the other writers on here are pretty into it already.

    If you want as well you can click on the writers names and kind of see some of the stuff that has been put out by them, I know i had some pre season predictions and draft articles that while are dated are worth checking out.

    And feel free to email and what not whenever you like i am always in the mood to talk football, the draft, or any other related item. Or if you want to ask an opinion on something so you can really blow your friends minds with a new interesting take on a player or team ill gladly help.

    Thanks for checking us out and good luck

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