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Chinstrap Ninjas 2011-2012 fantasy football contest: Playoffs Week 4 lineups, Playoffs Week 3 results

Team Name Here extended his slight lead over Dante Bruno this week but Cartisimo was the biggest mover. Cartisimo claimed the Conference Championship Week title and moved into fourth-place in the overall race.

As usual, skip to the comments to post a lineup for this week’s game — the Pro Bowl — or read on to find out what else happened in the contest this week.

Congratulations to Cartisimo, who scored 20 points this week to lead all teams.

Regardless of the final score, Cartisimo was going to get some serious compliments this week. It doesn’t pay for C to follow the leader because he is trailing the leaders by a couple week’s worth of points. Just like last week, Cartisimo made some off-center picks and this week it paid off. Joe Flacco was our top quarterbackand Victor Cruz — started by only one other team — tied with Torrey Smith to be the top wide receiver.

Cartisimo was the only team to not start Rob Gronkowski.

We’re near the end of a month, the end of the playoffs and the end of the overall race, but it is far too close to call any of these titles early.

Team Name Here and Dante Bruno continue their battle atop the overall and playoff races — Bruno has a slight edge over Team Name in the playoff standings 65-62.

Bruno also leads the January race with 71 points, however, with the Pro Bowl coming up this week there are plenty of points to be scored. Schizophrenic Smurfs and Team Name are tied for second in January with 62 points.

Despite disappointing performances from Tom Brady, Ray Rice, Hakeem Nicks and Rob Gronkowski, Purple Coconuts maintained his hold on the No. 3 overall spot with 104 points.

Like Cartisimo, Smurfs went with an off-center pick, starting Ravens receiver Torrey Smith.

Top performers this week:


Our highest point-scorer of the week was none other than Joe Flacco. Flacco threw for 306, two touchdowns and an interception. The difference-maker for him was a 27-yard rushing performance. Eli Manning trailed Flacco by just .32 points, 20-94-20.62. Manning threw for 316 and two touchdowns. He also had -2 yards rushing.

Running backs

Dark horse running backs took the top spots this week. One playoff round after Aaron Hernandez led the Patriots in rushing, BenJarvus Green-Ellis retook control of the ground. He rushed for 68 yards and the only rushing touchdown of the round. Law Firm scored 12.8 fantasy points. Ahmad Bradshaw was a close second with 12.6 fantasy points. Bradshaw rushed for 74 yards and caught six passes for 52 yards. Frank Gore and Ray Rice, the two running backs started by every team in the contest scored a combined 19.7 fantasy points.

Wide receivers

Victor Cruz and Torrey Smith scored more points than the rest of the receivers in the conference championships but did it in very different performances. Cruz, who had eight catches in the first half, finished with 10 receptions and 142 yards. Smith caught only three passes, but turned them into 82 yards and a touchdown. Each player scored 14.2 fantasy points. Our No. 3 wide receiver, who would have provided tough-luck points this week if anyone had started him, was Anquan Boldin. Boldin caught six passes for 101 yards.

Tight ends

Vernon Davis‘ 100-yard, 2-touchdown performance led all fantasy scorers in the conference championships this weekend. Davis caught only three passes, but scored on two of them and finished with 112 yards to score 23.2 fantasy points. Dennis Pitta — we all saw that coming — was our No. 2 tight end, catching a touchdown among his five catches. He finished with 41 yards and 10.1 fantasy points.

Conference Championship Round

Rk Team Play3 QB RB WR TE
1 cartisimo 20 Flacco Gore Cruz Hernandez
2 Schizo Smurfs 12 Manning Rice TSmith Gronkowski
3 Team Name Here 10 Brady Rice Cruz Gronkowski
4 Oops Machine 7 Manning Rice Nicks Gronkowski
5 Purple Coconuts 5 Brady Rice Nicks Gronkowski
6 Dante Bruno 5 Brady Gore Nicks Gronkowski
7 Super Friends 0
8 69ers 0
9 MoHawks 0
10 Brandon 0
11 Tom Hagen 0
12 Dr. Zoidberg 0
13 Gridiron Assassins 0
14 Chickenheads & Pigeons 0
15 LOL Cats 0
16 Krause 0
17 Rockchalk 0
18 Crampers 0
19 Chill Tow. 0
20 inthewhale 0
21 Sockonfl 0
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

2011-2012 playoffs standings

Rk Team Play
1 Dante Bruno 65
2 Team Name Here 62
3 Schizo Smurfs 62
4 Purple Coconuts 57
5 Oops Machine 52
6 cartisimo 27
7 Chickenheads & Pigeons 7
8 Super Friends 0
9 69ers 0
10 MoHawks 0
11 Brandon 0
12 Tom Hagen 0
13 Dr. Zoidberg 0
14 Gridiron Assassins 0
15 LOL Cats 0
16 Krause 0
17 Rockchalk 0
18 Crampers 0
19 Chill Tow. 0
20 inthewhale 0
21 Sockonfl 0
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

2011-2012 Overall standings

Rk Team Over
1 Team Name Here 145
2 Dante Bruno 139
3 Purple Coconuts 104
4 cartisimo 75
5 Oops Machine 73
6 Super Friends 67
7 Schizo Smurfs 66
8 69ers 61
9 MoHawks 61
10 Brandon 37
11 Tom Hagen 36
12 Dr. Zoidberg 34
13 Gridiron Assassins 31
14 Chickenheads & Pigeons 29
15 LOL Cats 28
16 Krause 27
17 Rockchalk 10
18 Crampers 5
19 Chill Tow. 5
20 inthewhale 2
21 Sockonfl 1
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0


These rules won’t take effect until after Week 17′a games are complete, but rest assured that you’ll want to stick around because things are going to get crazy:

Every team that participates after Week 17 (beginning with Playoffs Week 1) will receive five points just for playing every week. Post a lineup in every week of the playoffs through the Super Bowl and get a longevity bonus of five extra points. That means a team that posts a lineup in all four weeks will earn 25 points just for playing. We recognize and reward sticktoitiveness at Chinstrap Ninjas.

Other bonuses:

  • 10 bonus points for starting a week’s top overall scorer. (Example: In Week 16 last year, Aaron Rodgers was started by Chickenheads&Pigeons and was the top point scorer. In the playoffs his performance would be worth 15 points, not just five.) This could be a real game-breaking jackpot. However, there will be far fewer players to choose from each week and there will likely be several “hits,” especially once we get to the conference championships and Super Bowl. Should be interesting.
  • The Pro Bowl does count toward this competition.
  • Last year we awarded one bonus point for Tough-Luck Award winners. This year, Tough-Lucks have been worth one point all season. Since we’ve upped the ante elsewhere, let’s award another point. So, in the playoffs, runners-up are worth two points.
  • Of course regular season bonuses still stand, so selecting multiple correct responses will get you the usual bonuses.

Post a lineup for the Pro Bowl in the comments. It’s never too late to join up.

To learn more about the contest, including scoring/lineup rules or to see Week 1′s lineups thread, go to the original post.

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9 Responses to “Chinstrap Ninjas 2011-2012 fantasy football contest: Playoffs Week 4 lineups, Playoffs Week 3 results”

  1. jzak

    Schizophrenic Smurfs
    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
    WR: Mike Wallace
    TE: Jimmy Graham

  2. Dante Bruno

    I missed something. Are we posting Pro Bowl?

  3. ep

    DB: Yep. I said in the first playoff post that the Pro Bowl was included and the Special Playoff Rules also includes a line that says the Pro Bowl is included.

    However, if we get low turnout (we’ve had six since playoffs started), we may not count the points.

    Last year we posted Pro Bowl lineups for fun and did not count points toward the contest.

  4. Nick

    Purple Coconuts
    QB: Brees
    RB: McCoy
    WR: Fitzgerald
    TE: Gates

  5. cartisimo


  6. ep

    Oops Machine
    QB: Drew Brees
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
    WR: Steve Smith
    TE: Jimmy Graham

  7. Dante Bruno

    QB: Cam Newton
    RB: Willis McGahee
    WR: A J Green
    TE: Tony Gonzalez

  8. Brohamma

    Pro Bowl?? Seriously?

  9. ep

    Brohamma: Yep, as bad as the “game” was, it still counts toward our contest. We played Pro Bowl last year but it didn’t count toward score. In the first playoff post I said the Pro Bowl was included and it’s been in the special playoff rules section every week.

    But considering the confusion I’m not going to penalize the every-week-of-the-playoffs bonus for not posting during the Pro Bowl.

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