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Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contest: Now with automation [UPDATED]

The 2012 NFL season is hurtling toward us like rocketship. As you are likely aware, I haven’t been able to write as much this preseason and fear that it will not let up any time soon.

I’m going to make an effort to write as much as possible and part of that includes recaps of our FREE Weekly Fantasy Football Contest. However, I need to offload some of the dirty work to save time and keep me from making mistakes. You also won’t have to wait for me to make a post to set your lineup for the week.

My solution is a salary cap league at Yahoo Sports. Sorry for those of you who don’t like Yahoo or who don’t want to play salary cap. Yahoo will track our weekly and season performances, which is the main reason I chose it.

For those of you unfamiliar with salary cap, it is a fun take on fantasy sports.

Here are the basics:

You start with $100 in salary. You must set a full lineup each week while staying under the salary cap.

Player salaries fluctuate throughout the season.

Finding values — and selling high after a big week — is half the fun.

In many ways, I could see this being even more fun — with more varied lineups from all participants.

Please sign up as soon as possible. We’ll do recaps and commentary like we always do.

  1. Search: yahoo salary cap football
  2. The top result should be for the salary cap front page
  3. The group name is Chinstrap Ninjas
  4. The group Id# is 2919
  5. The group password is ninjaninja

You can also request an invoice by emailing me at ep(at)chinstrapninjas.com.

UPDATE–Weekly lineup challenge at NFL.com

I’m not sure how many of you have logins at NFL.com, but they have a weekly contest there as well.

The perfect weekly challenge lineup is actually very similar to our contest, except it uses a full lineup.

I created a group there as well. Please sign up if you like.

Visit: http://challengegames.nfl.com/perfectchallenge

The group is Chinstrap Ninjas

The password is ninjaninja

Thanks and good luck, have fun this season.

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