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Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contest Week 2 results | Rodneykster, Arian’s Brotherhood claim crowns

We’re only two weeks into the season, but if this is any indication about how this season is going to go, our contests are going to provide plenty of off-the-field excitement in 2012.

We crowned new champions in both leagues this week, with massive shakeups atop the Yahoo Salary Cap league — with Arian’s Brotherhood clawing to the top of the heap. But before we get too deep into Arian’s conquest, let’s talk about the Perfect Lineup crew over at NFL.com.

The perfect crew also crowned a new king, rodneykster, our No. 2 finisher in Week 1. But it didn’t come easy. Rodneykster finished with 94.04 points, thanks in large part to C.J. Spiller’s RB runner-up finish, but it almost wasn’t enough. Lestergreen scored 93.90 points, meaning just 16 rushing/receiving yards was the difference between a trophy or a pat on the back. Rodneykster got a good week out of Arian Foster (20 points) and Tom Brady (14 points). But, like so many of our Perfect crew, the wide receivers were a massive letdown. He got a combined 3.6 points out of Julio Jones and Andre Johnson.

Lestergreen had to know things were going good when Drew Brees found Jimmy Graham for that early touchdown. He paired that duo up with Foster to score 52.8 points. In a perfect lineup league, where every player is available at no cost, starting a WR crew of Steve Smith and Percy Harvin seems a little off. That duo, however produced 22.1 points, far outpacing the most-played WRs of the week. Good call, Lestergreen

Last week’s champ, brohamma, suffered a similar letdown, but also played Darren McFadden, who didn’t help. For me, McFadden was the No. 1 play last week, especially in salary cap formats where his value “was still so low,” I told myself. Brohamma, like so many other players this week I’m sure, got just six points out of the back and in all saw five of his eight starters score six points or less.

For the second week in a row, a stacked lineup let down nsummer0130. While his decision to start Peyton Manning and Eric Decker seems odd on the surface, two paragraphs ago we were explaining Smith and Harvin outplaying their supposedly more awesome peers. And, if you’re expecting a shootout against the Falcons, Manning and Decker are pretty good options. However, Manning threw picks on his first three possessions for the first time in his career.

Herschelswalker missed the deadline to post a lineup this week, however, we’ll crown a Week 3 champion next week, and if this week proves anything, it’s that Perfect Lineup is a fickle thing that none of us will master any time soon.

To sign up for our Perfect Lineup league:

Visit nfl.com’s perfect challenge page.

Search for our group Chinstrap Ninjas.

The password is ninjaninja.

Week 2 perfect lineup

  • QB: Robert Griffin III, 30.4 points
  • RB: Reggie Bush, 31.07 points
  • RB: C.J. Spiller, 29.0 points
  • WR: Hakeem Nicks, 25.9 points
  • WR: Victor Cruz, 23.9 points
  • TE: Dante Rosario, 22.8 points
  • K: Stephen Gostkowski, 16.0 points
  • DEF: Packers, 19.0 points

Top 3 overall (full standings available at the league home)

  1. rodneykster, 212.18 points
  2. lestergreen, 209.26 points
  3. brohamma, 190.78 points

Yahoo Salary Cap league

The low-scoring week continued in our Salary Cap League. Last week two teams scored more than 90 points. This week Arian’s Brotherhood led all players with 77.87 points. He took the top spot despite having negative performance from the duo of Jay Cutler and Adrian Peterson. Arian’s made up for it with their kicker and defense picks, which scored a combined 20.5 points and have earned a combined $4.57 above what he paid for them. The Brotherhood also started C.J. Spiller, which more than made up for a disappointing performance from Julio Jones and Randall Cobb.

Our runner up in Week 2 was Power Rangers. The Rangers mixed a good amount of studs, like LeSean McCoy, Maurice Jones-Drew and Victor Cruz, with some excellent sleepers, like Ryan Tannehill and Demaryius Thomas.

Rangers owner Sam Davis issued his challenge in the comments of last week’s update yesterday, saying “Power Rangers have shaken things up (didnt understand the format at first). Prepare to be ravaged.” He brings up a good point. Mixing in the right sleepers early in the season is crucial because they could provide a huge profit until you have to sell them on their bye weeks.

Denver 2424, our champ from Week 1, tried to snag a couple sleeper values with his Week 2 lineup, even leaving $17.02 in the bank. Some sleepers stay asleep, and Denver2424 might have been unlucky enough to pick every one of them this week. Seven of nine starters will be worth less in Week 3 than what he originally paid for them.

69ers, who finished No. 2 last week, has seen Arian Foster and Greg Zuerlein far outplay their costs. But negative performances from Peyton Manning and Darren McFadden offset the performances.

Cannon Fodder‘s third-place finish last week and fourth place finish last week was the right combination to give him the top spot in our early overall rankings with 154.66 points. Cannon has earned a combined $6.08 from Robert Griffin III, Jimmy Graham and the Baltimore defense. I don’t think there’s any matchup that makes it worth selling those three at their starting prices until the bye weeks start up.

Finishing third last week and fourth this week, Crack rounds out our overall top-5 with 147.86 points. Crack fell victim to The McFadden like so many of us, but he also snuck Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker into his lineup. Tucker made three field goals for the second consecutive week and his value continues to climb.  In Week 3, he’ll cost $3.46 more than what Crack paid for him in Week 1.

The lineup posted by Consigliere’s Crooks is a good example of how much we don’t know about fantasy football every season. There are five first or second round picks AND C.J. Spiller AND a great sleeper TE in Jacob Tamme. On paper it’s probably pretty close to a perfect salary cap team and closely resembles a couple of my Fanduel lineups. But it was only good for 56 fantasy points this week.

Julio Jones is worth $1.44 less than what Super Friends paid for him following the dismal 0.75 points this week. Super certainly is not alone. Luckily they had the foresight to start C.J. Spiller and Garrett Hartley, who have outearned their costs by a combined $3.38.

AZ Phantoms kept every player from their Week 1 lineup and the players responded to the loyalty with poor performances across the board. Garrett Hartley and the Arizona defense continued to perform well. They’ve earned a combined $2.38 since opening week.

Like AZ Phantoms, jzak‘s lineup responded to loyalty with mostly poor performances. Luckily, Michael Vick and the Texans defense each scored well and added to their value.

To sign up for our Salary Cap league:

Visit http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/salcap

Our group name is Chinstrap Ninjas. Our Group ID# is 2919.

The group password is ninjaninja

Week 2 Top 5 Price Movers

  1. Dante Rosario, +$4.48
  2. Trent Richardson, +$3.04
  3. Reggie Bush, +$2.83
  4. Brandon Weeden, +$2.76
  5. Sam Bradford, +$2.63

Week 2 Bargain Bin (from Yahoo)

  1. Kevin Ogletree
  2. Robert Griffin III
  3. Justin Tucker
  4. Martellus Bennett
  5. C.J. Spiller

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