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Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contest Week 3 results: nsummer0130, AZ Phantoms claim titles

After another amazing week of football — I think there’s another score update coming in from Detroit and Tennessee — we have some champions to recognize.

Our most perfect Week 3 participant in NFL.com’s NFL Perfect Challenge was nsummer0130. Our Yahoo Salary Cap expert was AZ Phantoms.

Phantoms nearly became our first 100-point scorer, tallying 99.85 points to pace the field. Peyton Manning, Darren McFadden, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson all scored good points — and every one of them have turned a profit since joining his team. But the real kicker was the $11.48 he paid to have Arizona on his roster. The Cardinals posted a 24-point week.

With the big win, Phantoms moved up to seventh overall.

Arian’s Brotherhood retains our championship belt this week. He finished third in Week 3 with 88.17 points and leads players with 242.46 fantasy points. Robert Griffin III and A.J. Green were the big point-earners for the Brotherhood.

We’ve only had five performances of 90 points or more so far this season so it should come as no surprise that Consiglier’s Crooks jumped up to third in the overall rankings wit their 94.21-point performance. Those sneaky Crooks started Mikel Leshoure, a $5.59 bargain who scored 12.70 points.

Crack, our No. 1 challenger to Arian’s title, scored 78.57 points to move his total to 226.43. Crack has seen Robert Griffin III and Justin Tucker each turn more than $3 in profit since he rostered them. Also, starting Mike Wallace against the Raiders in Week 3 paid off.

Rounding out our Week 3 top five is 69ers, who scored 72.36 points and finishes the week in fourth place in the overall race. 69ers started Giants TE Martellus Bennett at $5.66. Bennett outperformed Julio Jones, Percy Harvin and Andre Johnson.

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Our group name is Chinstrap Ninjas. Our Group ID# is 2919.

The group password is ninjaninja

Week 3 Top 5 Price Movers (from Yahoo)

  1. Matt Schaub, +$3.28
  2. Ben Roethlisberger, +$3.22
  3. Jamaal Charles, +$3.06
  4. Golden Tate, +$2.75
  5. Ryan Succop, +$2.74

Week 3 Top 5 Bargains (from Yahoo)

  1. Robert Griffin III
  2. Kevin Ogletree
  3. Martellus Bennett
  4. Justin Tucker
  5. Andrew Luck

NFL Perfect Challenge

Calvin Johnson, Ray Rice and Matt Ryan posted a combined 64.8 fantasy points to help nsummer0130 to the Week 3 title. Eleven-point performances out of Vernon Davis, C.J. Spiller and the Jets defense didn’t hurt either.

The performance moved nsummer0130 up to third overall because lestergreen (103.50) and rodneykster (96.44) both posted excellent lineups of their own to maintain the top two spots.

lestergreen’s decision to start Maurice Jones-Drew paid off. MJD was the No. 2 running back in Week 3 wth 25.3 fantasy points. Pairing MJD with Drew Brees (19.6) and Calvin Johnson (22.4) made for a strong lineup.

Five players scored at least 11.1 points for rodneykster. That crew included Trent Richardson, a sneaky pick in a league where players can start both Ray Rice and Arian Foster if they want.

Brohamma, who won the Week 1 title by seven points, missed the deadline to post a lineup for this week. Hope to see you back next week. Herschelswalker failed to post a lineup for the second consecutive week.

To join our Perfect Lineup group:

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Search for our group Chinstrap Ninjas.

The password is ninjaninja.

Week 3 Perfect Lineup

  • QB: Ben Roethlisberger, 32.2 points
  • RB: Jamaal Charles, 34.8 points
  • RB: Maurice Jones-Drew, 25.3 points
  • WR: A.J. Green, 25.4 points
  • WR: Torrey Smith, 24.7 points
  • TE: Heath Miller, 18 points
  • K: Ryan Succop, 19 points
  • DEF: Cardinals, 24 points

Good luck this week in our contests and in all of your leagues.

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