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Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contest Week 4 results: rodneykster, 69ers victorious in Week 4

After four weeks, averages in the NFL are supposed to start resembling what we can expect for the rest of the year. Week 5 is when a lot of sites release their initial rest of the way rankings and it’s when projections start to become more reliable.

All things are going as expected, too. Brian Hartline, the No. 1 receiver in Week 4, is on pace for 100 catches and 1,820 yards. The Saints are on pace for 0-16. The Cardinals will finish with a perfect 16-0 record.

Luckily, the one thing we all can predict is a competitive contest in the Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contest.

We cranked out two more winners this week. 69ers claimed our Yahoo Salary Cap League crown this week with an 86.08 point performance. The excellent score was 69ers’ second-highest of the season, behind a 92-point second-place finish in Week 1.

Rodneykster, our Week 2 winner, rolled to another NFL Perfect Challenge win in Week 4. Five players, led by Robert Griffin III’s 23.9 points, scored 10 or more points for our championship lineup this week. The performance vaulted rodneykster to the top of the overall standings with 410.94 points. lestergreen, who posted our No. 2 lineup with 87.46 points this week, is in second with 400.22 points. lestergreen started this week’s No. 4 quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Our top-5 in Week 4 was identical to our overall leaders, with nsummer0130, last week’s champ, in third with 84.86 points and 370.87 overall points. Brohamma was fourth with 79.06 and 269.84 points after getting sub-par performances from some excellent picks, including a sneaky-great decision to start BenJarvus Green-Ellis. I started him in a couple Fanduel games this week. He was a major disappointment.

Some interesting notes about this week’s perfect lineup: Three of the top players, Stevan Ridley, Brian Harline and Scott Chandler, were started by zero team owners. Two others, Michael Turner and Greg Zuerlein, were started by only 1 %.

To join our Perfect Lineup group:

Visit nfl.com’s perfect challenge page.

Search for our group Chinstrap Ninjas.

The password is ninjaninja.

Week 4 Perfect Lineup

  • QB: Tom Brady, 32 points
  • RB: Michael Turner, 23.1 points
  • RB: Stevan Ridley, 22.6 points
  • WR: Brian Hartline, 31.3 points
  • WR: Roddy White, 28.1 points
  • TE: Scott Chandler, 18.2 points
  • K: Greg Zuerlein, 17 points
  • DEF: 49ers, 27 points

Salary Cap League

Overcoming ridiculously low scores from some starters is easy when you get a combined 41 points combined out of your starting defense and kicker. 69ers’ Week 4 lineup is proof. Zuerlein has returned $4.56 above the price 69ers paid for him.

69ers’ performance in Week 4 was also enough to push him into the overall lead with 308 points.

Before we talk about the rest of Week 4’s top 5, let’s talk about the ridiculous battle for second place in the overall race. Just 12 points separate the the Nos. 2 to 6 players in the overall standings. That top six: 1. 69ers, 2. Arian’s Brotherhood, 3. Consigliere’s Crooks, 4. Power Rangers, 5. AZ Phantoms, 6. Cannon Fodder.

Our No. 2 team in Week 4, Denver2424, is not on that list, but it won’t take many more big games to get into the fight. Denver2424 finished with 72.81 points. Robert Griffin III, Marshawn Lynch and Eric Decker have all earned more than $1 above their starting price for our Week 2 runner up.

AZ Phantoms was just a few yards away from taking the No. 2 spot, posting 72.06 fantasy points. Phantoms has some negative contributors in the lineup, but Peyton Manning has returned $5.16. The Arizona Cardinals have returned a $3.46 profit as well.

Superfriends got sneaky, starting Jacquizz Rodgers and Leonard Hankerson as value plays in Week 4. They did not break out as many thought they might, but they contributed to a fourth-place finish in our league.

Power Rangers rounds out our Top 5 thanks to sneaky-good Miami Dolphins starts. Ryan Tannehill scored 10.62 points, Dan Carpenter scored 7 and the Dolphins defense scored 12.00. Victor Cruz and Torrey Smith combined for more than 22 points.

jzak came in third this week, but like myself he is ineligible for our imaginary championship prize pack. He scored 84.92 points thanks in large part to a combined 37 points from the Texans D and Alex Henery.

To join our Salary Cap league group:

Visit http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/salcap

Our group name is Chinstrap Ninjas. Our Group ID# is 2919.

The group password is ninjaninja

Week 4 Top 5 Price Movers (from Yahoo)

  1. San Francisco D, +$3.61
  2. Brian Hartline, +$3.01
  3. Cam Newton, +$2.69
  4. Roddy White, +$2.66
  5. San Diego D, +$2.62

Week 4 Top 5 Bargains (from Yahoo)

  1. Robert Griffin III
  2. Kevin Ogletree
  3. Martellus Bennett
  4. Greg Zuerlein
  5. Justin Tucker

Good luck this week in our contests and in all of your leagues.

2 Responses to “Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contest Week 4 results: rodneykster, 69ers victorious in Week 4”

  1. Sam Davis

    Man Hartline woulda been a grab last week. Tannehill is actually starting to shape up, if he coulda been week 4 Tannehill all year, Miami might be in a better spot.

  2. ep

    Sam Davis: I needed a value receiver in a Fanduel league and Hartline was one of the 3 receivers I considered. But I went with one of the other scrubs.
    Tannehill has impressed. They’re not in a great spot right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Tannehill ends up the leader the Dolphins have needed for a long time.

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