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Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contest Week 5 results: Brohamma, Consigliere’s Crooks battle to the top

Week 5 was another crazy one, once again proving that picking the perfect lineup is never easy. The No. 1 QB, No. 2 WR and No. 1 K were started by no owners in NFL.com’s NFL Perfect Challenge.

That didn’t stop our online gladiators from battling to another amazing week of competition. Brohamma‘s 123.82 points won the week and helped edge him closer to the competition in the overall fight. It was Brohamma’s second weekly crown.

Consigliere’s Crooks scored 91.01 points to the lead the Chinstrap Ninjas Yahoo Salary Cap League. It was the second 90-point performance in three weeks for the Crooks, powering them into second-place in the overall ranks.

Yahoo Salary Cap League

Crooks’ 91-point show edged 69ers (89.72 points), the team only team with more points in the overall race. 69ers lead all teams with 400.94 points. Both Crooks and 69ers (and our No. 3 team, Power Rangers) all started Victor Cruz this week. Cruz has earned $3.18 for Crooks and $4.92 for Power Rangers.

The Crooks have also earned a $4.22 profit off A.J. Green. They also started Christian Ponder, a sneaky starter who scored 14.71 points. Ponder has gained $2.58 since the Crooks added him to the roster.

69ers’ biggest gain has come from Greg Zuerlein, who has earned $4.74.

Finishing four this week, and fourth in our overall competition, Denver2424 started surprise scorer Blair Walsh, who kicked home 13 points. He earned a $2.14 profit since joining Denver2424.

Like Denver, Crack also finished this week in the same spot as his overall mark, No. 5. Crack got some big points from the surprising Panthers defense. The Panthers scored 17 points and have earned $2.26 since joining Crack. Justin Tucker, Crack’s kicker in Week 5, has earned $3.86 since he joined the roster.

To join our Salary Cap league group:

Visit http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/salcap

Our group name is Chinstrap Ninjas. Our Group ID# is 2919.

The group password is ninjaninja

Week 5 Top 5 Price Movers (from Yahoo)

  1. Drew Brees, +$5.70
  2. Alex Smith, +$5.11
  3. Chicago D, +$4.90
  4. Andrew Luck, +$4.64
  5. Marques Colston, +$4.31

Week 5 Top 5 Bargains (from Yahoo)

  1. Robert Griffin III
  2. Greg Zuerlein
  3. Justin Tucker
  4. Martellus Bennett
  5. Trent Richardson


NFL Perfect Challenge

Both Brohamma and nsummer0130, our top two teams this week each played the Bears, the best defense this week, and Brandon Marshall, the No. 5 receiver.

Brohamma also started this week’s No. 2 running back, Arian Foster, who posted 22.8 points. nsummer picked Peyton Manning to quarterback his team. Manning scored 24.7 points.

Foster was also a starting choice for lestergreen and rodneykster, who each scored more than 100 points. lestergreen also started the No. 2 kicker, Blair Walsh and Tom Brady, Trent Richardson and Demaryius Thomas, who all had excellent game.

Rodneykster paired Foster with Aaron Rodgers and Victor Cruz, who each finished fourth at their respective positions and scored a combined 48.4 points. Rodneykster’s 103.72-point performance helped them maintain their lead in the overall fight, keeping lestergreen (507.14) at bay.

To join our Perfect Lineup group:

Visit nfl.com’s perfect challenge page.

Search for our group Chinstrap Ninjas.

The password is ninjaninja.

Week 4 Perfect Lineup

  • QB: Alex Smith, 29 points
  • RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, 26.9 points
  • RB: Arian Foster, 22.8 points
  • WR: Marques Colston, 31.3 points
  • WR: Reggie Wayne, 27.2 points
  • TE: Tony Gonzalez, 18.3 points
  • K: Adam Vinatieri, 12 points
  • DEF: Bears, 28 points

Good luck this week in our contests and in all of your leagues.

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