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Chinstrap Ninjas 2012 Fantasy Football Contests Week 1 results

Welcome back everyone for another year of fantasy football contests. That’s right, we have two contests running. A salary cap league at www.yahoo.com and the perfect lineup contest at www.nfl.com.

We have 11 teams in the Yahoo league so we’re going to start there this week, where Denver2426 spent all but .36 of his $100 cap to ace the field. Denver’s lineup scored 94.86 points to edge 69ers (92.06) in a neck-and-neck battle in Week 1.

Denver2426 went with value at QB, Jay Cutler, and No. 2 RB, Doug Martin, to roster Ray Rice, Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones and Aaron Hernandez in this week’s best lineup. He also didn’t skimp in the kicker/defense department, which is usually one of my tricks. He picked Garrett Hartley and the Texans. Every one of his players is more valuable this week than they were before the opening week. Cutler, Rice and Jones gained a combined $6.96 in value. The Texans D (+$1.94)outplayed their opening salary by almost almost $2 as well.

69ers was the only other team to crack 90 points. Every one of his players also outplayed their opening prices. His biggest gainers were Arian Foster and Julio Jones, who each posted $2.44 in profit. 69ers also started Pierre Garcon, who gained $1.33. 69ers started a value kicker in Greg Zuerlein and earned a $1.62 profit. He also started Kyle Rudolph at a value and made a slight profit of four cents.

Two other teams finished with 80 or more points, Crack and Cannon Fodder.

Crack earned a return on all of his players, also starting Julio Jones. He also got a big return from Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker, who earned $2.21 over his starting price. Crack also finished third despite leaving $28 of his original $100 in the bank.

Cannon Fodder’s fourth-place finish was earned with a really interesting lineup. Tony Romo was his big gun, posting a +$3.53 change. He also started Jimmy Graham who scored big. But his other choices were a little out of the ordinary.

Most notably, he started Justin Blackmon, Reggie Wayne and Dez Bryant, an unusual grouping. Most players will go out of their way to get one Megatron, Fitz or, at least this week, Julio. He also started the expensive Baltimore Ravens defense. But it was totally worth it because they gained $2.27.

Arian’s Brotherhood posted a stacked lineup, but as I suspect happened to many fantasy owners. The Jets weren’t as putrid as believed, making the bills a negative play this week. And, like so many of my fantasy teams, Antonio Gates also posted a negative performance.

Consigliere’s Crooks posted profits across the board, but Chris Johnson (+.08) and Matthew Stafford (+0.83) didn’t produce like any of us expected. I like the Jacob Tamme play as a value under $6. Tamme scored a TD and posted 43 yards.

A.J. Green, Brandon Lloyd, Jamaal Charles and Reggie Bush all outperformed their opening values for Power Rangers, but didn’t outperform them by much. They combined for a 0.73 profit. Despite a terrible game, Michael Vick slipped in that late touchdown and earned a $1.42 profit.

One of the biggest profits of the week was posted by Peyton Manning. Manning scored +$2.72 as the starting QB for AZ Phantoms. Phantoms posted an excellent lineup despite leaving $2.62 in reserve. Unfortunately, the Chris Johnson bug struck here as well.

Super Friends went with a couple value plays in Jay Cutler and Kyle Rudolph so he could roster LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden and Larry Fitzgerald, three of the most expensive skill players on the board during week one. That trio combined for a $1.45 profit, less than Brandon Marshall, the Houston defense and Cutler.

Fred Davis scored worse than his opening price, making him a costly mid-tier value play this week for jzak. He was also sadled with subpar performances from expected studs McFadden, Chris Johnson and Brandon Lloyd.

To sign up for our Salary Cap league:

Visit http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/salcap

Our group name is Chinstrap Ninjas. Our Group ID# is 2919.

The group password is ninjaninja

Perfect Lineup

Brohamma posted the most perfect lineup this week, scoring 125.2 fantasy points to pace the field. His lineup: Tom Brady, Arian Foster, Ray Rice, Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Dan Bailey and the Texans Defense. Julio Jones was the second-highest scoring WR this week.

Every one of Brohamma’s players except for Dan Bailey scored at least 11.1 points.

Rodneykster was Brohamma’s closest foe this week. Not surprisingly our leaders shared quite a few players, with Rodneykster mixing in a little Matt Forte, Dez Bryant and predicting this week’s top tight end, Jimmy Graham. He also  earned a combined 29 points from David Akers and the Texans defense.

Lestergreen snagged Jones, the runner up at reciever, and Graham who paced all tight ends.

Cam Newton, LeSean McCoy and Antonio Gates all underproduced the Week 1 hype for nsummer0130′s lineup. They did, however start Rice, Jones and Brandon Marshall, the Nos. 3, 2 and 5 players at their respective positions.

Herschelswalker went whole hog after the Lions vs. Rams matchup — that looked so good to me on paper — starting both Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, who both finished outside the top 20 at their respective positions. They did get top-5 performances from Rice, Andre Johnson and Jimmy Graham.

To sign up for our Perfect Lineup league:

Visit nfl.com’s perfect challenge page.

Search for our group Chinstrap Ninjas.

The password to join is ninjaninja.

The top performers from Week 1

Quarterbacks: 1. Matt Ryan with 32.5 fantasy points. Runner up: Robert Griffin III with 25.0 fantas points.

Running backs: 1. C.J. Spiller scored 23.4 fantasy points. Runner up: Alfred Morris finished with 21.6 points.

Wide receivers: Kevin Ogletree paced all WRs with 23.4 fantasy points. Runner up: Julio Jones, 22.8 points.

Tight ends: 1. Jimmy Graham, 14.5 fantasy points. Runner up: Dennis Pitta with 13.5 fantasy points.

Which player was the biggest surprise from Week 1: Kevin Ogletree, C.J. Spiller, Alfred Morris, Robert Griffin III or Dennis Pitta? Did you consider starting any of them? Let us know in the comments.

Don’t forget to set your lineups. The first game this week is Bears-Packers on Thursday night.

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