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Chinstrap Ninjas Fantasy Football Contest: Playoffs Week 5 lineups, Playoffs Week 4 results

My sincerest apologies for the contest’s extreme tardiness this week. It was an absolutely brutal week. Earlier I posted something as I composed the rest of this post just giving everyone as much time as possible to post a lineup.

I should have done it earlier in the week, but it never dawned on me.

Please post a lineup in the comments. Reminder: There’s another five bonus points available for all of the six teams who have competed in the playoffs so far. That means a team could post a 55-point week if they select all four players correctly.

Cartisimo led all teams in scoring for the second consecutive week, earning points from all four spots in the lineup.

The bounty allowed him to pull away from the No. 5 spot and pull within six points of overtaking Purple Coconuts for third place in the overall race.

With a 20-point performance this week, Schizophrenic Smurfs won the January title and moved into the top overall spot in the playoffs standings.

Oops Machine also scored 20 points, earning points from the same players as the Smurfs, Maurice Jones-Drew and Jimmy Graham.

Purple Coconuts scored the toughest of tough lucks, starting Larry Fitzgerald, who score three touchdowns and 111 yards receiving but couldn’t overcome the force that was Brandon Marshall. Marshall must have had a four-leaf clover in his sock on that one catch in the end zone.

Dante Bruno earned five points for posting a lineup, but also played two players — Cam Newton and Tony Gonzalez — who were each less than two fantasy points from being the top point-scorers this week. As you might expect every position had some close battles.

Team Name Here and Bruno sit atop the overall standings with 145 and 144 points respectively. Coconuts is third with 113 points and Cartisimo is fourth with 107.

This week’s top performers:


There were five quarterbacks who scored between 14.6 and 13.64 points this week. Philip Rivers led the way with 14.6 points, throwing for 190 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Ben Roethlisberger was second with 181 yards, two touchdowns and a pick. He finished with 14.24 points. Cam Newton, despite throwing three interceptions, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers were the other quarterbacks in the running.

Running backs

Maurice Jones-Drew edged Vonta Leach by just one tenth of a fantasy point. MJD finished with 56 yards rushing and 25 yards receiving for 8.1 fantasy points. Leach rushed for just seven yards and added 13 yards through the air, but he scored the only rushing touchdown of the game to finish with 8.0 fantasy points.

Wide receivers

There was little doubt Brandon Marshall would lead all point scorers this week. He scored four touchdowns and accumulated 176 yards receiving on six catches to score 41.6 fantasy points. The performance dwarfed an insane game from Larry Fitzgerald, who scored three touchdowns and finished with 111 receiving yards on six catches. Steve Smith also had 100 receiving yards, leading the NFC with 118. He scored a touchdown and finished with 17.8 fantasy points.

Tight ends

Jimmy Graham finished with five catches, 74 yards and the score to tally 13.4 fantasy points. Antonio Gates managed to wrestle away six targets, three catches, 67 yards and a touchdown from Marshall. Gates finished with 12.7 fantasy points to be our tough-luck tight end. Tony Gonzalez was one of four players to notch 100-yard receiving games in the Pro Bowl. Gonzalez finished with 114 yards on seven catches. He was targeted 12 times, more than any other player in the game.

2011-2012 Playoffs Week 4 (Pro Bowl) results

Rk Team Play4 QB RB WR TE
1 cartisimo 32 Rivers MJD Fitzgerald Graham
2 Oops Machine 20 Brees MJD SSmith Graham
3 Schizo Smurfs 20 Rodgers MJD Wallace Graham
4 Purple Coconuts 9 Brees McCoy Fitzgerald Gates
5 Dante Bruno 5 Newton McGahee AJGreen Gonzalez
6 Team Name Here 0
7 Super Friends 0
8 69ers 0
9 MoHawks 0
10 Brandon 0
11 Tom Hagen 0
12 Dr. Zoidberg 0
13 Gridiron Assassins 0
14 Chickenheads & Pigeons 0
15 LOL Cats 0
16 Krause 0
17 Rockchalk 0
18 Crampers 0
19 Chill Tow. 0
20 inthewhale 0
21 Sockonfl 0
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

January 2012 standings

Rk Team JAN
1 Schizo Smurfs 82
2 Oops Machine 77
3 Dante Bruno 76
4 Purple Coconuts 66
5 cartisimo 64
6 Team Name Here 62
7 Chickenheads & Pigeons 7
8 Krause 1
9 Super Friends 0
10 69ers 0
11 MoHawks 0
12 Brandon 0
13 Tom Hagen 0
14 Dr. Zoidberg 0
15 Gridiron Assassins 0
16 LOL Cats 0
17 Rockchalk 0
18 Crampers 0
19 Chill Tow. 0
20 inthewhale 0
21 Sockonfl 0
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

Playoffs 2012 standings

Rk Team Play
1 Schizo Smurfs 82
2 Oops Machine 72
3 Dante Bruno 70
4 Purple Coconuts 66
5 Team Name Here 62
6 cartisimo 59
7 Chickenheads & Pigeons 7
8 Super Friends 0
9 69ers 0
10 MoHawks 0
11 Brandon 0
12 Tom Hagen 0
13 Dr. Zoidberg 0
14 Gridiron Assassins 0
15 LOL Cats 0
16 Krause 0
17 Rockchalk 0
18 Crampers 0
19 Chill Tow. 0
20 inthewhale 0
21 Sockonfl 0
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

2011-2012 Chinstrap Ninjas Fantasy Football Contest overall standings

Rk Team Over
1 Team Name Here 145
2 Dante Bruno 144
3 Purple Coconuts 113
4 cartisimo 107
5 Oops Machine 93
6 Schizo Smurfs 86
7 Super Friends 67
8 69ers 61
9 MoHawks 61
10 Brandon 37
11 Tom Hagen 36
12 Dr. Zoidberg 34
13 Gridiron Assassins 31
14 Chickenheads & Pigeons 29
15 LOL Cats 28
16 Krause 27
17 Rockchalk 10
18 Crampers 5
19 Chill Tow. 5
20 inthewhale 2
21 Sockonfl 1
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0


These rules won’t take effect until after Week 17′a games are complete, but rest assured that you’ll want to stick around because things are going to get crazy:

Every team that participates after Week 17 (beginning with Playoffs Week 1) will receive five points just for playing every week. Post a lineup in every week of the playoffs through the Super Bowl and get a longevity bonus of five extra points. That means a team that posts a lineup in all four weeks will earn 25 points just for playing. We recognize and reward sticktoitiveness at Chinstrap Ninjas.

Other bonuses:

  • 10 bonus points for starting a week’s top overall scorer. (Example: In Week 16 last year, Aaron Rodgers was started by Chickenheads&Pigeons and was the top point scorer. In the playoffs his performance would be worth 15 points, not just five.) This could be a real game-breaking jackpot. However, there will be far fewer players to choose from each week and there will likely be several “hits,” especially once we get to the conference championships and Super Bowl. Should be interesting.
  • The Pro Bowl does count toward this competition.
  • Last year we awarded one bonus point for Tough-Luck Award winners. This year, Tough-Lucks have been worth one point all season. Since we’ve upped the ante elsewhere, let’s award another point. So, in the playoffs, runners-up are worth two points.
  • Of course regular season bonuses still stand, so selecting multiple correct responses will get you the usual bonuses.

Post a lineup for the Super Bowl in the comments. Remember, each team could score 50 points this week and six teams are eligible for 55 points this week. That’s a nice haul.

To learn more about the contest, including scoring/lineup rules or to see Week 1′s lineups thread, go to the original post.

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  1. jzak

    QB: Eli Manning
    RB: Stevan Ridley
    WR: Victor Cruz
    TE: Aaron Hernandez

  2. Brohamma

    Team Name Here

    QB – Brady

    RB – The Law Firm

    WR – Welker

    TE – Hernandez

  3. cartisimo

    Law firm

  4. ep

    Oops Machine
    QB: Brady
    RB: BJGE
    WR: Cruz
    TE: Hernandez

  5. Dante Bruno

    QB- TB
    rb- AB

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